Association of University Heads, Israel: Statement on Violent Demonstrations, Antisemitism In US

By | April 27, 2024

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency / Jewish News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel — April 27, 2024 … The Association of University Heads in Israel says anti-Israel protests have created a ‘tragic, violent environment where Israeli and Jewish students and faculty members feel compelled to hide their identities or avoid campuses altogether for fear of physical harm.’

“We, the presidents of the research universities in Israel, express our deepest concern over the recent surge of severe violence, antisemitism, and anti-Israel sentiment across numerous leading universities in the US. These disturbing events are often organized and supported by Palestinian terror groups, Hamas, Hezbollah and financial support from Iran and Qatar.”

We acknowledge the efforts of our counterparts at these institutions to address these issues. We understand the complexity and challenges involved in managing incited and hateful groups, recognizing that extreme situations may require measures beyond the conventional tools available to university administrations.

Freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate are vital to the health of any democracy and are especially crucial in academic settings. We continue to uphold the importance of these freedoms, particularly in these challenging times. However, these freedoms do not include the right to engage in violence, make threats against communities, or call for the destruction of the State of Israel.

We offer our immediate support to the Jewish and Israeli students and faculty facing these difficult and dangerous circumstances. We will do our very best to assist those of them who wish to join Israeli universities and find a welcoming academic and personal home.”

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