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IS ISIS, Hamas, US Muslim Network Trying To Sabotage American Police?

Police Shooting St Louis Islamic Jihad

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency 

New York — October 11, 2014 … Police in St. Louis and Hammond, Indiana have recently come under attack – for doing their jobs. In St. Louis, police shot dead Vonderrit D. Myers after he opened fire at police during a chase.  Ballistic evidence shows Myers fired three shots at the police officers before his gun jammed. Police said they recovered the 9mm gun, which had been reported stolen on Sept. 26.

Online court documents illustrate Myers was free on bond when he was killed. He had been charged with unlawful use of a weapon, a felony, and misdemeanor resisting arrest in June in St. Louis. Syreeta Myers said her son was holding a sandwich, not a gun. “Police lie. They lied about Michael Brown, too,” she told The Associated Press by phone Thursday.

The shooting of Myers was a clear case of self defense by the police. Yet, the whole neighborhood erupted in violent protests and demonstrations with many verbally and physically attacking the police and doing their best to discredit local police forces on national TV.

In Hammond, police pulled over Lisa Mahone on Sept. 24 for a seatbelt violation, and when they asked her boyfriend, Jamal Jones, to get out of the car, he refused. Police said Jones also was not wearing a seat belt.

When Jones refused repeated requests from police to get out of the car, an officer broke the passenger’s side window with a club, used a stun gun on Jones, and dragged him out of the car. All this was video taped by a family member and is now going viral on national TV and the Internet. The police again responded in the most responsible manner.

When a police officer stops a car it makes no difference why he does so. To say that it was only for a seat belt violation means that one does not understand police and or professional security work. Each and every time a police officer stops a car for any reason he has no idea as to what is in that car. His life is in immediate danger. He must approach the car as cautiously as he or she can as a gun or other weapon could appear from anywhere.

And when a police officer instructs one to leave a car, they must do so with delay, keeping their hands visible. Jones would not leave the car and responded by reaching into a closed bag as he defied police orders.

Following the ISIS and Ebola news stories on US national TV, one will see the above news stories. Hundreds violently protesting against the police in the US for simply doing their jobs in protecting their local communities!

The first thing one must ask themselves is who is behind these senseless demonstrations and protests?
Where is the money coming from to organize these protests against critical infrastructure?

State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis Democrat, a devout Muslim with a history of gang violence, organized the media circus outside police headquarters. Rather than defending the local police for defending themselves she did all she could to discredit the police.

“It’s imperative that we began to heal this community,” Sen. Nasheed said. “This community has been broken down. We have too many deaths at the hands of police officers.”

Not “thank you” for keeping our neighborhoods safe but rather, don’t trust the police, they are excessive, brutal, they lie!

Police can be excessive from time to time. And they are investigated for such actions and suspended and or dismissed if found that they were were using excessive force or harassing the public. But when they are actually defending themselves from live gun fire is this “excessive” or “harassment”?

The officer, a six-year veteran who has not been named, was placed on administrative leave, per standard department procedure. He served two tours of duty with the military in Iraq and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

It appears that a few are truly spinning facts and reality to intimidate and sue police departments for a profit.
But worse than that, using such spin to organize mass demonstrations to discredit police departments in the democratic United States of America. And professionally using social media to coordinate and get the images out.

Did we mention that protesters also burned at least one American flag in the four-day “weekend of resistance” — part of what is being dubbed Ferguson October?

Sounds familiar?

Is it a red flag that State Senator Nasheed helped organize violent protests against the police in the US heartland?
Wait – that’s nothing. Read the next paragraph.

Nation of Islam member A. Akbar Muhammad of St. Louis was also on the scene coordinating with Nasheed.
What was he doing? Speaking to CNN and other national media stating: “You have to ask the question: Is there a culture of racism in the police department?”

“It’s a clear case of this young man being gunned down by an insensitive white officer who was off-duty,” Akbar Muhammad, who also is a member of a coalition calling for the officer who shot Brown to be prosecuted.

Don’t expect the local police departments and the FBI to connect the dots and then speak about it.
It’s not politically correct. And the Obama White House would not approve.
Just pray that someone, somewhere is monitoring Nasheed and  Muhammad’s computers and asking who are they associated with in the Middle East? Where are they getting their money?

