Trump Will Not Move US Embassy To Jerusalem

By | November 13, 2016

“Trump lied to get the Jewish vote
and some Jews fell for it.”

By Herb Brandon
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — November 12, 2016 … Despite campaign promises to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, senior advisers to Trump are now confirming there will be no move.

Walid Phares, one of Trump’s top foreign policy advisers, stated that Trump will not move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and that the Iran Deal will not be “ripped up” but rather renegotiated with Tehran.

“Ripping up is maybe a too strong of word, he’s gonna take that agreement, it’s been done before in international context, and then review it,” Phares told the BBC.

Many Jews in the States and in Israel were seduced into supporting Trump over the Jerusalem and Iran nuclear issues. The majority of American US Jewish voters did not vote for Trump – these include both Democrats and Republicans who view Trump as totally unqualified, racist and mentally unfit.

News of Trump’s surprise election victory raised hopes among conservative politicians in Israel that Trump will do what his three predecessors refused to do, despite their earlier promises: relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s declared capital, in line with US law passed 21 years ago.

Senior Israeli officials including Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin never thought that Trump would keep his promise.

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