Major Terror Attacks Since Tenet Cease-fire Agreement Took Effect

Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson's Office

Wednesday, 13/6:
A mortar shell fired at IDF outpost east of Atzmona, another mortar
shell fell in PA controlled area.

Thursday, 14/6:
2 mortar shells fired at Rafah Yam area.

Lt. Col. Yehuda Edri shot to death at close range by a Palestinian, and
another IDF soldier wounded on Tunnels Road, south of Jerusalem.

Three Israeli civilians were injured, two of them moderately to
seriously, when Palestinians opened fire at their car traveling near the
settlement of Halamish, north of Ramallah.

Saturday, 16/6:
1 mortar shell fired at an IDF post along Israeli-Egyptian border.

47 grenades and heavy fire towards IDF post along Israeli-Egyptian

Sunday 17/6:
A suicide bomber detonates a donkey cart laden with explosives near an
IDF outpost near Rafah. There were no IDF injuries.

Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded when an explosive device was
activated and shots were fired at an IDF vehicle traveling on the road
to Mount Ebal, near Nablus.

Monday 18/6:
2 Mortar Shells were shot towards IDF posts near Neveh Dekalim

A civilian, Dan Yehuda, was killed and another was lightly-moderately
injured by gunfire on their vehicle at the Bazaria junction west of
Homesh in Samaria.

A civilian was lightly injured when his vehicle was fired on near

An Israeli civilian, Doron Zisserman, was killed and a youth lightly to
moderately injured by gunfire at his car near Einav east of Tulkarm.

Tuesday 19/6:
5 mortar shells were fired at Katif in Gush Katif. No injuries reported.

Wednesday 20/6:
An Israeli civilian, Ilya Krivitz, was killed by Palestinian fire near
the village of Silat-Al-Daher, in Samaria.

An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by an explosive device activated
south of the Kissufim crossing.

An Israeli woman was lightly wounded by stones while traveling in her
car on the Hebron-Jerusalem road, near El Arub village.

Thursday 21/6:
Palestinians fired a 120 mm caliber mortar shell (much larger than the
regular shell) near the Karni border crossing. This large shell fell in
Israel territory and caused much greater damage in shattering car
windshields 50m away.

Palestinians threw 20 grenades at an IDF post near the Israeli-Egyptian
border, lightly injuring a soldier.

Friday 22/6:
Palestinian threw nine Molotov cocktails at an IDF force in Shallalot
area and 21 at the Shoter Checkpoint both in Hebron. The IDF responded
with crowd dispersal means.

Two IDF soldiers, Sgt. Aviv Isaac and Sgt. Ofir Kit, were killed and one
soldier was lightly wounded when a suicide-bomber activated a car bomb
next to an IDF patrol near Dugit in the northern Gaza Strip.

Saturday 23/6:
IDF forces discovered Palestinians attempting to infiltrate into Israel
proper near Kissufim in the Gaza Strip. Four grenades and a gun were
found in the terrorists’ possession.

Sunday 24/6:
Two mortar shells fell in area of Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip.

Monday 25/6:
Two mortar shells fell south of the community of Netzarim, no injuries.

Two Israeli women were wounded lightly by shrapnel from Palestinian fire
on their bus near the El-Khader junction near Bethlehem.

Five Israeli civilians were injured in Hebron, a 7-year-old boy injured
in the Avraham Avinu complex and four soldiers wounded moderately in
Beit Hadassah.

Tuesday 26/6:
A young Israeli boy was injured lightly from stones in the Jewish area
of Hebron.

A roadside bomb exploded near an IDF patrol car near Nablus.

Wednesday 27/6:
Three anti-tank grenades were thrown at an IDF outpost in Rafah.

A roadside bomb exploded near IDF forces near Rafah. The IDF did not
return fire.

Palestinians threw seven Molotov cocktails at border police in Hebron.

Thursday 28/6:
Fifteen grenades were thrown at IDF checkpoints on the Israeli-Egyptian

Friday 29/6:
One mortar shell was fired at Netzer Hazani, and five at Gadid, both in
Gush Katif.

An Israeli woman, Katya Weintraub, was killed and another was lightly
injured in the leg from Palestinian gunfire on the Ganim bypass road.

Saturday 30/6:
A mortar shell was fired into the community of Netzarim in Gaza.

Two border policeman were injured during riots in Abu Dis in Jerusalem.
IDF used riot dispersal means to calm the rioters.

Sunday 1/7:
A 4-year-old Israeli boy was wounded lightly from rock throwing between
Kiryat Arba and the Jewish community in Hebron.

Monday 2/7:
16 grenades were thrown at the IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Egyptian
border near Rafah.

An Israeli shepherd, Yair Har-Sinai, was murdered near Susya south of
Hebron when he went to gather his flock.

Tuesday 3/7:
An Israeli citizen was injured lightly by rocks thrown at his car near
Alei Zahav.

An Israeli citizen, Aharon Abidian was shot at close range by
Palestinians in the area of Baka al-Gharbiya.

An Israeli citizen was seriously wounded by gunfire while driving near
Bracha near Nablus.

Wednesday 4/7:
Nine grenades were thrown at an IDF outpost near Rafah.

Thursday 5/7:
Thirty-two grenades were thrown at IDF soldiers along the
Israeli-Egyptian border, and eight anti-tank grenades were thrown at the
IDF outpost near Gadid in Gush Katif.
A 39-year-old Palestinian man was killed and several others injured when
Palestinians opened fire on the IDF vehicle checking Palestinians at
Rimonim junction near Ramallah.

Friday 6/7:
Two bombs exploded and 81 grenades were thrown at an IDF outpost near

Saturday 7/7:
Two IDF soldiers were injured lightly from an explosive device detonated
near their vehicle west of Azira Shamaliya (north of Nablus).

Twenty-six grenades, Molotov cocktails, and rocks were thrown at an IDF
outpost near Rafah.

Sunday 8/7:
Two roadside bombs were detonated near IDF soldiers near Nablus.

A reserve soldier was injured lightly by rock throwing near Ramallah.

An Israeli citizen was injured when his car overturned after being
targeted by rocks while he was travelling from Beit Horon to Macabim

An 18-year-old Israeli woman was moderately wounded when Palestinian
gunmen opened fire on a bus near Shiloh (north of Ramallah).

An IDF officer, Capt. Shy Shalom Cohen was seriously wounded and died
from his wounds
during the night, and another soldier was injured
lightly, when a roadside bomb exploded next to their vehicle near
Adorayim in the Hebron area.

Monday 9/7:
A suicide-bomber exploded a car bomb near the Kissufim road in Gaza.

Tuesday 10/7:
Twenty-two grenades were thrown at IDF soldiers on the Israeli-Egyptian
border near Rafah, injuring three soldiers, one very seriously and two