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AntiSemitism – From Gaza, Germany To France, Durham

Israel has one of the most diverse,
inclusive police forces in the world.

An Open Letter To Durham, NC Mayor Steve Schewel:                    April 25, 2018

Dear Mayor Schewel,

I just finished watching the Durham City Council meeting of April 16, 2018 which implemented a ban on working with Israeli security forces. The first and only US city to create a ban working with Israel.

If you had not stated that you were a Jew and Zionist, that your father had worked for the ADL, I would not be writing this letter.

You appear to be a good man, but lacking knowledge on several historical facts.

As the ADL states: “The charge that American police exchange programs play a role in political militarization and oppression is malicious and false. This effort was orchestrated by one of the most vocal anti-Israel hate groups in America without any attempt to gain the facts from other mainstream organizations and law enforcement leaders themselves who can attest to the value of these exchange programs.”

The ADL statement which appears in Durham’s Herald Sun newspaper continues: “The Durham City Council is empowered to act on a variety of topics, but it should never do so based on maliciously erroneous assertions. Here the Council failed to do its due diligence in separating truth from propaganda.”

There is no occupation of “Palestinian land”.
There was a war in 1967 and Israel won that war.

Under international law, there is no occupation of Jerusalem, the West Bank or what we in Israel refer to as Judea and Samaria.

As for Gaza – there is no occupation – not one Israeli civilian or solder is there.

In 2005 Israel unilaterally left Gaza in a peace move which resulted in Hamas rockets being fired at Jewish civilian communities in Israel.
It was never about land. It is Jihad, the same Jihad that brought us 9/11.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas – defined as a Foreign Terror Organization by the United States Department of State.

The term “occupation” came into being by Yasser Arafat in 1967 and has been used as a propaganda tool for Israel’s destruction ever since.

But even given that legally there is no occupation – Israel continues to reach out for peace. A Palestinian state has been rejected by the Arabs 5 times since 1948.

There truly is no Israeli – Palestinian issue. It is an Israeli – Iranian issue as Iran directly funds Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

As one of the leading facilitators of police exchanges between America and Israel, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) works closely with law enforcement in the U.S., training thousands of law enforcement officials to identify and investigate hate crimes, as well as extremist and terrorist threats against all vulnerable groups in our society. The ADL also trains thousands of federal, state and local police each year on managing implicit bias, and the role of police as protectors the people – all people – and of the Constitution and individual rights.

ADL’s law enforcement programs are well-respected and recognized by the nation’s leading law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They are designed to equip officers with the knowledge, understanding, and sense of accountability necessary to help safeguard all communities and ensure that everyone’s civil rights and liberties are rigorously protected. And ADL submitted testimony for the Obama Administration’s forward-looking Task Force on 21st Century Policing on how to address police misconduct and how to advance police-community relations.

Lastly, I served as a humanitarian officer in the IDF for over 16 years.

We are not a perfect army but we do provide basic respect with all we come into contact with. We do not indiscriminately shoot civilians. In fact we risk our lives at security check points and on our borders not to injure and or shoot civilians as Hamas and Hezbollah use civilians as human shields. We provide tons of humanitarian aid on a daily basis to Gaza.

I implore you to rethink the resolution that you and the Durham city council just passed.

I can assure you that if the ADL and several other Jewish organizations are in complete agreement (something they never are) that singling out Israel constitutes anti-semitism – please listen to them. It demonizes Israel and plays right into the BDS playbook. Never mind that it was used only as a quote in your Council’s statement or you were just referring to Israel’s police and IDF.

Mayor Schewel, you had anti-semitism thrown in your face at that council meeting. You didn’t tolerate it. I kindly ask you to remove Israel’s name in a resolution that singles out Israel in regards to police training – unless of course you care to add a few dozen nations that also provide security training to the US to that list.

As a Jew, as a Zionist, as a human – I and many others are prepared to find the resources to create an economic and cultural boycott of Durham.

Hate can start with Durham and spread like a cancer.

