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Netanyahu To Discuss Iran Deal, Syria At UN


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — September 29, 2015 … Part of the following was communicated by the Prime Minister’s office to the Israel News Agency.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, this afternoon left on an official visit to the UN General Assembly in New York.

“I am now leaving for the US where I will address the UN General Assembly,” said Netanyahu.

“Each time that I address the UN I feel the privilege and great honor of telling the truth before the world on behalf of the citizens of Israel, on behalf of our country. The world needs to know what the citizens of Israel feel about the nuclear agreement with Iran and what we expect from the international community in the wake of this agreement.

In my speech, I will – of course – refer to our policy vis-à-vis Syria and the dangers on our northern border. The following day I will meet with United States Secretary of State John Kerry and will discuss with him the strengthening of Israel’s security. We will also discuss the peace process.”

Netanyahu continues: “Israel desires peace with the Palestinians who, to my regret, are continuing to spread gross lies about our policy on the Temple Mount in our capital, Jerusalem. I will demand a halt to this wild incitement. Israel is committed to the status quo; Israel is maintaining the status quo. It is the Palestinian rioters who are bringing war material, pipe bombs and explosives onto the Temple Mount who are harming the sanctity of the place and it is they who are violating the status quo.”

“Indeed, with every passing day it is clear that within the collapsing Middle East Islamic extremists are capturing more and more territory. Israel is an island of progress and stability. I will say all of this and more at the UN General Assembly and in my meetings in the US.”


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Netanyahu: Throwing Rocks At Jews Will Not Be Tolerated


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — September 20, 2015 … Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks at today’s Cabinet meeting:

“Stones and firebombs are deadly weapons; they kill and have killed. Therefore, in recent days we have changed the open-fire orders for police in Jerusalem.”

Netanyahu added: “Already over the weekend they used the new measures under the new orders and immediately hit those throwing stones and firebombs. Today we will facilitate an additional expansion of the ability of the police to foil the throwing of stones and firebombs and we will continue to add forces in order to strike at rioters under a simple principle that we will begin to implement around and within its borders: Whoever tries to attack us, we will hurt him.”

“We have also started to quickly advance legislation to impose fines on the parents of minors who throw stones and firebombs. No less important in my view is the advancing of legislation to set minimum punishments for those who throw stones, firebombs and fireworks. We cannot accept the principle that in Jerusalem our capital, or in any part of the State of Israel, in the Galilee or in the Negev, that people will organize terrorism and begin to stone passing cars or throw stones and murder people.”

“This norm will not be established here; rather an opposite norm will – we will act against you and stop you, and we will punish you with the full force of the law. We seek to instill this norm for all Israeli citizens, residents and those under Israel’s jurisdiction. With all due respect to the courts, it is our right and our duty to establish this norm; just as we did in regard to sex crimes, we will set minimum punishments for those who throw stones and firebombs.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to express deep appreciation for the police. It is fighting against these phenomena under conditions that are not simple. The Israel Public Security Minister and I visited with the police. I was impressed by their determination and their readiness to act and I thought that it would be proper for the government to allow the police to act in order to protect Israel’s citizens.

“I would like to say something about the Temple Mount. Israel is committed to maintaining the status quo. We are not altering the status quo. Elements that incite with baseless, wild provocations – to the effect that Israel is trying to prevent Muslim prayer on the Temple Mount or wants to destroy the mosques, or other wild things that are being said – it is they who are inciting. This incitement comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Movement in Israel, Hamas, and – to our chagrin – with the active participation of the Palestinian Authority.”

“Therefore, if someone complains about the development of this situation, they would do best to direct their criticism, not towards Jerusalem, but rather towards Ramallah, Gaza and agitators in the Galilee, and unfortunately, towards Turkey, from which incitement issues forth on a daily, even hourly, basis, not only the throwing of firebombs, but also something new – bringing explosives and pipebombs onto the Temple Mount. Explosives in the Al-Aqsa Mosque are explosives.”

“Explosives in Al-Aqsa Mosque – that is changing the status quo. Israel will maintain the status quo. It will act responsibly, but with determination, to ensure that the existing arrangements are maintained. We have no plans to change them, but we also have no intention of allowing anyone to cause the deterioration of the arrangements on the Temple Mount by resorting to explosive and widespread violence.”

Netanyahu concluded: “On this issue I call on the public, the heads of political parties, to unite behind the Government’s determined and responsible action on the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem and throughout the State of Israel. By taking determined action over time, we will restore quiet.

I would like to take this opportunity to say may you, the entire people of Israel, all be inscribed for a good year.”

Twenty-seven Palestinian suspects accused of throwing rocks and firebombs at Israeli police in flashpoint Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem were arrested during an overnight police sweep that started late Saturday night.

The crackdown brought the total number of arrests over the last 48 hours to 39.

