Netanyahu Meets with Rescued Former Israel Hostage Shlomi Ziv

By | June 22, 2024

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency / Jewish News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — June 21, 2024 … Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem, met with Shlomi Ziv, who was rescued from Hamas captivity in Gaza in a daring operation – Operation Arnon, in which brave men from the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, the ISA and the IDF all took part, and with members of his family – his wife Miran, his mother Roseta and his sisters Revital and Adi.

“We met on the day you were freed,” Netanyahu said to Shlomi Ziv.
“You look great. I must tell you – there is light radiating from your face. I simply enjoy seeing this great joy.”

Sara Netanyahu met personally with the Ziv family and said: “What a joy it is to see you; how we sat and spoke about you. What a joy it is to see your mother. This is simply a dream come true.

The story of your rescue operation – I do not think that there is any other army in the world that would have dared and also acted.”

Shlomi Ziv, 41, was working as part of the security detail at the Supernova desert rave on October 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked, shooting and murdering some 350 innocent civilians and taking dozens hostage to Gaza.