Are we being racist?
Just ask those who attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon, attempted bombing of Times Square, New York subways and who are today threatening the life of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo for taking down ISIS accounts.

You may also want to know if Nasheed or  Muhammad have criticized their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters for beheading Americans in Iraq and Syria?
Or are they are too busy with other very well organized “activities” on American soil.


Israel Creates Global Ebola Blood Registry


By Israel News Agency Staff

Jerusalem, Israel — October 10, 2014 … Private citizens in Israel are now coordinating with the Israeli government to create a global Ebola blood registry. The Ebola Blood Registry will match Ebola survivors with Ebola victims who share the same blood type.

Matching Ebola survivors with Ebola victims through an effective, global registry open to all respectable health care organizations, may save thousands of lives.

The blood of an Ebola survivor carries antibodies of the virus. By giving a current Ebola patient an injection of a compatible amount of blood plasma from someone who recovered from the disease, those antibodies could help the patient fight the virus.

The World Health Organization has endorsed an old-school remedy that is already abundant in Africa — the blood of people who have survived infection.

Health officials acknowledged that their support for blood transfusions was motivated by emotion as well as by science. Limited quantities of a tested vaccine will not be available until November at the earliest, and stocks of experimental drugs such as ZMapp may not be ready until next year.

“One of the things driving fear and panic in communities … is the belief that there is no treatment for Ebola virus disease,” said Marie-Paule Kieny, an assistant director-general at the United Nations’ health agency. “We have to change the sense that there is no hope.”

The concept behind the transfusions is simple: The blood plasma of people who have recovered from Ebola contains antibodies that were successful in fighting off the virus. If these antibodies are pumped into an infected person, they might help the recipient fight the disease as well.

Such transfusions were used to fight illnesses before the advent of antibiotics and vaccines. The German surgeon Emil von Behring first used blood serum to treat diphtheria in 1890 and was awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery. The technique was expanded to treat many other infectious diseases, such as scarlet fever and measles.

Transfusions were used to treat a small number of patients during the 1995 Kikwit Ebola outbreak in Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Dr. Oyewale Tomori, a professor of virology at Redeemer’s University in Nigeria. A study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases after the outbreak reported that eight patients received transfusions, and only one of them died.

Ebola is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of infected individuals. Once in the bloodstream, the virus enters cells and begins to replicate itself, damaging blood vessels and organs in the process. Symptoms begin to appear two to 21 days after infection and include fever, diarrhea, vomiting, aches and bleeding. In the current outbreak, the odds of survival are slightly below 50%.

Israel, whose researchers are doing ground breaking work in the fight against Ebola fever that is spreading in Western Africa and beyond, will send three mobile emergency clinics to the region.

The Israel Foreign Ministry’s Mashav department, which is the Agency for International Development Cooperation, has decided to increase Israel’s contribution to the international effort to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

An Israeli team has already been sent to Cameroon, where it was favorably received by the local authorities.

The ministry sent emergency equipment to the government of Sierra Leone, and in recent weeks, it shipped personal protection equipment to teams of the African Union.

Asked to comment, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Ebola researcher Dr. Leslie Lobel said: “This is great news. Finally, Israel is joining the righteous and helping out with Ebola.”

The US-born researcher has for the last 12 years devoted himself to the study of viral diseases at BGU’s Health Sciences Faculty. Born in Queens, New York he has an MD and doctorate in virology from Columbia University and studied the human immune response to cancer and developed human monoclonal antibodies.

He and his lab team in the faculty’s microbiology, immunology and genetics department, isolate and produce molecules in the lab that are naturally produced by the immune system in survivors, and they attach to the Ebola virus to inhibit infection. These are the antibodies that the body produces naturally as part of the immune system’s response to the pathogens.

Lobel travels to Uganda five times a year and is one of the first to follow up Ebola fever survivors. A team from the US military, he said, has joined him “along with wonderful collaborators in Uganda.”

The volunteers who created are seeking to cooperate with all respected, professional global health care organizations and are currently speaking with investors to create a global awareness campaign.