From Friday to Saturday afternoon, 12 Palestinians were arrested for attacking Israeli Border Police officers with firebombs in Jebl Mukaber, and rioting in Shuafat, Isawiya, Wadi Joz and Ras el-Amud.

There Is No Difference Between Iran, bin-Laden Terrorism

What have we learned in 14 years?

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

New York — September 10, 2015 … You don’t buy a knife for someone who wants to murder you. You don’t give 150 billion dollars to a terror state, Iran, which chants “Death To America”.

If you do give 150 billion dollars to a terror state which has taken Americans hostage, which continues to imprison Americans because they are American, you do so because you are losing the war against Islamic Jihad.

Islamic Jihad means “holy war” against Christians and Jews. It is written as such in the bible of the Muslims – the Quran.

It is practiced by the government of Iran.

When Muslims wage Jihad they place no deadline on winning the war.
It can take weeks, months or years. Iran has been waging Jihad against the United States since 1979 and today, as they chant Death To America, the President of the United States wants to reward them, appease them by lifting all sanctions and giving them 150 billion dollars.

Where will the 150 billion dollars go?

It will go to Islamic terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah.
Hamas launches rockets into Israel from the south.
Hezbollah launches rockets into Israel from the north.

It will go to Islamic terror cells in Europe, Africa and the United States.
It will go to attacking Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria.

It will go to Iran building ICBM’s –  intercontinental ballistic missiles – these are missiles whose only purpose is to attack the United States.

Are we paranoid, war mongers or is the Iranian threat real?

Less than 21 percent of Americans want the Iran Deal or now better known as the Jihad Deal.
They know it is buying a knife for someone who wants to murder you or just simply fly airplanes into American office buildings.

Jihad cannot be defeated by giving it’s lethal campaign 150 billion dollars.
It can be defeated through the use of continued economic sanctions.

One must ask two very simple questions.
Why is President Obama giving Iran 150 billion dollars?
What does America get in return?

Obama and his friends will say that the US will get “peace”.
That is not what Iran is saying today.

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“We welcome war with the U.S. as we do believe that it will be the scene for our success to display the real potentials of our power,” Brig. General Hossein Salami said in an interview on state-run Iranian television.

Who do you believe?
The threats of our enemies or the promises of our friends?

Bin-Laden is smiling as Iran is about to receive 150 billion dollars from the US and the means to create a nuclear bomb.

Who is winning the war?
Why is the free, proud, democratic United States of America committing suicide?

Israel Defense Minister Yaalon Bans Mourabitoun, Mourabitat From Temple Mount

Israeli police officers guard as Palestinian women take part in a protest after authorities restricted access to the compound known to Muslims as Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount outside Jerusalem's Old City on October 15, 2014. width=Israeli police officers guard as paid Palestinian activists
protest against Jews visiting Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — September 9, 2015 … Israel Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, last night (Tuesday, 8 September 2015), upon the recommendation of the ISA and the Israel Police, signed a declaration declaring the “Mourabitoun” and the “Mourabitat” as illegal organizations, having been convinced that the step was necessary in order to defend the security of the state, the well-being of the public and public order.

The activities of the “Mourabitoun” and the “Mourabitat” are a main factor in creating the tension and violence on the Temple Mount in particular and in Jerusalem in general. They engage in inciteful and dangerous activity against tourists, visitors and worshippers at the site, which leads to violence and is liable to injure human life.

The organizations strive to undermine Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount, a 37-acre compound in Jerusalem’s walled Old City which is the holiest site in Judaism and is located next to the Western Wall. Mourabitat attempts to change the existing reality and arrangements at the site and infringe on freedom of worship. They are linked to – and frequently guided by – hostile Islamic organizations including ISIS.

“It’s very unsettling to many people,” said Rabbi Chaim Richman, international director of the Temple Institute, a group based in Israel that calls for reinstating the third Jewish temple and organizes tours of the Temple Mount. “It’s basically incitement.”

The women arrive around 8 a.m. and stay until non-Muslim entry is stopped at 3 p.m. They exchange tips, like how to remain anonymous: Cover your face and change your clothes, including your shoes, before leaving the Israeli-guarded gates. In police interrogations, do not give away your friends’ identities and say you are a student.

Security officials say the NGOs that were closed recruited paid activists for both groups so they would visit Temple Mount every day at set times. Activists earned 3,000-4,000 shekels ($771-$1,028) per month, according to the officials. They added some of the funds were sent from the Gulf States, sometimes via couriers, to the West Bank, and from there were transferred to East Jerusalem.

The declaration was signed after receiving the approval of Israel Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and means that those who participate in, organize or finance activity of the “Mourabitoun” and the “Mourabitat” are committing a prohibited act and are subject to trial.

“The State of Israel allows freedom of worship to all its citizens, tourists and visitors regardless of their religion and holds this to be an important and essential basic value,” said Yaalon. “However, we have no intention of allowing violent and inciteful elements to harm public order and threaten the safety of worshippers especially at a sensitive and holy site such as the Temple Mount.”