Why Jews Are Voting For Ted Cruz

By | April 16, 2016

Senator Ted Cruz – Israel has no better friend.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

New York — April 16, 2016 … Anyone who has done at least five minutes of due diligence, of basic research of all the Presidential candidates, knows that there is no candidate which comes close to Ted Cruz’s documented record of supporting the Jewish community.

Let’s look at only three recent accomplishments.

Ted Cruz forced President Obama to cancel a US airline ban to Israel.
Ted Cruz is closing the offices of the PLO in Washington.
Ted Cruz is passing a bill in Congress on behalf of Jewish Holocaust victims.

Of greatest importance, Ted Cruz is not a racist.

When Donald Trump started to propose a ban against Muslims entering the United States, Senator Cruz was among the first to call him out for taking on a racist policy.

Israel does not ban Muslims, Jews or Christians.

Instead, we enhance our security. We do not attack nor divide ourselves from other nations – Arab and Muslim nations who are now coming together with us to fight ISIS and Islamic terrorism.

What does Donald Trump offer to the Jewish community?
He prides himself on going to a parade for Israel.
He prides himself that his daughter is Jewish.
He has made a small donation to a Israeli charity.

But let’s go fast forward.
Trump just announced who his advisers to Israel will be.
Who are they? His “Jewish attorneys” – who have no knowledge of Israel and the Middle East except for having “gone on vacation to Israel.”

Trump who has stated that he is “neutral” on Palestinian terrorism, could not even respond to a question this week on Judea and Samaria – the West Bank. Rather he turned to one of his “Jewish attorneys” – Jason Greenblatt.
Greenblatt responded: “I think the settlements should stay but I think they have to work something out so that both sides are able to live in peace and safety.”

Jason – please tell us about the “two sides”. We know who Israel is. But who is the other side? Is it Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Fatah or ISIS?

It is with this totally ignorant, empty, uninformed and dangerous response to Israel’s security, that Jews throughout Connecticut will not trust Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz has visited Israel several times. He has the unofficial endorsement of Israel’s Prime Minister, Israel’s Defense Minister and many serving in the IDF.

Israel does not have the luxury of trusting a reality TV actor. One who has gone bankrupt four times!
Israel needs professionals who have real time experience with the military and global public affairs.

Israel needs to trust a proven friend of Israel and the Jewish people – not one who attacks Muslims, women, Mexicans, POW’s, the handicapped and veterans.

Ted Cruz epitomizes Republican and Conservative values.
Ted Cruz epitomizes Jewish values – our dedication to Israel’s security and Tikkun Olam – the humane treatment of others.

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