Photo: Israel Channel 2

Jerusalem----October 28.....Two Arab terrorists sprayed bullets from a red van into a group of Israelis waiting at a bus stop on the main street of Hadera. Latest reports state that four people have been killed and over 39 have been wounded.

The two terrorists were shot dead by an Israeli police patrol, Israeli police said.
The terrorist group Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack in a videotaped message, according to The Associated Press.

One of four women lying dead at a bus stop in Hadera, Israel.
The second Arab terrorist attack in a day which claimed 5 lives and wounded 40

Israel Radio reported that two Arabs jumped out of a car at 2:30 p.m. and started to fire at random at Israelis on Hadera's President Street, when police shot and killed the terrorists.


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Hadera is located between Tel Aviv and Haifa in Central Israel, inside the "Green Line".

Spokesmen at the Prime Minister's Office have stated that this is just another example of broken promises made by Yassar Arafat and illustrates his lack of control over his own people. They ask: "To those in Washington - tell us - who are we supposed to negotiate with?"
Many Israelis have grown tired of the US State Department "demanding" that Israelis "restrain" themselves as they watch President Bush "smoking out terrorists in Afghanistan" with "no room for negotiation."
Many Israeli government officials believe that in the US State Department's attempt to appease Arab countries in the American led Anti-Terror Coalition, are actually breeding more terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Fourteen victims of the Hadera shooting attack were transported to the emergency room. Two were pronounced dead on arrival in the trauma room. Two others are in extremely critical condition and four in moderate condition. Of the four, three are already being prepped for emergency surgery.

An eyewitness told Israel Army Radio she could see the body of one of the gunmen lying on the street in a pool of blood, with an automatic rifle next to him. Another witness stated: ``I heard bursts of fire and I thought it was lightning,'' said Yaakov Roth-Levy, who watched the drama unfold from his balcony. ``I saw two people sitting with bowed heads and one lying on the ground. A red car was being fired on. I saw the terrorist fall out of it.''

Another witness said one of the attackers got out of a red van and started shooting, while the other remained inside the vehicle. Police shot and killed them both, the witness, Danny Kerem, told Army Radio.

Ambulances are still rushing to the scene of the attack in Hadera as police and emergency security services seal off the area.

At least 180 Israelis have been killed since the Palestinian uprising against Israel began in September 2000.
Incitement, terrorism and violence began shortly after Yassar Arafat walked away from a peace agreement at Camp David.