Russia Aiding Syria To Attack Israel

In video footage of the base released by the Free Syrian Army, a rebel officer is shown
pointing out maps, photographs and information in Russian and Arabic.

By Israel News Agency Staff

Jerusalem — October 9, 2014 … Syrian rebels have captured a joint Russian-Syrian spy base which was used to gather intelligence on the movements of rebel groups and Israel.

Located in southern Syria close to the Israel border, the base on the Tel Al Hara mountain known as ‘Centre C’ by Russian intelligence was taken over by the Free Syrian Army – the largely moderate, Western-backed rebel group – on Sunday.

The capture of the Russian base, which was abandoned prior to the rebels’ arrival, came after weeks of fierce fighting involving Syrian government troops as well as Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch.

In video footage of the base released by the Free Syrian Army, a rebel officer is shown pointing out maps, photographs and information in Russian and Arabic, as well as the logos of Syrian intelligence and Russian military intelligence (GRU), which deals with signal intelligence.


One of the wall maps visible in the video shows northern Israel with pinpointed Israeli military units and signal stations.

The extent of Russian-Syrian intelligence and military cooperation is vast and has been established for many decades.

In 2006, Jane’s Defence Journal reported that Hezbollah was receiving intelligence from two Russian-Syrian intelligence posts during its war with Israel, one of which was identified as being located on the Golan Heights.

The discovery of Centre C is “definitely not surprising”, security analyst Daniel Nisman, head of the geopolitical risk consultancy ‘Levantine Group’ in Tel Aviv, told the Israel News Agency.

“The Russians have had varying levels of activity and personnel in Syria since the Cold War”, said Mr Nisman. “There are [also] all sorts of different Russian personnel embedded with different Syrian units.

“West of Damascus, near the Beirut-Damascus highway, there’s a Russian satellite imagery analysis base,” Mr Nisman said, where military from Russia work with Syrians on satellite imagery, used at present to track the movements of the rebels.

According to Jane’s Defense, the funding for the intelligence posts comes largely from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

It is not clear when Centre C had stopped being operated by the Russians. The Free Syrian Army claims that the post was vacated by Russian personnel only weeks ago, whilst other analysts suggest the Russian personnel left at the start of the Syrian civil war, which began in 2011.


Ben Affleck Should Condemn Islamic Terrorism, Not Diminish It

Actor Ben Affleck (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Ben Affleck deserves enormous credit for his important film Argo, which brought the true brutality of the Iranian regime to the big screen. But he is wrong in comparing accusations of Islamic violence to those who say Jews are shifty.

Some Jews no doubt are shifty, as are some non-Jews. And some Muslims are violent, just as non-Muslims are.

That’s why we have to be careful about caricatures of any group and Mr. Affleck is right that this constitutes the core of bigotry.

The difference here, though, is that “shifty” Jews – to repeat Mr. Affleck’s example – are not justifying their shiftiness in the name of Judaism.

If there’s a dishonest Jewish man or woman out there, they do not scream “God is great!”, hoisting a Magen David into the air as they cheat on their taxes.

Irish Catholics have had to fight nasty stereotypes about drinking for hundreds of years. But if one were to drink to excess they would not lift their pint and scream, “In the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost.”

Any bad acts they commit are done in their own name.

But the problem with Islamic violence is that it’s being done in the name of Islam. And while we dare never repeat the lie that violence is endemic to Islam – knowing full well that other religions have had violent streaks – it is true that violence in the name of Islam is not being condemned by a sufficient number in the Islamic mainstream.

Ben Affleck is doing no favor to Islam by defending that silence. To the contrary, Islam is a great world religion that has experienced centuries of enlightenment and tolerance. We Jews benefited from those epochs, like in Spain in the Golden Age and in Egypt under the greatest of Muslim rulers, Saladin, who appointed a Rabbi, Maimonides, as his personal physician and advisor. Moreover, the Ottoman Turks took us Jews in and granted us sanctuary when we were expelled from Spain by the barbarous and rabidly anti-Semitic Catholic rulers Ferdinand and Isabella, both of whom were canonized by the Church.

But Islam is going through a rough time, with way too many Muslims murdering in its name. To deny that is to stretch political correctness to a corrosive extreme.

Affleck needs to see reality, call out Islamic terrorism.

