Israel News Agency Endorses Ted Cruz

By | March 14, 2016


By INA Editorial Staff

Jerusalem, Israel — March 14, 2016 … No candidate running for the office of Presidency in the United States has both the documented foreign policy experience and dedication to Israel’s security as Senator Ted Cruz.

“Off the charts brilliant,” is how legendary Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz described his former student in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer a year ago.

As both Republican and Democrat candidates attempt to prove who loves Israel more, Cruz has been an outspoken critic of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran for several years. As Donald Trump could not articulate where the capital of Israel is at the recent RJC Conference and continues to state that he is “neutral” on Palestinian terror, Ted Cruz has been in the forefront of closing the PLO offices in Washington and confronting BDS in the US.

The below statement from Senator’s Cruz’s Senior Adviser Nick Muzin, says it all:

“The events of the past few days – terror attacks in Israel, coupled by further demonstrations of the Obama administration’s hostility toward PM Netanyahu, reinforce the importance of this election,” said Muzin.

“With Hillary, we know what we’re getting – Iran will develop a nuclear weapon, and the White House will continue to show moral ambivalence between Israel and Palestinians. With Donald Trump, we just have no idea what we’re getting, and he has said more than once that he wants to “be neutral” and try to “do a deal.”  Since Olso, we have paid a dear price for U.S. Presidents who are eager to push bad deals on the Israeli people.”

Muzin concludes: “The reality is that Ted Cruz is the only candidate with a viable path to defeat Donald Trump and win the general election against Hillary Clinton.  Both Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich have good records on Israel, but neither has a realistic path to winning the nomination.  The Jewish community needs to come out in full force tomorrow and put Senator Cruz on path to becoming our next President.”

We ask our readers to consider one last factor. Trump proposes a ban on Muslims entering the United States. Netanyahu rejected this ban as racist and stated it would only serve to create more conflict. The State of Israel does not ban religions or races of people. Rather, when threatened we enhance our security methods. By proposing a ban on Muslims, Trump has made himself unwelcome in every Arab and Muslim capital. How can a world leader effectively function as such? How can a world leader coordinate an Arab coalition against ISIS when he insults Jordan, Egypt and other moderate Arab states?

Senator Cruz, who has vowed to rip up the Iranian Nuclear Deal on his first day in office, has stated: “If you will not stand with Israel and Jews, then I will not stand with you.”

The Israel News Agency proudly stands with Senator Ted Cruz.

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