IDF: We Will Continue to Defend
Our Internationally Recognized Borders

Statement from the Israel Defense Forces

Jerusalem----July 1.......Israel Air Force fighter jets attacked a Syrian army radar target this afternoon in the Bekaa Valley. The attack comes in direct response to the missile and mortar shell fire into Israel on Friday, in which two Israeli soldiers were wounded, one seriously.

The IDF Spokesperson’s office emphasizes that Israel carried out in full UN Resolution 425 and is deployed along the internationally-recognized border with Lebanon.

The IDF will not tolerate continuing attacks by Hizbullah on Israel, which operates with the encouragement and sponsorship of Syria, and will take the necessary steps to ensure quiet and security on the northern border.


Chronology of Attacks Since Withdrawal

Total number of IDF soldiers killed: 3
Total wounded: 9 soldiers, 1 civilian
Total kidnapped: 3 soldiers, 1 civilian

29.6.01 – 2 IDF soldiers were injured, one seriously, by anti-tank missiles and mortar shells fired by Hizbullah.

14.4.01 – IDF soldier, Elad Litvak, was killed by an anti-tank missile fired at the “Gladiola” position in the Mt. Dov sector, which hit his tank.

16.2.01 – IDF soldier, Elad Shneor, was killed and an officer and two additional soldiers were wounded by Hizbullah shooting towards a convoy in the area of Mt. Dov.

26.01.01 – Infiltration attempt in the area of Mt. Dov. Two terrorists were killed and one was wounded.

03.01.01 – Six mortar bombs were fired in the area of Sion river outpost. There were no casualties.

02.01.01 – In the area of the Nurit position (near Biranit) Hizbullah fired from the village of Kfar El-Shaab. An Israeli civilian was moderately injured.

26.11.00 – IDF soldier Halil Tahar was killed and two additional soldiers were wounded by an explosive charge placed by Hizbullah.

16.11.00 – An explosive charge, planted by Hizbullah, exploded near an IDF convoy. There were no casualties.

21.10.00 – Infiltration attempt near the Hazbani river. Two terrorists were killed and one was wounded.

7.10.00 – Three IDF soldiers, Adi Avitan, Benny Avraham, and Omar Suad were kidnapped in the Mt. Dov sector by Hizbullah.