BBC Amazed With IDF Humanitarian Field Hospital in Nepal

By | May 8, 2015

Israel News Agency
Jerusalem, Israel — May 8, 2015 … A BBC film crew was totally amazed how the Israel Defense Forces created a fully operating field hospital within 24 hours in the middle of a park in Nepal.

The IDF humanitarian hospital offers free treatment and is located in Chhauni, near the Nepalese Military Hospital.

The IDF field hospital receives both Nepalis and tourists 24 hours a day, every day.

The 260-member IDF disaster team sent to Nepal in the wake of the earthquake there includes 40 medical personnel on a mission to save lives. One of their priorities was to set up a field hospital near Kathmandu.


“The team brought the most recent technology possible,” explains Lt. Col. Asi Hempel, a doctor in the IDF’s Medical Corps. “The field hospital is equipped with everything: x-rays, operating rooms that will work 24/7, laboratories and more.”

The hospital has the ability to receive and provide care for around 200 patients a day.

“Israel’s top specialists for traumatic injuries are among the medical team in Nepal,” says Lt. Col. Hempel.

As of Thursday (May 7), the Israeli field hospital has treated over 1,000 patients. 

There have been 75 surgeries, and 8 babies have been delivered. The IDF Home Front Command is continuing in its efforts to assist Nepalese civilians, and organized an activity for children and teachers. 


A global support page for Israel’s Nepal humanitarian efforts has been established at

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