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Israel Prepares For Holocaust Memorial Day


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — April 30, 2016 … The official Opening Ceremony for Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day will take place on Wednesday, 4 May 2016 at 20:00, in Warsaw Ghetto Square, Yad Vashem, Mount of Remembrance, Jerusalem.

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will both deliver remarks. Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Council, will kindle the Memorial Torch. Zahava Roth will speak on behalf ofthe survivors.

During the ceremony, Holocaust survivors will light six torches. First torch: Sara Kain, second torch: Robert Tamashof, third torch: Jehosua Hesel Fried, fourth torch: Joseph Labi, fifth torch: Chaim Grosbein, sixth torch: Lonia Rozenhoch. During the ceremony, short videos about each of the torchlighters will be shown, produced and directed by Shlomo Hazan. These videos will be available on the Yad Vashem website in the section dedicated to Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The ceremony will include the traditional memorial service including the recitation of a chapter from Psalms by the Rishon LeZion Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau will recite the Kaddish and Cantor Israel Parneswill recite El Maleh Rahamim, the Jewish prayer for the souls of the martyrs’. Participants in the ceremony will include singers Kobi Aflalo and the IDF Paratroopers’ Honor Guard. Narrative pieces: Actress Netta Garti. The evening’s MC will be Danny Cushmaro.

The ceremony will be broadcast live on television on Channels 1, 2, 10 and 33, on Channel 9 in Russian, and on the news website Walla as well as on radio on Kol Israel and Galei Zahal. It will last about 75 minutes.

Yad Vashem has a special webpage dedicated to Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day, including information about the events and ceremonies as well as relevant educational materials. Additionally, information and films about the torchlighters and participants will be available online.

Yad Vashem will be closed to the public as of 12:00 noon on Wednesday, 4 May. It will re-open on Thursday, 5 May at 11:00   The Holocaust History Museum will be open to the public from 09:00. Throughout Holocaust Remembrance Day, 5 May, special guided tours and behind-the-scenes gatherings will be open to the public. The events will take place in Hebrew and are free of charge. The full listing and times are available

Yad Vashem continues to calls on the public to fill out Pages of Testimony to commemorate the names of Jews murdered during the Holocaust. Volunteers are available to help Holocaust survivors fill out Pages of Testimony.  Yad Vashem is also continuing the Gathering the Fragments campaign in an effort to rescue Holocaust-related documents, artifacts, photographs and art. To donate material to Yad Vashem.  Additionally, the Testimony Section of the Yad Vashem’s Archives Division is continuing to interview and document video testimony of survivors. Yad Vashem staff can visit survivors in their homes and videotape their testimony.

For more information or to schedule a session please call +972-6443131 or email


The Yad Vashem Campus will be accessible to the public from 10:30 via free shuttle services departing from the Mt. Herzl Parking Lot until the hour of 20:00.

Below are details of Holocaust Remembrance Day events at Yad Vashem.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

The public will provided with a rare opportunity to go “Behind-the-Scenes” at Yad Vashem.   On Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day, Yad Vashem will hold a series of gatherings for the general public, allowing participants to experience and appreciate the complexity and sensitivity of its work. Facilitated by Yad Vashem experts, participants will have access to documents and artifacts that are not on display year-round. These tours are conducted predominantly in Hebrew. Further details on the Yad Vashem website, in Hebrew. The only English language lecture will be given on the topic Making Memory Relevant: Explore & Discover Yad Vashem Online by Dana Porath, Director of the Internet Department, Communications Division at Yad Vashem.

Throughout the day, Yad Vashem’s International School for Holocaust Studies will be running educational activities for groups, youth movements, pre-military academies, girls in National Service and participants in the “Masa Israel Journey” program.

A new online exhibition Children’s Homes in France During the Holocaust, that tells the story of three children’s homes in Chamonix, Izieu and Chabannes.  The exhibition has just now been uploaded to the Yad Vashem website.  Using images, videos and testimonies, Yad Vashem has designed an online exhibition to tells the stories of courageous Jews and non-Jews who risked everything with the hope of saving Jewish children.  Their story is one of happiness and fear, joy and sadness, and life and death; all simultaneously experienced as they hoped to survive the Nazi German onslaught.

