Below are two pages from the local Israel Sharon / Ra'anana regional newspaper whose headline reads:

"I Feel Like I Have Lost My Child In A War"

The Ra'anana newspaper below, the Jerusalem Post, the Israel News Agency and other Israel media covered this peaceful demonstration against gender bias discrimination practiced by the City of Ra'anana's Child Welfare Department. Children's rights activists and child psychologists protest outside the Kfar Sava Courthouse, which is responsible for cases of child custody in Ra'anana, Israel.

"As a journalist, I have covered almost every terror attack in Israel over the last 10 years, including the Passover Massacre in Netanya and the Dolphanarium attack in Tel Aviv. I also covered 9/11, being at Ground Zero only hours after the attack took place. No act of terrorism that I have witnessed can ever compare to the terrorism of having your child taken away from you. And done so only because you are a male." - Joel Leyden