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Israel: Only Military Pressure Will Help Us Advance Hostages Deal

“Next week I am leaving for the United States to address both houses of Congress. I am going to present the justice of Israel’s cause, but I am also going to present the heroism of Israel, which is evident here. We are applying pressure here, to the throat of Hamas.”

Netanyahu Meets with Former US Ambassador Nikki Haley

“What too many people don’t know is that Hamas and Hezbollah are striking Israel every single day and it’s unacceptable. If this had happened to any other country, no other country would do anything less than what Israel is doing.”

What Will Pro-Hamas Protestors Chant At Oscars As Hamas Rejects Israel Ceasefire?

“On the evening of the Academy Awards, the entertainment industry has a responsibility to speak out on behalf of the 144 people – men, women, and children – who are being held captive in horrific conditions by Hamas.”