Mr. Affleck is correct. They are a minority and the vast majority of Muslims are decent, God-fearing folk. But Muslim clerics worldwide have not risen sufficiently to the occasion of condemning in absolute terms the violence perpetrated in its name.

Here’s an example. When in 1994 Baruch Goldstein, an orthodox Jew living in Hebron, murdered 29 innocent Muslims in prayer in a mosque, he was immediately vilified and condemned by rabbis the world over. I was one of them, even though my house in Oxford, England where I served as rabbi was firebombed the very next day in what police believed was a retaliatory strike. Still, I called Goldstein an abomination to everything Judaism believes. True, some Jewish extremists praised him and even prayed at his grave, justifying his barbarous attack by saying he was preempting another murderous attack on the Jews of Hebron.

Sorry. Judaism brooks no apologies or excuses for murder. The Ten Commandments are clear. You take an innocent life, however justified you may believe your actions to be, and you are an abomination to God.

There was an attempt by some extremists to turn Baruch Goldstein’s grave into a shrine. The Israeli army quickly destroyed it.

Every religion and every community has its extremists. But a faith and a people remain healthy when the overwhelming number of mainstream adherents condemn the violence and radicalism of the extremes.

The Washington Post, in response to Mr. Affleck’s comments, reproduced the results of an extensive 2013 Pew Research study that showed strong majorities of the Muslim populations of countries like Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, and the Palestinian Territories supporting death by stoning for adulterers and capital punishment for those leaving Islam.

In European Muslim countries like Bosnia, and in more secular countries like Turkey, the number of Muslim supporters for this barbarism was near zero.

So there is definitely a problem of Middle Eastern Muslim countries either supporting and at the very least not condemning violence in the name of Islam.

This is blasphemy against Islam. It tarnishes a great world religion. And influential and well-meaning people like Ben Affleck should be condemning rather than diminishing its seriousness.

Shmuley Boteach, called “the most famous Rabbi in America” by The Washington Post, is the author of 30 books, including Kosher Lust: Love is Not the Answer. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.


Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Raises 85 Million USD Annually


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

New York, NY — October 6, 2014 … The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) has named  two new senior executives to lead the charitable organization as it continues to expand. The FIDF named Maj. Gen. (Res.) Meir Klifi-Amir as National Executive Director, beginning September 16, and Mr. Alan E. Scholnick as Chief Executive Officer, effective August 11.

The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) raises approximately 85 million USD annually to support the well being of Israel’s soldiers.

The IDF is responsible for making sure that Israel’s soldiers are well trained and prepared to defend the Jewish state, but lacks monies for other basics. FIDF makes sure that the soldiers have warm socks, underwear and day packs to carry their essentials. They provide educational programs and entertainment to enhance morale.

FIDF’s Lone Soldiers Program supports IDF Lone Soldiers financially, socially and emotionally during their military service. FIDF follows these soldiers through every step of the process, providing a vast array of assistance and ensuring they know they are truly never alone. This includes Shabbat and holiday meals and a 24/7 call center to assist soldiers and parents in as many as five languages.

Israel’s Lone Soldiers are those whose families live abroad and who chose to leave their countries of origin to serve the State of Israel.

The two new FIDF senior executives will supervise this critical organization as it expands its fundraising infrastructure, building upon the strong foundation developed over the last 33 years, with the mission of supporting well being services and programs for the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

IDF General Klifi-Amir joins FIDF following a 33-year Israeli military career, serving as a soldier and senior officer in the Paratroopers Brigade, as well as the Commander of the Givati Brigade. He held a wide range of commanding roles, including heading two IDF divisions, and serving as the Deputy Chief of the Ground Forces Command. Gen. Klifi-Amir was also the Military Secretary to two prime ministers, including to current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, acting as the special military and security advisor to the PM, and partner in national security decisions. Following his IDF service, Gen. Klifi-Amir worked as a security consultant, specializing in national security and strategic planning for governments and agencies worldwide. He founded his own security firm in 2012.

“I am honored to be joining FIDF, and to leverage my extensive involvement in Israeli life to lead this remarkable organization and reach new heights in supporting the brave men and women of the IDF,” said Gen. Klifi-Amir.

