New York Makes Formal Request To Israel For Hurricane Sandy Humanitarian Aid

Roger and Jacob Parrott, Joel Leyden deliver food, generators
and gas to Hurricane Sandy victims.
Photo: Rebecca McCann / INA

By Karen Levy
Israel News Agency

New York, NY --- November 10, 2012 ... One week after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rejected a formal offer by Israel to assist in emergency disaster relief, other authorities in New York State have formally asked Israel for "all aid and or assistance."

This formal request for humanitarian aid may result in the Israel Defense Forces dispatching medical and supply units to New York.
The IDF has been on site helping thousands of disaster victims in several countries including Haiti, Turkey, Japan and most recently in Ghana to assist in search-and-rescue efforts following the collapse of a multi-story shopping center in the city of Accra.

Following Governor Cuomo's rejection for assistance from Israel, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers remained without electricity, food, water and shelter. To make matters worse, a second storm slammed New York with fierce 60 mph winds and snow. As of this writing several towns in New York have been evacuated as their infrastructure has been totally destroyed and New Yorkers are now rationing gasoline.

"New York was hit by the worst storm that it has ever seen," said Joel Leyden, director of Israel Humanitarian Aid.

"But even worse than over 100 lives lost and thousands of homes being totally destroyed, is the federal and state politics which is preventing an effective and rapid recovery. It is truly remarkable that there are still some people in local government that place human life above their positions in public office and it is these people who are welcoming all and any assistance from the State of Israel and from NGO's - non-government organizations which have years of global experience in emergency disaster relief."

Among the Israel NGO's which are continuing volunteer efforts to aid thousands in New York is IsraAid.

IsraAid is sending a 12-person delegation to offer rescue, rehabilitation, and communal resource services to New York residents of Far Rockaway and Long Beach, as well as the Atlantic City-Margate area along the Jersey Shore.

Since its creation in 2001, IsraAID has coordinated and facilitated aid programs all over the world, notably: relief to cyclone victims in Myanmar, long term aid programs for starving communities in Malawi, rehabilitation and relief in South East Asia following the devastating tsunami, psycho-social programs for Darfur refugees on the Chad-Sudan border, and aid to Somali war refugees in Kenya, as well as many more.

"What we are looking at here is an opportunity to help a nation which provides assistance to Israel on a daily basis," said Leyden. "There is not one Israeli who does not cherish the US, it's democratic process and it's unwavering friendship. The US is one of our largest trading partners, but of greater importance is our partnership in defense. We take part in several joint military exercises to defend the only democracy in the Middle East and to protect US bases and interests in the region. To be able now to provide medical, technical and manpower logistics to our best friend is the very least that we can do."

In the last week Israeli non-profit groups have been on site in New York and New Jersey providing food, generators, batteries and fuel to police, fire, Red Cross first responders and directly to Hurricane Sandy victims. Among those who have made invaluable contributions and donations are Moti Kahana of Israel Flying Aid, Panera Bread of Connecticut, Dunkin Donuts, Sears and the members of Temple Beth Hillel of South Windsor, Ct.

On his Facebook page, Israel Ambassador to the US Michael Oren stated: "I am very proud of Israel's Humanitarian Aid volunteers who are working to bring relief to Hurricane Sandy's victims and supplies to the emergency workers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut." Oren's comments have been shared by over 400 Facebook members reaching millions in the US and around the world.

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