When Israeli Arabs chant: “From the River to the Sea” – they are not referring to from the Mississippi to the Atlantic.

When Jews chant the words never again, we mean, never again.

Hate must not find an anchor in Durham, North Carolina.


Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Israel Warns Hamas – Do Not Attack Our Border

Members of the Hamas terror organization who were
trying to breach Israel’s border with Gaza.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — April 5, 2018 … The Israel Defense Forces is warning the international terror group Hamas, its supporters and all who cooperate with Hamas not to approach Israel’s border with Gaza.

“We will protect our borders from being breached and protect our civilians in the face of terror,” said IDF Major Keren Hajioff.

“The IDF will not allow any breach of the security fence, which protects Israeli civilians, and will continue to operate in order to prevent terrorists who are involved in these acts of terror. The IDF wishes to emphasize that approaching the security fence is a dangerous act.”

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman stated: “Anyone who comes close to the fence will endanger their lives.” Liberman made these comments during a visit to the Israel Gaza border in which he tried to discourage participants in the “Great March of the Return” from trying to cross into Israel.

“I think the other side [the Palestinians] understand that it is not worth it to continue, and I warn those who do continue against any additional provocation,” the Defense Minister said.

“Most of those who were killed trying to breach the border last Friday are well-known terrorists who are active in Hamas’s military wing or in Islamic Jihad,” said Liberman. “These are not innocent civilians who came to peacefully protest.

“We are not provoking the people in Gaza. We are protecting our citizens,” he said.

“We have set very clear rules [of engagement] and we have no intention of changing them,” Liberman said. “We are determined to protect the security of Israeli citizens, of course, first and foremost, in the area of Gaza, and there will be no compromise on this issue, no flexibility.”

Hamas, which is designated as an international terror organization by Israel, the United States and several other nations, is actively recruiting new members.  Hamas which has a long history of killing civilians through blowing up buses, planting bombs in restaurants and hotels and launching rockets into Israel is now paying Palestinians who are critically or moderately wounded in the protests $500 and for  the families of Palestinians killed $3000, Hamas spokesman Hazim Qassim is quoted as saying.

Hamas, whose stated mission is to destroy the State of Israel through Jihad (Holy War against Jews and Christians) rules over Gaza. There are no Israeli civilians or military in Gaza which shares a border with Egypt.

The IDF has described the protests as “violent riots,” illustrating through photos and video that many protesters have thrown Molotov cocktails and rocks at its soldiers, opened fire on them, attempted to infiltrate Israel’s borders and has set tires on fire.

Hamas acknowledges that at least five of its men were killed by IDF snipers during last Friday’s riot adjacent to the border with Israel. Israel has identified at least 10 members of Hamas and other terror groups were among those killed, and says the terrorists tried to used the chaos to plant bombs on the border or carry out terror attacks.

Hamas leaders  have threatened renewed violence on Friday, with Hamas politburo chief Ismail Haniyeh saying Sunday that protests might not stop at the border next time around.

Hamas, which is controlled and funded by Iran, is coordinating its efforts with international, anti-semitic organizations including Jewish Voice for Peace, Code Pink, Students For Justice in Palestine and The International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

The ADL has made the following statement: “Hamas is once again cynically exploiting its civilian population to draw attention away from its own flawed leadership and once again with tragically deadly consequences. Their call for ‘return’ is a call for the end of the State of Israel.”

Americans who are supporting and or cooperating with Hamas in protests in Europe, Gaza and the United States are being identified with their names being forwarded to the US State Department and the FBI.

United States law is very clear:

“It is unlawful for a person in the United States or subject to the jurisdiction of the United States to knowingly provide “material support or resources” to a designated FTO. (The term “material support or resources” is defined in 18 U.S.C. § 2339A as “any property, tangible or intangible, or service, including currency or monetary instruments or financial securities, financial services, lodging, training, expert advice or assistance, safehouses, false documentation or identification, communications equipment, facilities, weapons, lethal substances, explosives, personnel (1 or more individuals who maybe or include oneself), and transportation.”