Program for Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day

5 May 2016

10:00                   Siren

10:02                   Wreath-laying ceremony with the participation of Israel’s President, Prime Minister, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Supreme Court Justice, Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Chief of the General Staff, Chief of Police, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Mayor of Jerusalem, representatives of survivor and fighter organizations and delegations from throughout the country—Warsaw Ghetto Square

11:00 – 12:45      “Unto Every Person There is a Name” Recitation of Holocaust victims’ names by members of the public—Hall of Remembrance

12:0014:30      Behind-the-Scenes at Yad Vashem- Open to the Public in Hebrew

Visitors to the Mount of Remembrance will have the opportunity to experience Yad Vashem, as it has never been seen before.  Come and join us as Yad Vashem experts unveil original documents, photographs and artifacts to the Public for the first time.  Tours will run every 30 minutes – availability is limited.

13:00                   Main Memorial CeremonyHall of Remembrance

17:30                   Ceremony for Youth Movements with the participation of the Education Minister Naftali Bennett and hundreds of members of the youth movements. Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev will speak followed by Holocaust survivor Marion MillerYitzhak Reichenbaum accompanied by youth movement participants will light the Memorial flame. The program will include a performance by Elai Botner and the Outsiders and the Youth Movement Choir led by Moshe Yosef, Master of Ceremony Eliana Tidhar.  Yad Vashem is organizing the ceremony in conjunction with the Ministry of Education’s Youth Movement Council and Youth and Social Administration.  The event will take place in the Valley of the Communities

* * *

18:30  Gathering of the “Generation to Generation—Bearers of the Holocaust and Heroism Legacy” organization, Shalom Aleichem House, Tel Aviv, with the participation of Dr. Haim Gertner, Director of the Yad Vashem ArchivesRegistration:



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Israel: Trump Is A Global Security Threat

cruz_netanyahuSenator Ted Cruz is the only candidate who has a realistic
vision with
 both US domestic and foreign challenges.

By Herb Brandon
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — April 29, 2016 … Security analysts in Israel have long believed that Donald Trump’s candidacy was not real. It was started and restarted in recent years. Perhaps an excellent marketing campaign to brand his real estate properties. But as Trump now allocates more of his own money (actually not his, but being loaned to Trump with online donations) his demeanor as an aggressive, serious candidate is now transparent. But his lack of seriousness in addressing both domestic and foreign issues is anything but serious.

“Most alarming is Trump’s new campaign slogan – “America First”, says an Israel security and defense analyst who has worked with the Israel Ministry of Defense.

“The slogan ‘America First’ was first created and used to support Nazi Germany and to keep the US out of War World 2. ‘America First’ is not about placing America First but rather the continuing and destructive Obama, Clinton concept of isolation – not actively engaging America’s enemies. This has a direct and negative effect on Israel with Trump having said that he is neutral on Palestinian terrorism, that Israel was not committed to peace and that only after heavy criticism and desperation to secure votes, Trump agreed to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.”

“Trump stated that he will negotiate a deal with the Palestinians. Sounds great if you are talking at a 5th grade school level. Reality asks who will Trump negotiate with? Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Fatah or ISIS? None of these terror groups agree on anything except for the destruction of the Jewish state,” says the veteran security professional.

“Who will Trump negotiate with as his proposed ban on Muslims to the US now has him banned from every Arab and Muslim nation? How can we form an international Islamic and Arab alliance against ISIS as Trump bashes Muslims?”

As a result of Trump’s proposed ban, Prime Minister Netanyahu suggested to Trump to cancel his visit to Israel last December. No one wanted to see mass demonstrations at Ben-Gurion Airport or at the Prime Minister’s Office. Every political party in Israel agreed that it would be destructive to have Trump in Israel. No one wanted to be photographed shaking the hand of a racist. Trump stated that the ban would be temporary until “we find out what’s going on.”