Mr. Scholnick has been a highly successful entrepreneur and real estate executive, with over 25 years of leadership experience that also includes notable achievements in the finance and aviation industries. He has been deeply involved in Jewish communal life as an active lay leader with multiple national philanthropic and not-for-profit organizations, including AIPAC.

“I am grateful to have this opportunity to bring my experience in strategic development, operations and fundraising to FIDF, and to lead this organization to new levels of growth and to inspire others to participate in FIDF’s essential mission,” said Mr. Scholnick.

The new senior executives will succeed National Director and CEO Emeritus, Major Gen. (Res.) Yitzhak (Jerry) Gershonwho has overseen over six years of unprecedented organizational growth.

“We are tremendously fortunate to be building this talented team with Gen. Klifi-Amir and Mr. Scholnick at the helm, as we further strengthen FIDF, and support the wellbeing of the IDF soldiers and Israeli society as a whole for generations to come,” said Nily Falic, FIDF’s National Chairman.

FIDF was established in 1981 by a group of Holocaust survivors as a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing and supporting educational, social, cultural and recreational programs and facilities for the heroic men and women of the IDF.

Today, FIDF has more than 120,000 loyal supporters, and 15 regional offices throughout the US and Panama. FIDF proudly offers its support to the IDF soldiers and their families through a variety of unique and innovative programs. These opportunities reinforce the vital bond between the communities in the United States, the soldiers of the IDF, and the State of Israel.


Sweden To Recognize Palestine, Does Not Consider ISIS, Hamas Government

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loven backs
a “Palestine”- not knowing who “Palestine” is!

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem — October 5, 2014 … Israel plans to summon the Swedish ambassador over Prime Minister Stefan Loven’s announcement that the newly-formed government would recognize the Palestinian state, Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s office said today.

The newly elected Swedish government wants to recognize a “Palestine” not knowing or caring if it’s government is backed by ISIS, Hamas, al-qaeda which would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Lieberman said that Loven’s decision demonstrated that the new Swedish premier “has not yet internalized that those who have posed an obstacle over the last 20 years to progress and an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians are the Palestinians.”

“The Swedish Prime Minister needs to understand that any declaration and any step by an external element will not be an alternative to direct negotiations between the sides and to a solution that is part of an inclusive arrangement between Israel and the Arab world,” Lieberman added. “If what concerned the Swedish prime minister in his inaugural speech was the situation in the Middle East, he should have focused on the morning burning issues in the region, like the daily mass murder happening in Syria, Iraq and other places in the region.”

“I have instructed the Foreign Ministry staff to invite the Swedish Ambassador to Israel in for a discussion,” he said.

The Swedish government was criticized by several Western governments, including the US.

US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki called Sweden’s decision “premature,” citing the need to first resolve final status issues.

The Swedes then quickly back tracked by issuing a statement released this evening, with the embassy in Israel saying that Sweden will recognize a Palestinian state at the conclusion of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Swedish act of stating that they wanted to recognize a Palestine without knowing who and what would consist of a “Palestine”, Palestine’s intentions toward peace and final borders, spoke volumes regarding the dismissal of Israel’s basic security concerns.

When Prime Minister Stefan Loven was asked today if a “Palestine” would recognize a Jewish state, he responded that would be decided through negotiations at a future date.

One wonders how Sweden is responding to ISIS and Islamic terrorism?

Unlike several nations in Europe, including Denmark, taking arms to confront Islamic Jihad, Sweden will not lift a finger to defend innocent Christians living in Iraq and Syria against beheadings and mass shootings but did donate $13 million for humanitarian aid.
Providing “humanitarian aid” will not offend Sweden’s anti-democratic Muslim community.

Anti-Israel positions from Sweden’s Social Democrats have been transparent over the years. In 2011, the Social Democratic politician Omar Mustafa tweeted that Sweden should send fighter planes against Israel instead of targeting the regime of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Mustafa, the chairman of the Islamic Association in Sweden, was elected in 2013 to the governing board of Sweden’s Social Democratic party.

