Anti-Semitism: Security Tips For Jewish Synagogues

By | November 4, 2022

By Joel Leyden, Executive Director of The Center Against Anti-Semitism
Israel News Agency

November 2022 — As acts of anti-semitism increase in the United States, synagogues must increase their trained and visible security.
Increasing security will not scare Temple members, rather they will attend Shabbat and High Holiday Jewish services and Jewish events with a feeling of confidence and security.

  1. Do not advertise times and dates of Shabbat services and Jewish events on the Internet. Use social media to advertise the event and send event details by email and newsletters.
  2. Ask your local police department to have an officer and car parked in a visible area.
  3. Hire a security company to have at least two uniformed guards at both the entrance to the parking lot and the synagogues front doors. Ask for Temple volunteers who have either police and or military combat training to work with local police. Police and or anti-terrorism experience is preferred to combat veterans as they know how to work with the civilian public.
  4. Have synagogue windows replaced with bullet proof glass and or film.
  5. Check each car coming into the parking lot and ask for ID showing that they are members of the synagogue.
  6. Have a guard and or police monitor outdoor video cameras and are able to electronically open the entrance doors with the push of a button.
  7. If an event occurs, immediately call 911 and request police assistance.
  8. Temple members must receive security incident training from This is not optional – this is a requirement to stay an active member. All Temple members should know where emergency exits are located.
  9. Do not allow firearms in the synagogue. In the event of an incident we do not want police shooting Temple members.
  10. Police and or security need to patrol the outside of the facility and make certain that all entrances are closed and locked.

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