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Anti-Semitism: Security Tips For Jewish Synagogues

By Joel Leyden, Executive Director of The Center Against Anti-SemitismIsrael News Agency November 2022 — As acts of anti-semitism increase in the United States, synagogues must increase their trained and visible security.Increasing security will not scare Temple members, rather they will attend Shabbat and High Holiday Jewish services and Jewish events with a feeling of… Read More »

Before You “Unfriend” Another Jew Because Of Trump – Read This!

“Trump comes off as arrogant. Israelis love it and see him as family. Americans see a totally different picture – of a man who is mentally disabled.”

Joel Leyden – Biography

JOEL LEYDEN – Biography Joel Leyden, a native of New York, has practiced international public relations, public affairs, crisis communications, journalism, social media and digital marketing for over 20 years. Joel Leyden, whose Zionism goes back to working for HIAS, UJA-Federation, served as an Israeli war volunteer, has served as a senior media and cross-cultural communications consultant to… Read More »

Will American Jews Wake Up After 28 Bomb Threats?

The bombs may not be real, but the fear is. By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency New York, NY — January 18, 2017 … The doors are always kept open. No one standing over them. All may come and go. It’s the Jewish tradition of “welcome the stranger”. But this practice, this age old honored… Read More »