Israel Security Agency Thwarts Islamic Jihad Plot to Detonate Bomb

By | November 26, 2022

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — November 26, 2022 … Islamic terrorist Fathi Ziad Zakout, 31, resident of Rafah in the Gaza Strip with a permit for work inside Israel, was arrested by the ISA (Shabak) and the Israel Police on 30 October 2022. The ISA investigation of Zakout reveals that he was sent by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization to carry out an IED bombing attack on an Israeli bus line in the south of the country. Zakout’s social media presence reveals publications with extremist content.

The ISA investigation of Zakout revealed that he was trained on IEDs by an explosives expert in the Gaza Strip, and began operating to collect materials for assembly of IED’s during his entries to Israel. The materials were seized during his arrest.

The ISA investigation of Zakout revealed the terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, as well as the fact that the terror attack was orchestrated by Jihad Anaem, a high ranking Islamic Jihad member from Rafah. Additionally, the investigation revealed that Zakout was in operational contact with Mahmad and Karim Temraz, relatives of his and Islamic Jihad members from Rafah, who recruited him to advance this terrorist attack.

The Israel State Attorney (Southern District) filed charges against Zakout today. The indictment alleges offenses against the security of the State of Israel: Weapons charges (holding and carrying weaponry); active membership in a terrorist organization; directing or training for terrorist purposes; preparation to carry out terrorist activity (murder); providing services to a banned organization and contact with a foreign agent.

An ISA officer noted: “Israel will not tolerate attempts to exploit the civilian axis for the advancement of terrorist activity by terrorists in the Gaza Strip and will take strong action against such attempts, while holding Hamas responsible for activities emanating from the Gaza Strip.

Due to the information mentioned above, and following recommendations from the ISA in coordination with the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, it was decided to revoke the work permits of approximately 200 Gaza Strip residents with familial ties to terrorists.

Additional steps will be considered by the Israel security forces to eliminate the exploitation of the civilian axis for terrorist attacks.

The findings of the investigation again illustrate that terrorists in the Gaza Strip expend major efforts to build terrorist cells that harm regional stability, including the exploitation of work permits given by Israel, in order to advance terrorist activity.

This case is one of many in which the ISA, IDF and Israel Police have taken action in recent months to expose and thwart terrorist networks in Israel, and in Judea and Samaria, that were guided by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. These networks advanced the carrying out of terrorist attacks by recruiting operatives, including family members, in Israel and in Judea and Samaria.

The ISA together with the Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police will continue to take determined action to expose and thwart any terrorist activity aiming to harm Israeli civilians.

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