Six Babies Dead

Jerusalem----August 9.......A Palestinian suicide bomber targeted a crowded restaurant in central, downtown Jerusalem just minutes ago, claiming at least 18 lives and wounding over 100 people. The terrorist bombing took place at the Sbarro Italian restaurant on the corners of King George and Yafo Streets, according to Army Radio. Winesses say that they heard two explosions.

Photo: Reuters

At this writing, police and emergency medical crews are still evacuating the wounded. The restaurant was crowded with lunch time patrons, including several children. Live images on Israel Television illustrate a scene of complete carnage, with bloody bodies laying on the ground. The terrorist detonated a high-powered device packed with nails and other shrapnel as he walked into the restaurant.

"We heard a big boom, a big explosion and then we saw lots of people running down the street away from it," said Arik Mor, who works in a nearby pharmacy.

One woman, blood spattering her face and arms, watched the ambulance workers in shock as she dabbed her face with a cloth.

A bomb squad searching for a second bomb believed to have been left in the restaurant, was successful in finding and neutralizing an unexploded pipe bomb.

"We heard a huge boom and saw people lying all over. I saw a soldier flying through the air. People ran around with blood all over their faces," Lital Deri, a witness said.

Israeli government spokesmen state that this barbaric, indiscriminate bombing reflects the total inaction taken by the PA in arresting those responsible for today' terror attack.

Pizza boxes littered the ground around the restaurant where police said several victims were believed to be trapped. Pieces of metal and glass which had once been part of the shop window were dripping with blood.

"I saw bodies inside the restaurant and the body of a little girl on the street outside covered with blood. Bodies were all over inside and outside." a witness said.

Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for this afternoon's terror attack in Jerusalem. The claim was made on the Lebanese-based Hizbullah television network.

The wounded are being taken to Bikkurholim, Hadasa Har Harzofim, Sha'are Zedek and Hadassah Ein Karem hospitals.

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Bikur Holim Hospital
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