After revelations surfaced that, as head of the Islamic Association, Mustafa permitted the organization to reject recognizing women as equals to their male counterparts and invited a speaker who voiced hardcore anti-gay ideologies, he resigned his post in the governing board. It is worth noting that Mustafa’s well-publicized tweet calling for air strikes against Israel did not bar him from serving in the governing board of his party.

Loftven’s party, the Social Democrats, are “anti-Israeli,” former Israel Ambassador Zvi Mazel told Israel Radio, but another reason for the statement “is the large Arab minority, which has grown unbelievably this year.”

Mazel said that Sweden has taken in over 80,000 Arab refugees in 2014, mostly from Iraq and Syria, and claimed there were 700,000 Muslims living in the country.

“All this against a social-democratic background, which is pro-Arabic, pro-Islam, anti-democratic and anti-Israeli,” Mazel said.

SCN: Security Measures for Jewish Community on Yom Kippur


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem / New York — October 2014 … The Secure Community Network (SCN) strongly reminds Jewish institutions that security awareness should remain a high priority focus of planning and preparations. Facilities that have instilled a sense of security consciousness into their organizations can remain open and welcoming, while maintaining appropriate levels of security preparedness, particularly during the busy High Holy Days period.

Advance planning with local law enforcement, trained ushers and greeters, and situational awareness can enhance levels of security while maintaining a comfortable, welcoming, albeit secure worship environment. By taking appropriate security measures, synagogues can both communicate a message of security consciousness and preparedness to congregants and guests as well as project an image of a hardened target which serves as a deterrent effect.

Synagogue staff, security volunteers and greeters should be on the lookout for suspicious persons and/or activity around their facilities, particularly during services and other gatherings. Suspicious activity, persons and vehicles should be immediately reported to local law enforcement and/or security personnel.

Security Planning Resources

This page features an archive of best practices from SCN, Synagogue Movements, Federations, Anti-Defamation League and others to provide you with the resource support for your security planning and to complement the High Holy Days Security Planning Checklist. We also strongly recommend and encourage you to remain in close contact with local law enforcement authorities and to include them in your security planning.

Please ensure that your staff and volunteers visit the SCN Homeland Security and Preparedness Training Center, which is a comprehensive online eLearning portal dedicated to training, video education, and other interactive content related to homeland security and safety.

The Secure Community Network (SCN) is part of the American Jewish community’s response to heightened security concerns in the United States.  SCN has two main functions: (1) rapid information sharing in crisis situations and (2) enhancing security awareness at Jewish organizations and institutions to protect against terrorism and other threats.

The Secure Community Network serves as the central address for the Jewish community concerning matters of communal safety, security, and all-hazards preparedness and response. Through SCN, the organized Jewish community has established a coordinated approach for community wide notifications, crisis management and security measures emphasizing common standards for enabling Jewish communities throughout North America to embrace and evidence a culture of security awareness, preparedness and disaster recovery and resiliency.

SCN professionals offer expertise, guidance and assistance to Jewish organizations and institutions on protection against terrorism and other threats.  They also operate the SCN crisis communication system that allows rapid dissemination of critical information to all SCN members.

SCN maintains close working relationships with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, intelligence and counter-terrorism units, and others who provide advice on security and safety matters.  SCN also maintains contact with major Jewish communities worldwide to share information and experience and to maximize resources.

For additional information, please contact SCN at 212-284-6940  or through our website at

In Israel, around 2,000 officers from special police units and the Border Police (MAGAV) will patrol across Israel this weekend, in particular in mixed Arab-Jewish cities, to prevent violent clashes as Jews commemorate Yom Kippur and Muslims celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Adha.

A spokesperson for the National Operations Branch of the Israel Police said they did not have any specific warnings or alerts about planned disturbances, but that they suspect that with the holiest day of the Jewish calendar overlapping this year with the Muslim holiday – a holiday of feasting and celebration – there is ample potential for violent clashes.

Recently, the Israel Police have held meetings with local Arab leaders and their Jewish counterparts in a number of mixed cities and Arab localities, in an effort to reach understanding and to prevent a repeat of the Yom Kippur riots six years ago in Acre. Those riots were believed to have been sparked after an Arab man drove through a Jewish neighborhood in the city during the Yom Kippur fast.

Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said: “There will be an increased police presence in East Jerusalem, Damascus Gate and Jaffa Gate, where thousands of people will be making their way for Yom Kippur .

