Communicated by Israel National Police Foreign Press Spokesman

Jerusalem----July 22..... From the early morning hours of today, as a result of general warnings about the intention to commit a terrorist act, reinforced police units were positioned along the "seam line" and in the city centers for the purpose of discovering illegal Palestinian workers,
their employers and lodgers or any other unusual activity.

Photo: Yediot

As a result of this police activity, illegal Palestinian workers were detained and questioned by patrol units of the Haifa sub-district police.

During questioning, one of the illegal Palestinian workers admitted that
he had planted an explosive device in a building adjacent to the "Prophets Tower" that morning.

Police units responded and the explosive device was discovered and
neutralized by the Bomb Disposal Unit of the Israel Police.

The explosive device was capable of causing great damage.

A court "gag order" currently prevents publication of the identity of
the suspected terrorist.