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Arab Terrorists Murder Israeli from Modi'in

Jerusalem----August 30.......Palestinian terrorists brutally murdered a 60-year-old Modi'in resident this morning. The Israeli, Amos Tajouri, was shot at point blank range execution style by masked terrorists while eating breakfast in a Na'alin restaurant. The Israeli was a regular visitor to the Palestinian village.

The man reportedly had a number of friends in the village, which falls under Israeli security control, and made almost daily visits to the restaurant.

A number of armed Palestinian youths reportedly dragged him out of the restaurant, shot him to death, and threw his body out of the village.

A Palestinian friend of the dead Israeli reportedly ran to a nearby IDF roadblock to notify soldiers of the murder.

The IDF issued a statement late this morning reminding all Israelis to stay out of Palestinian Authority-controlled territory. Arab terrorism has embraced global terrorist groups such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, PFLP, Tanzim and Bin laden groups which are training in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Gaza, Lebanon and Afganistan killing innocents in the Middle-East and reaching New York and Washington with barbaric and devasting effect.

Israelis must remember that Israel is embraced in war conditions with many Arab terrorists organizations operating in the West Bank and Gaza and that it is a criminal offense for Israelis to enter these areas or countries for which Israel is at war with.

The army has placed a curfew on Na'alin and is searching for the man's murderers.

The IDF and Israeli police remain on high alert throughout the country patrolling both residential and commercial areas against the threat of terror attacks.


Naama weeps at the funeral

of her mother, a Jewish school teacher who was killed in an Islamic terrorist attack.

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