Israel: Obama Iran Deal – Not Breakthrough, But Breakdown Resulting In Nuclear Terrorism

By | July 7, 2015

While Obama talks, Iran develops a delivery system
to threaten the US with it’s nuclear weapons.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — July 7, 2015 … In welcoming Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias to Jerusalem, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu stated: “We are allies in the struggle against the terrorism of militant Islam that afflicts the entire region. It afflicts not only the Middle East and Israel; it afflicts obviously just about every country in the world.”

Netanyahu continued: “Recently we saw an Iranian-Hezbollah terror cell uncovered in Cyprus that had reportedly five tons of ammonium nitrate in one apartment. That’s roughly the amount that took down the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.”

“That’s just one apartment. But this terror network expands to over 30 countries in many continents and we have just received a report of another Iranian terror cell operating in Jordan that was uncovered. This is one source of the terrorism, the militant Shiites.”

“The second is of course the militant Sunnis, led by ISIS. And then we have a common battle with the moderate Arab countries and so many others who seek to remove the scourge. I hope that we can discuss today all these issues – our bilateral issues, our ability to enhance our cooperation in many, many fields.”

“And these are challenging times. They are challenging times also because today we face the possibility that a deal will be signed with Iran, which is the foremost state-sponsor of terrorism in the world. This deal, as far as we can see, comes on almost daily concessions from the P5+1 to growing Iranian demands.”

“Every day, more concessions are made and every day the deal becomes worse and worse. I could say that what we see in Vienna is not a breakthrough, but more like a breakdown, a breakdown of the principles that the P5+1 committed itself to uphold in the Lausanne negotiations.”

Netanyahu concludes: “This deal will pave Iran’s path to a nuclear arsenal.  It will give them a jackpot of hundreds of billions of dollars with which to continue to fund their aggression and terror – aggression in the region, terror throughout the world. It’s something that I think we should work against because when you have such a bad deal that resembles more and more the deal with North Korea, the conclusion is simple.”

“It’s been said before by many leaders and I’ll say it again now: Better no deal than this very bad deal. That too affects all our countries. We need to cooperate to seek stability, security, peace and prosperity. And these are the subjects that I look forward to discussing with you and so many other things.”

Just hours before a July 7 deadline, Iran and six world powers said they would not extend a deadline but they would keep working toward a deal over Iran’s nuclear program for the next few days.

Iran and the so-called P5+1, which consists of the U.K., China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States – are saying they will not be pressured into accepting a bad deal.

“The Iranians want the ballistic missile sanctions lifted. They say there is no reason to connect it with the nuclear issue, a view that is difficult to accept,” an unnamed Western official told Reuters. “There’s no appetite for that on our part.”

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