What Trump does not understand or does not want to understand in order to secure votes from scare tactics is that the CIA, NSA, military intelligence and the FBI know exactly what is going on. They have done an excellent job in securing the US. No one, including the Israelis, can ever prevent terrorism by 100 percent, but we are doing an effective job.

But it’s not just Israel which Trump threatens.

Trump wants to dismantle NATO and is asking European states to pay their share for membership. What Trump does not realize is that security comes first and payment comes second. Many European nations such as the Ukraine need American support today without financial conditions that they cannot meet. Trump attacks China with regard to foreign trade as he outsources the manufacture of his line of ties and shirts to China. If China was to forgo and or limit trade with the US it would have a devastating effect on China and the US economy. Trump doesn’t mention this. This is not placing America First.”

Foreign policy experts might also find severe fault in some of the internal contradictions in Trump’s speech: he’s against stabilizing countries but in favor of world stability, he wants to save money but to spend without limit on the military, he wants to return the US to its supposed previous status as a strong and reliable ally but claims that the most important thing is that America remain “unpredictable.” He forgets that if Washington turns unpredictable, others will follow in its wake and the most likely outcome will be chaos. Nuclear chaos.

While most foreign governments were careful not to comment publicly on a speech by a US presidential candidate, Germany’s foreign minister veered from protocol to express deep concern at Trump’s wording.

“I can only hope that the election campaign in the USA does not lack the perception of reality,” Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.

“The world’s security architecture has changed and it is no longer based on two pillars alone. It cannot be conducted unilaterally,” he said of foreign policy in a post-Cold War world. “No American president can get round this change in the international security architecture…. ‘America first’ is actually no answer to that.”

Carl Bildt, a former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister who served as UN envoy to the Balkans in the aftermath of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, said he heard Trump’s speech as “abandoning both democratic allies and democratic values”.

“Trump had not a word against Russian aggression in Ukraine, but plenty against past U.S. support for democracy in Egypt,” Bildt said on Twitter, referring to lines from Trump’s speech that criticized the Barack Obama administration for withdrawing support for autocrat Hosni Mubarak during a 2011 uprising.

The US can only assist Israel and her allies if she remains strong, focused and consistent.
It is doubtful that under Trump’s watch we will ever see anything consistent. Trump, who has no experience in the military or global public affairs, would be forced to rely on advisers. Problem is, at the age of 69 and a highly sheltered life, Trump has not and will not consult with others. If he does, Trump would then be forced to make the final decision.

If Trump does not know the basic elements of the US Constitution how is he expected to understand complicated, external threats by Russia, Iran, North Korea, ISIS, Hamas and China?

Senator Ted Cruz is the only rational answer for a stable environment in the White House.
Cruz serves on the following Senate committees:

Ted Cruz has the experience to govern. He has proven his dedication to the American people and her allies.
As for Israel, Cruz has stopped a ban against airline flights from the US to Israel, he is presently closing the offices of the PLO in Washington, he is passing laws to recover Holocaust assets.

Ted Cruz knows what the nuclear triad is, he also knows how to pronounce Tanzania.


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Why Jews Are Voting For Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz – Israel has no better friend.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

New York — April 16, 2016 … Anyone who has done at least five minutes of due diligence, of basic research of all the Presidential candidates, knows that there is no candidate which comes close to Ted Cruz’s documented record of supporting the Jewish community.

Let’s look at only three recent accomplishments.

Ted Cruz forced President Obama to cancel a US airline ban to Israel.
Ted Cruz is closing the offices of the PLO in Washington.
Ted Cruz is passing a bill in Congress on behalf of Jewish Holocaust victims.

Of greatest importance, Ted Cruz is not a racist.

When Donald Trump started to propose a ban against Muslims entering the United States, Senator Cruz was among the first to call him out for taking on a racist policy.

Israel does not ban Muslims, Jews or Christians.

Instead, we enhance our security. We do not attack nor divide ourselves from other nations – Arab and Muslim nations who are now coming together with us to fight ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

What does Donald Trump offer to the Jewish community?
He prides himself on going to a parade for Israel.
He prides himself that his daughter is Jewish.
He has made a small donation to a Israeli charity.

