Provided by the IDF Spokesperson's Division

Wednesday, 13/6:

16:10 -- Fire towards an IDF force near Efrat. IDF soldiers returned fire
19:30 - 1 mortar shell fired at IDF outpost east of Atzmona, an additional mortar shell fell in PA controlled area
22:50 - Anti-tank grenade thrown at IDF post near Gadid. No return fire
00:15 - Fire towards an IDF post near Neve Dekalim. No return fire
Overnight: an anti-tank grenade fired at IDF outpost near Ganei Tal; fire at Netzarim and at an IDF outpost near Neve Dekalim.

Thursday, 14/6:

5:50 - 2 mortar shells fired at Rafah Yam area.
10:00 - Lt. Col. Yehuda Edri shot to death at close range by Palestinian, another IDF soldier wounded, on Tunnels Road, south of Jerusalem
14:00 - Fire towards Neve Dekalim industrial area. No return fire
18:30 - 5 mortar shells fired at Morag.
22:20 - 12 molotov cocktails thrown at an IDF force in Shalalot in Hebron. No return fire
22:45 - Three Israeli civilians injured, two of them moderately to seriously, when Palestinian gunmen opened fire at their car traveling near the settlement of Halamish, north of Ramallah.
23:00 - Fire was opened twice towards an IDF post near Ganei Tal. No return fire

Friday, 15/6:

2:00 - 4 grenades at an IDF force along Israeli/Egyptian border
2:40 - Fire was opened towards a Border Police patrol vehicle south of Tul Karem.
13:00 - 8 molotov cocktails towards an IDF force in Hebron's Jewish community.
21:35 - Fire towards an IDF force near Tul Karem. IDF soldiers did not return fire.
23:10 -1 mortar shell fired at Southern DCO near Neve Dekalim.
· Throughout the day: Fire towards several IDF posts in the Gaza Strip.

Saturday, 16/6:

3:25 - 1 mortar shell fired at and IDF post along Israeli/Egyptian border. No return fire.
5:10 - An explosive device was activated at an IDF vehicle near the community of Itamar
21:00 - Fire towards IDF post along Israeli-Egyptian border. No return fire
22:40 - Fire towards Ayosh Junction. No return fire
22:45 - Repeated Palestinian fire at an IDF post along the Israeli-Egyptian border
23:25 - Palestinian fire towards an IDF post near Ganei Tal, in Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip.
· Overnight: Forty seven (47) grenades and heavy fire towards IDF post along Israeli/Egyptian border

Sunday 17/6:

8:20 - A Palestinian bomber brings donkey and cart laden with explosives to IDF outpost near Rafah, and explodes the cart. The bomber is in moderate condition, no IDF injuries.
11:30 - Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded when an explosive device was activated and shots were fired at an IDF vehicle traveling on the road to Mount Eibal, near Nablus.


In accordance to the Tenet Document, the IDF has taken the following steps to ease restrictions for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip:
Troop Redeployments:

Tanks were pulled back in the vicinity of Netzarim Junction, north of the Kissufim crossing, in the vicinity of Gush Katif Junction, in the vicinity of Surda, near Herodian, near the IDF Shdema base, near the community of Beit Hagai and in Hebron.


-- IDF roadblocks north of Nablus, near the villages of Beit Furik and Surda, near the community of Itamar and two in the Jordan Valley have been opened for Palestinian traffic

-- IDF roadblocks were lifted north of Nablus, at two points in the Jordan Valley and at several places throughout the Gaza Strip.

-- The eastern road of Bethlehem and a road in Hebron have been opened for traffic.

-- The Allenby and Rafah international crossing points have been opened for civilian and commercial traffic.

-- The Adam Bridge has been opened for the transportation of goods.

Commercial traffic:

-- All goods, including building materials and agricultural products, are imported and exported through the Karni crossing.

-- The importation of goods that are offloaded from Israeli vehicles to Palestinian vehicles into the West Bank takes place at special crossing points.

-- Goods are offloaded from Palestinian vehicles in the West Bank to Israeli vehicles in accordance to the proper directives, and are allowed in specific cases.

-- Gas and fuels are transported to the Palestinian Authority.

-- All goods from harbors are allowed into the Palestinian authority.

-- The authorized fishing zone along the Gaza Strip is extended from three miles to six miles from the coast.

Civilian traffic:

-- VIP movement to Israel and between the West Bank and Gaza is permitted subject to authorization.

The IDF will continue to implement its part of the understandings and will ease restrictions wherever the peace is maintained. The IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that the IDF will do whatever is necessary to end the violence and restore the peace in places where the shooting incidents and agreement violations continue.