Islamic Terrorists Murder Two Israeli Youths

Photo: Yediot

Jerusalem----October 2......Arab terrorists have killed two Israeli youths in the Jewish village of Alei Sinai. Two terrorists had entered the quiet community at about 7:30 p.m. firing automatic weapons at residents. In addition to the two Israelis killed, 15 people were wounded, including two reservists and a local woman, reported Israel TV.

The attackers, who have been reported killed by IDF snipers, were holding hostage four members of one family, Channel 2 television reported. The terrorist group Hamas, designated as a terrorist organization by the United States government, claimed responsibility for the brutal attack.

One family from Alei Sinai was speaking live with Israel television, stating that their neighbors just called to say that "someone is in their home - please call the Army".

Israeli security officials attempted to negotiate with the terrorists by megaphone, however the gunmen continued firing in all directions from the house.

Palestinian Tanzim Islamic terrorists wearing the same red "Holy War" head band that Arab terrorists wore
when attacking the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and murdered over 7,000 Americans on September 11.

Israeli television is now showing ambulances arriving at hospitals with the wounded, blood dripping onto the ground. Latest reports state that the terrorists had also used grenades in their attack on these residential homes.

IDF helicopters are flying overhead and the Kol Rina news agency reported military activity offshore, adjacent to Alei Sinai.

PA Chairman Yassar Arafat had agreed to a cease-fire only hours ago. The events which are presently occurring in Israel prove that Arafat is either unwilling to talk peace or has no control over the Islamic terrorists in the region.
The Islamic terrorists groups which are presently attacking Israeli civilians are the same which attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the USS Cole and two United States Embassies in Africa. These terrorists are not attacking Israelis for land - rather it is part of a global "Jihad" or "Holy War" against all Western values.
One must remember as well that Arafat was offered by former Israeli Prime Minister Barak a Palestinian State and part of Jerusalem, for which he refused to accept at Camp David. The Israelis have also pulled all of their soldiers out of Lebanon, closing a "security buffer" for their Northern border. This action was followed by continued Arab terrorist cross-border activity, sponsored by Syria and Iran.

Photo: Israeli TV Channel 2

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon convened the security cabinet after midnight to discuss the attack and determine the country's next steps. "As you know, we are in the middle of a wave of acts of terror and tonight, when I was on my way here, there was another terrible act of terror," he told the International Christian Embassy's 22nd "Feast of Tabernacles" in Jerusalem.

"We are engaged in a war here. We are facing a very heavy war and struggle. We are facing Arab and Palestinian terrorist attacks," he said.

Israelis pray and work for peace - but like Americans today, realize that a real and lasting peace can only be achieved through a realistic and comprehensive global war on terrorism. Where innocent men, woman and children are killed - there is a true and clear distinction between terrorists and "militants", "gunmen" or "freedom fighters".

Where the world media describes the killing of innocent children in the United States, Israel, England or any Democratic nation as acts by "militants" or "gunmen" and not as "terrorists" - these media outlets wear blood on their hands for encouraging more terrorism and violence within civilized communities.
We ask these media outlets, why Hamas, when targeting Americans, is termed as a terrorist organization, but when taking the lives of Israeli children they are called "gunmen"?