“Support Israel – Vote Republican” Goes Viral On Facebook

By | November 3, 2014


By Nancy Namer
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — November 2, 2014 … Jewish and Christian groups have created a “Support Israel – Vote Republican” page on Facebook.

“The page was created as a result of the Obama administration calling Israel “chickenshit” for not compromising on security issues,” said Israel News Agency publisher Joel Leyden.

“Never before have we witnessed the leader of the US Democratic party come out in public through an anonymous spokesperson to directly defame an Israel Prime Minister. Obama has done all he can to hurt Israel – US relations and to destabilize the Middle East. Obama has done and is doing all he can to hurt Israel’s security. Where does he come off telling Israelis not to build in their own capital and blaming the growth of ISIS on Israel?”

In addition to the verbal abuse thrown at Israel, Obama denied meetings between Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon  and Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

“Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not address the US elections as that is not their place, but US and Israeli citizens certainly can,” said Leyden.

“We know that US Israel relations are solid due to shared democratic values. We share the same friends and the same enemies. The US Congress and the US Department of Defense remain commited to Israel’s security. But Obama doesn’t miss an opportunity to bash democratic Israel. One would think that he would be targeting ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad. But instead he throws personal insults at Netanyahu and disrupts regional security meetings between the US and her most trusted friend in the Middle East.”

Leyden concludes: “Obama is allowing Iran to go nuclear. We are appealing to all Americans to rethink where their votes are going on November 4th. We realize the US economy takes priority, but there will be no US economy to speak of if Obama allows both a conventional and nuclear Islamic threat to grow.”

“If you have candidates from the Democratic party who support Israel and a strong US military, vote for them, otherwise, please support the Republicans and Conservatives.
A secure economy can only be assured by a nation which has an intelligent and well coordinated security strategy. Obama is not providing such a strategy to the US, Israel or to any of her allies in the Middle East.”

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