“Police units will respond if necessary to any incidents, with other backup units on standby.”

Public transport will be shut down during the holy day, along with seaports and land borders with Jordan and Egypt. Israel’s airspace will also be closed.

Obama Insults Jews In Netanyahu White House Meeting


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Washington, D.C. — October 2, 2014 …  US President Barack Obama criticized Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House yesterday warning  him not to proceed on “proposed settlements in a disputed part of east Jerusalem.”  The White House then issued a press statement on “Israel settlements” hours after Obama met with Netanyahu.

The White House stated: “This development will only draw condemnation from the international community, (and) distance Israel from even its closest allies.”

Netanyahu, in an interview yesterday with Univision responded:

“This isn’t a settlement. These are neighborhoods in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel,” said Netanyahu.

“If you said to me that in some city in the United States or in Mexico, or anywhere else, Jews cannot buy apartments, there would be an uproar. You know, there’s not only the freedom of property, but the right of every individual to live where they want, as long as they purchase the apartment legally and don’t expropriate, don’t take over, which isn’t the case here. This was a free transaction.”

“So I just want to understand this policy. It flies in the face of American values, and it flies in the face of common sense.” (In his MSNBC interview, the Israel Prime Minister added that the criticism was leveled at a mixed neighborhood in which a large portion of the approved construction will be designated for Arab residents alongside Jewish residents.)

The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization in the US, strongly rejected statements made by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest and State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki with regard to Israeli plans for housing construction in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Givat HaMatos and Israeli Jews purchasing houses in the neighborhood of Silwan.

Commenting on these matters, Earnest stated: “This development [in Givat HaMatos] will only draw condemnation…” and “It also would call into question Israel’s ultimate commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians.” He further condemned “the recent occupation of residential buildings in the neighborhood of Silwan by people whose agenda provokes tensions, it only serves to escalate tensions.” Ms. Psaki stated: “This development will only draw condemnation from the international community, distance Israel from even its closest allies [and] poison the atmosphere…”

The Orthodox Union’s executive director for public policy Nathan Diament issued the following statement in response:

“We reject yesterday’s harsh statements by the Obama Administration. First, they suggest that the onus for the peace process impasse is upon Israel, when in fact it is decades of Palestinian and Arab rejectionism and incitement (such as that voiced by Palestinian President Abbas at the UN General Assembly last week) that “poisons the atmosphere” for peace. Israel has demonstrated its interest in peace, not merely through words but through deeds, time and again.

Second, suggesting that Jews residing in neighborhoods of Jerusalem—the historic capital of Israel and the Jewish people—is “provocative” is offensive. It is also fundamentally at odds with the notion that differences over Jerusalem are to be resolved in negotiations.

Finally, the implied threat that Jewish residences in Jerusalem will “distance Israel from even its closest ally”—i.e., the United States—is a resort to rhetoric which is entirely unacceptable.

We appreciate the constructive conversation President Obama had yesterday with Prime Minister Netanyahu and the President’s restatement of his “unshakable” commitment to Israel’s security, which has been manifested in many practical ways. Yesterday’s statements by Administration spokespeople run counter to such a useful and productive working relationship.”

Netanyahu, Obama Meet At White House – Discuss Preventing Nuclear Iran, Destroying ISIS


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Washington — October 1, 2014 … The following was communicated by the Israel Prime Minister’s Office to the Israel News Agency.

Following are the remarks by US President Barack Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the start of their meeting earlier today  at the White House.

 US President Obama:

“Well, it’s good, once again, to welcome the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu. Obviously he’s no stranger to the White House. I think I’ve met with Bibi more than any world leader during my tenure as President.

We meet at a challenging time. Israel is obviously in a very turbulent neighborhood, and this gives us an opportunity once again to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel, and our iron clad commitment to making sure that Israel is secure.

You know, throughout the summer, obviously, all of us were deeply concerned about the situation in Gaza. I think the American people should be very proud of the contributions that we made to the Iron Dome program to protect the lives of Israelis at a time when rockets were pouring into Israel on a regular basis.

