Israel: Islamic Terror Attack In Jerusalem Is Global Jihad Against Jews, Christians

By | January 8, 2017

Credit: Marc Israel Sellem

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — January 8, 2017 … In response to an Islamic terror attack in Jerusalem which murdered four IDF soldiers and wounded 16 this morning, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated the following:

“We in Jerusalem have just experience an unprovoked terrorist attack, a murderous attack that claimed the lives of four young Israelis and wounded others.”

“This is part of the same pattern inspired by Islamic State, by ISIS, that we saw first in France, then in Germany and now in Jerusalem. This is part of the same ongoing battle against this global scourge of the new terrorism.”

Netanyahu concluded: “We know the identity of the attacker, and according to all the signs, he is a supporter of ISIS – the Islamic State. We can only fight it together, but we have to fight it, and we will.”

Three IDF female soldiers and one male soldier, all in their early 20s, were declared dead at the scene.

ZAKA Rescue and Medical Services Jerusalem Commander Bentzi Oering described the grotesque scene as reminiscent of war crimes seen in Syria or Iraq.

“This is a very difficult attack,” he said. “I arrived with other ZAKA volunteers and the scene looked like a battlefield. Many injured lay on the grass, some of them were still trapped under the terrorist’s truck.”

ZAKA Jerusalem Operations Commander Meir Akar said a crane from the firefighters was used to lift the front part of truck to free those trapped underneath.


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat spoke during an impromptu news conference to dozens of reporters.

“To our dismay, there is no limit to the cruelty of the terrorists who are willing to use any means possible to murder Jews and to damage the life routine of Israel’s capital,” said Barkat.

“Those who incite and fan the flames of terror must pay a heavy price,” he added. “I call the residents of Jerusalem and the country at large to be alert, and despite this hard terror attack, to carry on in your daily routines, and do not let terror win.”

Israel Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that Sunday’s truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem was not related to the issue of Israeli settlements, rather by the mere fact that “we are Jews and we live here in Israel.”

“There was no other reason and no need to look for an excuse – not Jewish settlements and negotiations but an attack inspired by ISIS.”

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