16 Dead, 60 Wounded

Haifa.....December 2......Arab terrorists took aim at a public bus in Haifa this morning , killing 16 people and wounding over 60. Police say that a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up on the No. 16 bus as it was traveling on the Giborim Bridge in the Hadar district.

A second bus traveling behind the first was also destroyed in the blast.

A suicide bomber was sitting in the back of the first bus as it traveled from Neveh Sha'anan. Neven Sha'anan is the home of the Technion University.

The wounded were brought to Haifa's Rambam Hospital.

Photo: AP

Some eyewitnesses say they heard two explosions, the second blast coming moments after the first explosion.

The area is closed off as police search for another bomb thought to be hidden in the vicinity.

The Haifa Municipality and local hospitals have issued emergency telephone numbers for those wishing to find out more about the wounded in the attack.

When calling from overseas, first dial country code 972.

Bnai Tzion Hospital: 1255145

Carmel Hospital: 1255142

Rambam Hospital: 1255144

Haifa Municipality: 1212466106

As Israelis were beginning to light memorial candles in Jerusalem
for terror attack victims, another Arab terrorist exploded himself on a bus in Haifa
unleasing an evil blow of nails and screws killing 16 innocent people