Jerusalem-----July 17.....Over the last few days, Iran has transferred hundreds of tons of weapons, ammunition and other materials to the Hizbullah through Syria, reports Israeli newspaper daily HA'ARETZ

The deliveries were airlifted by Antonov 124 transport planes that
landed at Damascus International Airport and were transported to storage
facilities of the Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon and to the Hizbullah.
Security experts estimate that some of the equipment will be smuggled to
Palestinian terrorist organizations.
According to Israeli intelligence sources, Iranian assistance via
Hizbullah to Palestinian organizations that attack Israel is increasing. In
addition to extensive efforts to smuggle equipment, weapons and ammunition
to Palestinian groups, Hizbullah has also started training Palestinians at
bases in the Beka'a Valley in Lebanon.
Intelligence also shows that Hizbullah maintains direct links with Palestinian terrorist cells operating in the West Bank and Gaza, and is cultivating ties with Fatah.

Previously, Iranians airlifted equipment to the Hizbullah by crossing over
Turkey. Following a request by Ankara that Iranian flights over Turkey en
route to Damascus declare the nature of their cargo, the flights were
stopped. The current airlift is believed to have crossed over Saudi Arabian
and Jordanian airspace on its way to Syria.