Sweden To Recognize Palestine, Does Not Consider ISIS, Hamas Government

By | October 5, 2014

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loven backs
a “Palestine”- not knowing who “Palestine” is!

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem — October 5, 2014 … Israel plans to summon the Swedish ambassador over Prime Minister Stefan Loven’s announcement that the newly-formed government would recognize the Palestinian state, Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s office said today.

The newly elected Swedish government wants to recognize a “Palestine” not knowing or caring if it’s government is backed by ISIS, Hamas, al-qaeda which would never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Lieberman said that Loven’s decision demonstrated that the new Swedish premier “has not yet internalized that those who have posed an obstacle over the last 20 years to progress and an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians are the Palestinians.”

“The Swedish Prime Minister needs to understand that any declaration and any step by an external element will not be an alternative to direct negotiations between the sides and to a solution that is part of an inclusive arrangement between Israel and the Arab world,” Lieberman added. “If what concerned the Swedish prime minister in his inaugural speech was the situation in the Middle East, he should have focused on the morning burning issues in the region, like the daily mass murder happening in Syria, Iraq and other places in the region.”

“I have instructed the Foreign Ministry staff to invite the Swedish Ambassador to Israel in for a discussion,” he said.

The Swedish government was criticized by several Western governments, including the US.

US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki called Sweden’s decision “premature,” citing the need to first resolve final status issues.

The Swedes then quickly back tracked by issuing a statement released this evening, with the embassy in Israel saying that Sweden will recognize a Palestinian state at the conclusion of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Swedish act of stating that they wanted to recognize a Palestine without knowing who and what would consist of a “Palestine”, Palestine’s intentions toward peace and final borders, spoke volumes regarding the dismissal of Israel’s basic security concerns.

When Prime Minister Stefan Loven was asked today if a “Palestine” would recognize a Jewish state, he responded that would be decided through negotiations at a future date.

One wonders how Sweden is responding to ISIS and Islamic terrorism?

Unlike several nations in Europe, including Denmark, taking arms to confront Islamic Jihad, Sweden will not lift a finger to defend innocent Christians living in Iraq and Syria against beheadings and mass shootings but did donate $13 million for humanitarian aid.
Providing “humanitarian aid” will not offend Sweden’s anti-democratic Muslim community.

Anti-Israel positions from Sweden’s Social Democrats have been transparent over the years. In 2011, the Social Democratic politician Omar Mustafa tweeted that Sweden should send fighter planes against Israel instead of targeting the regime of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Mustafa, the chairman of the Islamic Association in Sweden, was elected in 2013 to the governing board of Sweden’s Social Democratic party.

After revelations surfaced that, as head of the Islamic Association, Mustafa permitted the organization to reject recognizing women as equals to their male counterparts and invited a speaker who voiced hardcore anti-gay ideologies, he resigned his post in the governing board. It is worth noting that Mustafa’s well-publicized tweet calling for air strikes against Israel did not bar him from serving in the governing board of his party.

Loftven’s party, the Social Democrats, are “anti-Israeli,” former Israel Ambassador Zvi Mazel told Israel Radio, but another reason for the statement “is the large Arab minority, which has grown unbelievably this year.”

Mazel said that Sweden has taken in over 80,000 Arab refugees in 2014, mostly from Iraq and Syria, and claimed there were 700,000 Muslims living in the country.

“All this against a social-democratic background, which is pro-Arabic, pro-Islam, anti-democratic and anti-Israeli,” Mazel said.

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