Obama Calls Netanyahu “Chickenshit” – Lacks Proper Arab Cursewords

By | October 29, 2014


By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Washington — October 29, 2014 … From Ebola, Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS, ISIS to finding the right curse words to call Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Obama just can’t get it right!

Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg has quoted an anonymous Obama Administration official as calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a “chickenshit” because Bibi refuses to weaken Israel’s security.

The real issue here is not the relationship between Netanyahu and Obama.
We all know that they hate one another.

The real challenge in this story is finding a newspaper editor in Israel who can find a proper translation of chicken shit into Hebrew.

We kindly suggest to the White House that the next time they decide to throw derogatory names at Bibi, they consult with their friends in Qatar who can provide them with some very effective and powerful Arabic curse words.

That would be something Netanyahu and the Israeli public could easily understand and might even get them a little upset.

“Chickenshit”? Not this guy!
Where did Obama serve?


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2 thoughts on “Obama Calls Netanyahu “Chickenshit” – Lacks Proper Arab Cursewords

  1. Cathie Admas

    It happens a lot that those who have nothing to defend their actions–devolve into calling one’s perceived “enemy” a name that fits himself.

  2. Wilma

    I am an American citizen, and I am appalled, shocked, and embarrassed by the conduct of our “so-called figure head” of the United States.
    In my opinion, and the opinion of the majority of Americans, BHO does not speak for the American people. His own citizens feel he has betrayed our trust, and his she closing has been gradually wearing off over the last year.
    Americans are tied at the hip with Israel and we all with you 100%.
    This latest information is just unbelievable, and I just pray to God almighty that something supernatural can happen to remedy this temporary rift in the US – Israel relationship.

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