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Israeli-American Council, ADL: Both Parties Should Attend Netanyahu Speech on Iran Nuclear Weapons

Israel will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency New York — February 23, 2015 … Shawn Evenhaim, National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC), a respected Israeli-American organization which reaches over 150,000 Israeli-Americans in the US, says that members of Congress should attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before… Read More »

Netanyahu: I Will Address Iran Nuclear Threat With Congress

An Iranian ICBM capable of striking the US. By Israel News Agency Staff Jerusalem, Israel — February 9, 2015 … The following is a statement from PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Iranian nuclear missile threat: “While there are those that deal with protocol or politics, a grave, lethal Munich agreement with Iran that would endanger… Read More »

Why Netanyahu Must Address US Congress

Netanyahu to address Congress on Iranian nuclear threat. By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency Jerusalem, Israel — February 7, 2015 … There is only one entity that truly does not want Netanyahu to address the US Congress. Iran now has 19,000 centrifuges and admits it has 1,008 IR2m machines that can produce nuclear bomb grade material five times… Read More »

Poll: Americans Support Netanyahu Speaking To Congress

By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency A newly released report at Politico says “some House Democrats are privately threatening to skip” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 address, while US Vice President Joe Biden has yet to commit to attendance. They might want to rethink their position, as a new Rasmussen poll finds considerable public support for Netanyahu’s… Read More »

Israel PM Netanyahu To UN: Iran, ISIS Cannot Acquire Nuclear Weapons

Netanyahu displays photos at UN illustrating Hamas using children as human shields. By Joel Leyden Israel News Agency New York — September 29, 2014 … Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the United Nations today. He again implored the global community to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Netanyahu asked the global forum: “Would you allow ISIS… Read More »