Israeli Killed - Palestinians Claim He Was a Collaborator

An Israeli motorist, Ranem Wahyl, a resident of Taibe, was shot and killed in a terror attack this morning near the northern Samaria community of Alfei Menashe.

The shooting took place on road No. 55, near the entrance to the community of Tzofim.

The gunmen reportedly fired from nearby hothouses, in an area within Israeli security control. Palestinians are claiming that the Israeli Arab man shot to death by terrorists this afternoon near Alfei Menashe was collaborating with Israeli security services.

An Uzi submachine gun, an assault-rifle, and spent pistol bullet casings were found at the site of the attack, according to Israel Radio.

The IDF immediately blockaded the nearby Palestinian city of Kalkilya in the wake of the shooting.

The IDF is currently in hot pursuit of the gunmen, who reportedly fired out of a passing vehicle.