Israel Fathers’ Rights Organizations Protest Judge Rivka Mekayes For Alienating Children

By Herb Brandon
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel --- November 21, 2011 .... A civil protest took place in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 8, 2011 against Family Court Judge Rivka Mekayes’ participation in an Israel bar’s conference on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Rivka Mekayes is described by many divorced fathers in Israel as being perhaps the most notorious, gender biased family Court Judge in Israel responsible for disengaging fathers from children and thousands of parental alienation cases, created by herself, as she believes that women’s independence means sole custody of children with mothers.

Mekayes was scheduled to speak at the Israel bar on November 8, 2011 on the children’s rights during divorce.

This is “too late and too crooked”, said the Coalition for the Children and Family in Israel and Fathers 4 Justice Israel, fighting for fathers’ and childrens' rights. It is most ironic for this Judge in Israel to lecture on Implementing Child Participation in Family Court Proceedings”.

A report of the pilot study was recently published by JDC-Brookdale institute, an institute dominated by feminist ideation and anti-male hatred.

Two family court judges will speak: Saviona Rotlevi (retired) and Rivka Mekayes. In practice, the pilot program means that State appointed social workers should interview the child and asks for the child views about their own custody preferences, and in some cases, the child will be interviewed by the Judge, in camera, accompanied by the social worker. Hearing children’s input in their own custody is mandated by UN Convention for the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Such programs have been implemented abroad, but hardly used in Israel, because the Tender Years Presumption overrides the preferences of the child himself.

The pilot program in Israel has obvious problems when a gender biased system tries to dress up in a reform. There is little new in the project. The family courts have already made these same social workers in Israel as intermediaries who represent the voice of the children in the court, and these social workers are trained to think that the voice of the child is the same as what the mother wants. So long as social workers are involved, the voice of the child will be definitely muted says the Coalition for the Children and Family in Israel and Fathers 4 Justice Israel.

A review of the Brookdale Institute pilot program shows that the pilot is still crooked, corrupt, and bent. The same social workers who favor the mother’s custody will still be intermediaries in charge of the whole process, rubber stamped by the Judge. Given children’s psychological attachment (love for and even fear of) the custodial maternal parent, the influence and presence of biased social worker, and not least the inferior quality of family judges, means that there is no “reform” in the horizon. It is also too late for our children.

The fathers are still falsely accused, alienated, and disconnected from their children simply because women get automatic, interim custody. It is too late for children who have limited or no contact with their banned, disconnected, alienated, falsely accused fathers. They have lost quality years of contact, learning basic skills and security from their fathers who have been made absent by the corrupt biased system. Some children at age 18 open their eyes and reconnect with their lost alienated parent. Some suffer a life sentence of disengagement from the targeted parents due to to the abusive alienating parent, and by the crooked CPS system. These parental alienation syndrome adults are the biggest victims of the divorce industry.

Fathers’ rights organizations in Israel, the US, the UK and in several other democratic nations are demanding real reform of the divorce and child protection industry.

The family courts, the Israel Ministry of Social Service social workers, the allied mental and social services, the child allowance system and the Debt Courts, need to be replaced by state agents who are not biased, less corrupt and less damaging. The present structure of the child custody determination system needs new players. The speakers in the November 8 panel were lawyers, social workers, a psychologist and two judges. These are the same tired people who feed off this divorce and child custody industry, designed to disengage children from fathers, extract high lawyers’ costs, and give social workers a reason for their jobs.

There are no independent non-professional representatives speaking for the rights of children, parents and families says the Coalition for the Children and Family in Israel and Fathers 4 Justice Israel. Fathers’ rights activists raised their voice outside the doors of the Israel Bar.

“Let’s begin with social workers. Non-custodial, even disconnected, parental alienation, alienated fathers know the inadequacy and bias of the child protection court appointed parental evaluation officers. Any authentic child participation process must remove from the equation the social worker’s involvement, because these are the same social workers who adopt the mothers’ false accusations without investigation, without informing the father of the complaints, without allowing their file to be reviewed by the father. The courts and clinics adopt the social workers sloppy, careless, manipulated reports and transform it into “judicial truth”.

These so-called child protection workers promote parental alienation. They allow the child to solely attach to the mother at the exclusion of the father. They show a deep bias against fathers.

These are the same social workers who make legal determinations based on intuitions, sympathies, ill training, and biased subjective views. They consistently refuse to check the facts which the fathers complain about. Empowered to enforce the child protection law, the so-called competent authorities have the mistaken, one-sided view that domestic violence and child abuse (including child sexual abuse) is exclusively perpetrated by fathers, when in fact most statistics show that mothers are the leading perpetrators of child abuse. These social workers run supervised visitation “contact centers” that disconnect and promote parental alienation. Their livelihood depends on a constant stream of new fathers and new children into the contact centers. Such social workers cannot fairly interview and report the child’s custody wishes?”

It is ironic that at the first conference on child participation and CRC implementation in Israeli family courts, the honor of presenting the issue is given to the judge with the worst track record on parental alienation, Judge Rivka Mekayes, who served in Kfar Saba family court, 2001-2011.

Rivka Mekayes acted as a radical feminist inquisitor in a field court. Although adored by many lawyers, social workers and family clinicians and expert witnesses whose livelihood she upholds, Judge Mekayes is infamous among children’s and fathers’ rights activists. There is a bitter irony when this judge lectures on the subject of children’s participation in custodial decisions or on the subject of false accusations, as she has allowed so little of the first and promoted so much of the second”, says one of the fathers' rights protesters, Yohanan W., an American residing in Israel.

For example in Yohanan W’s experience, Judge Mekayes one-sidedly accepted three fabricated lawsuits launched the mother, regarding custody, child support, and domestic violence. The judge one-sidedly adopted the manipulated complaints of the mother before listening to even one piece of evidence. This judge issued thousands of restraining orders for indefinite duration, restraining fathers from seeing their own children, with a possibility top review only after six months. This meant that in the first half year the father was not even allowed to phone his children. When Yohanan called his daughter on her 9th birthday, it resulted in a call to the police station, and the threat of jail. This meant no contact with the school or clinic, much of which has continued for years. Judge Mekayes also uses security guards to silence fathers from opposing motions against them.

In the experience of another hapless father in Mekayes family court room, the court guards beat-up the father. When his lawyer called for the judge”s intervention to stop the guards unwarranted, continued brutality, this judge reportedly replied, “Let him learn”.

This Israel family judge, who is a champion of fatherless feminism and a great promoter of parental alienation, reportedly, personally is herself is a paragon of the parental alienation syndrome, reportedly having no contact with her old father who divorced her mother when she was age 11.

Mekayes has recently moved from the family court in Kfar Sava, a northern suburb of Tel Aviv to the family court in Rishon Lezion.

Before she was appointed to judgeship, Rivka Mekayes was a lawyer for the womens lobby IWN. She helped write feminist legislation such as the Prevention of Sexual Harassment bill, feminist regulation like Proecutors Guideline 2.5 exceptions, as well as guidebooks for women on how to make out complaints on men.

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