Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Visits IDF David’s Sling

By | May 14, 2023
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) speaks with Amir Eshel, commander of the Israeli Air Force, as they stand next to a David’s Sling launcher system during a ceremony in which Israel declared its “David’s Sling” air defense shield fully operational, at Hatzor air base in Israel.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency / Jewish News Ag

May 13, 2023 — Jerusalem, Israel … Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Israel Defense Forces 66th Battalion, the David’s Sling Battalion, and met with the commanders and soldiers, including those who took part in the successful intercept in the Greater Tel Aviv area.

“We targeted the commander of the Islamic Jihad rocket unit in Gaza. A short time ago we targeted his deputy. As I have said, whoever harms us – will pay the price, as will his replacement,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“We are in the midst of a campaign, on both offense and defense. Behind me is David’s Sling along with its commanders. This system successfully intercepted a rocket over the Greater Tel Aviv area. We will continue to take action on both defense and offense until the end of the campaign. I would like to thank the soldiers who are doing sacred work here defending the skies over our country and the citizens of the state.”

“I ask you, citizens of Israel, to continue helping us protect you. Follow the instructions of IDF Home Front Command.”

Netanyahu concluded: “Together, we will win.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu was briefed on the intercept and also observed soldiers on operational duty. The Prime Minister was accompanied by his Chief of Staff, the Director of the National Security Council and his Military Secretary.

1092 rockets fired at Israeli civilians by Iran supported Islamic Jihad.
1092 rockets meant to murder as many innocent people as possible.
1092 war crimes committed by the Islamic Jihad.

Israel’s message is clear: We will not stop protecting our citizens.

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