Temple Beth Hillel, South Windsor, CT Bans Former Members from Security Training

By | June 26, 2023

By Herb Brandon
Israel News Agency
/ Jewish News Agency

Updated: August 26, 2023

South Windsor, Connecticut — June 26, 2023 … Even as the Jewish Federations of North America clearly states: “The Jewish community is facing the most complex and dynamic threat environment in the history of the United States,” an interim Reform Rabbi at Temple Beth Hillel ignores Shalom Biet and embraces Lashon Hara as she bans a Temple member of 12 years who served as an IDF anti-terror officer from life saving security training.

The following Google Review was removed by Temple Beth Hillel of South Windsor, Connecticut: “This synagogue bans members from life saving security training. They suspend members from praying who attended and contributed to the security of this synagogue for over 12 years without warning or communication. Jeff Levin, Michael Skott and Phil Maltz are on the Board of Trustees of the Reform Temple Beth Hillel in South Windsor, Connecticut. Why are they allowed to create Google reviews of Temple Beth Hillel? Is that not a direct conflict of interest according to Google Reviews? Why are they allowed by Google to remove any review critical of Temple Beth Hillel which is a direct conflict of interest according to Google’s Review Policies?”

With anti-semitism surging in the United States, no Jew should be banned from life saving security training unless they represent a threat to the members of the synagogue. One member who left the synagogue because his ex-partner allegedly stated that she was “uncomfortable” having him pray there, requested the Board of Trustees to ban him from the property. That man served as an officer in an anti-terror unit (MAGAV) of the Israel Defense Forces, as a senior adviser to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-created the security committee of Temple Beth Hillel, volunteers professional security services to other synagogues in Connecticut and serves as the Executive Director of an organization that combats anti-semitism. He is also responsible for most of the photographs that appear on Temple Beth Hillel’s website taken over the past 12 years. He refuses to be defamed and victimized by a few at Temple Beth Hillel and is preparing a multi million dollar defamation law suit against Beth Hillel.

That member, who is now a member of a nearby Conservative synagogue which is presently engaged in joint security training provided by the Secure Community Network (SCN) with Temple Beth Hillel in the event of a deadly anti-semitic terror attack, was told by his present Temple’s President that he could not join his new congregation for security training at Temple Beth Hillel.

The member then contacted the President of Temple Beth Hillel asking him in text: “Why would you place anyone’s life at risk”? The President of Temple Beth Hillel wrote: “It’s pretty straightforward.”

The next joint security training entitled “Stop The Bleed” takes place on Monday, August 28th at 6 pm.

What Jewish institution would ban fellow Jews from life saving security training?

Would this not be a direct perversion of Jewish values which cherishes the preservation of human life and Shalom Biet? One has to wonder why both the Rabbi and Cantor have resigned.
Is this what Reform Judaism represents today?

The Israel News Agency / Jewish News Agency asked the President of the Union For Reform Judaism for his opinion. He has not commented.

Antisemitic incidents in the U.S. rose 36% in 2022. The report tracked 3,697 incidents of harassment, vandalism and assault targeting Jewish people and communities last year. It is the third time in five years that the tally has been the highest number ever recorded since the ADL first began collecting data in 1979.

White supremacists with Nazi flags gather outside Cobb County Jewish center – June 2023

When Google was asked about the deletion of the above Google Review they responded that they would investigate the matter as it pertains to a life and death issue. They said they would address the AI responsible for deleting almost all of the negative Google Reviews and take action against those who are employed by or serving on the Board of Trustees of Temple Beth Hillel in South Windsor, CT as a blatant conflict of interest contrary to their terms of service.

As Jews we learn to welcome the stranger. We learn to forgive. We learn to cherish lives, whether they are in Connecticut, Israel, Haiti or Ukraine. We don’t throw fellow Jews into an unsafe environment which have become targets of deadly mass shootings with no security training.