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What Will Pro-Hamas Protestors Chant At Oscars As Hamas Rejects Israel Ceasefire?

“On the evening of the Academy Awards, the entertainment industry has a responsibility to speak out on behalf of the 144 people – men, women, and children – who are being held captive in horrific conditions by Hamas.”

CIA Slams Obama, Democrats For Report That Risks American Lives

By Israel News Agency Staff Washington — December 9, 2014 … “Those who served us in the aftermath of 9/11 deserve our thanks not a one sided partisan Senate report that now places American lives in danger,” said US Senator Marco Rubio. Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that the release of the report in a joint… Read More »

Israel: Jonathan Pollard Is Sick, Paid His Debt, Release Him

By Israel News Agency Staff Jerusalem, Israel — December 7, 2014 … Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at the start of the Cabinet meeting: “Over the weekend I spoke with Jonathan Pollard’s wife Esther and with US Secretary of State John Kerry. I told him that the uncertain state of Jonathan’s… Read More »

Israel Defense Minister Yaalon: Obama Mid-East Policies Dangerous To US

The Pentagon wants to defend the US but has hands tied by the Obama White House. By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency Jerusalem — October 26, 2014 … From Ebola to ISIS, it appears that almost every issue which is handled by President Barack Obama turns into total disaster. Obama’s policies with regard to the Middle… Read More »