I think we’ve also recognized that we have to find ways to change the status quo so that both Israeli citizens are safe in their own homes and school children in their schools from the possibility of rocket fire, but also that we don’t have the tragedy of Palestinian children being killed as well, and so we’ll discuss extensively both the situation of rebuilding Gaza but also how can we find a more sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Our agenda will be broader than that, obviously. I’ll debrief Bibi on the work that we’re doing to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL and the broader agenda that I discussed at the United Nations, which is mobilizing a coalition not only for military action but also to bring about a shift in Arab states and Muslim countries that isolate the cancer of violent extremism that is so pernicious and ultimately has killed more Muslims than anything else.

And we’ll also have an opportunity to discuss the progress that’s being made with respect to dealing with Iran’s nuclear program, which obviously has been a high priority for not only Israel but also the United States and the world community. So we have a lot to talk about and I appreciate very much the prime minister coming. It’s challenging, I think, for an Israeli Prime Minister to have to work so hard during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, but I know that the prime minister’s utmost priority is making sure that his country is safe during these difficult times, and we’re glad that the United States can be a partner in that process. Thanks.”

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu:

“Mr. President, first, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for the unflinching support you gave Israel during our difficult days and difficult summer we had, expressed in so many ways, but also in an additional installment of support for Iron Dome, which has saved so many lives, saved many lives across the board, and I thank you for that and for the continuous bond of friendship that is so strong between Israel and the United States.

I also want to thank you for this opportunity to meet with you and to discuss the enormous challenges facing the United States and Israel in the Middle East. There’s definitely a new Middle East. I think it poses new dangers,but it also presents new opportunities. As for the dangers, Israel fully supports your effort and your leadership to defeat ISIS. We think everybody should support this.

And even more critical is our shared goal of preventing Iran from becoming a military nuclear power. As you know, Mr. President, Iran seeks a deal that would lift the tough sanctions that you worked so hard to put in place and leave it as a threshold nuclear power, and I fervently hope that under your leadership that would not happen.

Equally, I think that there are opportunities, and the opportunities, as you just expressed, is something that is changing in the Middle East, because out of the new situation there emerges a commonality of interest between Israel and leading Arab states, and I think that we should work very hard together to seize on those common interests and build a positive program to advance a more secure, a more prosperous and a more peaceful Middle East.

I remain committed to a vision of peace of two states for two peoples, based on mutual recognition and rock-solid security arrangements on the ground. And I believe we should make use of the new opportunities, think outside the box, see how we can recruit the Arab countries to advance this very hopeful agenda. And I look forward to our discussions on these and many other matters”.

Israel PM Netanyahu Meets UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

netanyahu_Ban Ki-moon

By Herb Brandon
Israel News Agency

New York — September 30, 2014 … The following was communicated by the Israel Prime Minister’s Office to the Israel News Agency.

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, met today at the UN offices in New York with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The Prime Minister said that Iran is continuing to work towards achieving the ability to arm itself with nuclear weapons.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the residents of Gaza had been taken hostage by Hamas and compared Hamas to ISIS.

Netanyahu added that Hamas had perpetrated a double war crimeby using the residents of Gaza as human shields and deliberately firing at the residents of Israel. He said that he does not intend to apologize for the fact that Israel has Iron Dome to protect its citizens.

Prime Minister Netanyahu complained that the UN Human Rights Council is not focusing its inquiry on Hamas, which used UN facilities in order to fire at Israel, and asserted that Israel would struggle against this. He added that the council was biased against Israel and defends Hamas.

Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that there was no justice in the fact that the standard applied to Israel was different than that applied to other countries and pointed out that 200,000 civilians have been slaughtered in Syria. He said that the UN’s conduct toward Israel was disproportionate and stressed that Israel did not direct its attacks against civilians, adding that we regret any harm done to innocent civilians.

The Israeli Prime Minister also commented on the arrangement that was achieved with the UN on the entry of humanitarian supplies for the residents of Gaza.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that there has been no change in his stance on a demilitarized Palestinian state that would recognize the Jewish state, and on security arrangements that would allow Israel to defend itself by itself against any threat. He added that the conflict with the Palestinians was not about the settlements but about the Jewish state’s right to exist.

Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out that Hezbollah was in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 by continuing to build up its arsenals.

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