But let’s go fast forward.
Trump just announced who his advisers to Israel will be.
Who are they? His “Jewish attorneys” – who have no knowledge of Israel and the Middle East except for having “gone on vacation to Israel.”

Trump who has stated that he is “neutral” on Palestinian terrorism, could not even respond to a question this week on Judea and Samaria – the West Bank. Rather he turned to one of his “Jewish attorneys” – Jason Greenblatt.
Greenblatt responded: “I think the settlements should stay but I think they have to work something out so that both sides are able to live in peace and safety.”

Jason – please tell us about the “two sides”. We know who Israel is. But who is the other side? Is it Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Fatah or ISIS?

It is with this totally ignorant, empty, uninformed and dangerous response to Israel’s security, that Jews throughout Connecticut will not trust Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz has visited Israel several times. He has the unofficial endorsement of Israel’s Prime Minister, Israel’s Defense Minister and many serving in the IDF.

Israel does not have the luxury of trusting a reality TV actor. One who has gone bankrupt four times!
Israel needs professionals who have real time experience with the military and global public affairs.

Israel needs to trust a proven friend of Israel and the Jewish people – not one who attacks Muslims, women, Mexicans, POW’s, the handicapped and veterans.

Ted Cruz epitomizes Republican and Conservative values.
Ted Cruz epitomizes Jewish values – our dedication to Israel’s security and Tikkun Olam – the humane treatment of others.

For more:

ADL Secures Correction From Sanders on Gaza War Casualties

Greenblatt: “Accuracy and accountability
are essential for the voting public.”

By Israel News Agency Staff

New York — April 8, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the clarification by presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of his misstatement about Palestinian casualties during the 2014 conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

After a phone conversation between the senator and ADL CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt, Senator Sanders issued a statement clarifying that his recollection that there were 10,000 civilian Palestinian civilian deaths was inaccurate and that the interviewer corrected him in the course of the conversation – a correction that he accepted.

“The senator assured me that he did not mean his remarks to be a definitive statement and that he would make every effort to set the record straight, Greenblatt said. “We appreciate his responsiveness on this issue, especially at a time when there are many false and incendiary reports blaming Israel for applying disproportionate force in its struggle for self-defense.”

Greenblatt concluded: “Even the highest number of casualties claimed by Palestinian sources that include Hamas members engaged in attacking Israel is five times less than the number cited by Bernie Sanders.”

“As Mr. Sanders publicly discusses his approach to key U.S. foreign policy priorities, including Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, accuracy and accountability are essential for the voting public, but also for U.S. credibility in the international community.”

Ted Cruz Joins New York Jews Preparing for Passover


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Brooklyn, New York — April 7, 2016 … U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz joined dozens of Jewish children today preparing for the Jewish holiday of Passover.

The event took place at the Chabad Neshama Model Matzah Bakery this afternoon. After the matzah making party, Cruz then visited the Jewish Center of Brighton Beach where he wished dozens of New York rabbis and their families a happy and festive Passover.

The Texas senator, who is in the process of closing PLO offices in Washington, was impressed with the final product, admitting, “fresh baked is better than the box,” as he took a bite.

At the Model Matzah Bakery, Cruz joined Rabbi Moishe and his wife, Leah Winner, and led dozens of smiling children in making the matzo and singing “roll, roll, roll the matzo dough.”

As the children sang “Dayenu,” a Passover song, Cruz clapped and sang along, repeating the word “Dayenu.”

Cruz, who is Christian and attends Houston’s First Baptist Church, told Rabbi Moishe he once had the privilege of joining a Holocaust survivor at the Seder table for Passover.

“He actually survived the Holocaust by being in a Gulag in Russia and he spent nine years in the Gulag,” Cruz shared.

In the US Senate today, Senator Cruz stood proud with the Jewish people as he introduced the bipartisan Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act.

The new law which facilitates the return of artwork stolen by Nazis during the Holocaust to their rightful owners or heirs. The HEAR Act would ensure that claims in the United States to Nazi-confiscated art are resolved in a fair and just manner on the merits, and are not barred by state statutes of limitations and other procedural defenses.