Communicated by the Israel Government Press Office


Jerusalem-----October 11.......The Palestinian Authority's commitment to prevent terrorism operating from its territory has been a main component in all of the agreements that it has signed with Israel in the past.

A commitment of this type was also included in the Tenet document, which both sides adopted, and in PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's commitments to Foreign Minister Shimon Peres in their 26.9.2001 meeting.

The PA's refusal to honor the aforementioned commitments has compelled Israel to deal with Palestinian terrorism directly and use all means at its disposal in order to foil planned attacks.

The PA and Terrorism - Data (4-10.10.2001)

A. Attacks

1) 4.10.2001 - Shooting attack at Afula central bus station; three Israeli citizens killed, 14 wounded.
2) 4.10.2001 - Shooting attack at vehicle in Tulkarm area; one Israeli citizen killed.
3) 6.10.2001 - Mortar shell fired near Tekoa.
4) 6.10.2001 - Shooting in Hebron; one soldier lightly wounded.
5) 7.10.2001 - Shots fired near Talmon; one Israeli citizen wounded.
6) 7.10.2001 - Suicide-terrorist blows himself up near kibbutz Shluchot; one Israeli citizen killed.
7) 8.10.2001 - Knife attack near Elon Moreh; one Israeli citizen wounded.
8) 8.10.2001 - Shots fired at vehicle in Gush Katif; one person wounded.
9) 9.10.2001 - Shots fired at vehicle near Oranit; one Israeli citizen wounded.
10) 10.10.2001 - Shots fired at vehicle in Samaria; two Israeli
citizens wounded.

It should be noted that the foregoing attacks were perpetrated by terrorist sources in the PA, both those defined as "opposition sources" as well as sources associated with the PA.

B. Attacks that were prevented:

1) 6-7.10.01 - Apprehension of car bomb on the border of Jerusalem that was intended to be blown up in Jerusalem.
2) 8.10.01 - Elimination of Hamas cell in the act of planting bomb near
Nahal Oz's fence.

C. Refusal to Arrest Terrorists:

· In recent months Israel published a limited list containing the names of 108 principal terrorists whose arrests were requested in order to prevent pending planned attacks.
· In response to Palestinian requests, the list was reduced to 48 terrorists who were of the highest priority.
· In response to Palestinian requests, the list was further reduced prior to the Peres-Arafat meeting to 10 names.
· This list was reduced further and the PA reported the arrests of only four terrorists.
· According to solid information provided by Israeli security sources, two of the four terrorists were never arrested, among them, the symbol of the PA's lack of prevention, Attaf Abiat, murderer of the late Sarit Amrani and responsible for the firing of mortars on Gilo and a long series of other attacks.
· Another one of the four who allegedly was arrested appears to continue to maintain contact with his cadres, relay instructions, receive reports, etc.