Message from the Israel Government Cabinet Following
Terrorist Attack at Alei Sinai

Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat and the Government Press Office

Jerusalem-----October 3.......Prime Minister Ariel Sharon today convened the diplomatic-security Cabinet in the wake of yesterday's terrorist attack at Alei Sinai. After various diplomatic and intelligence briefings, the Prime Minister summarized the following points:

1. The incident at Alei Sinai was a serious terrorist attack. It was an attack against civilians (including a baby) simply because they were Jews.

2. The Palestinian Authority and its Chairman are responsible for preventing attacks perpetrated by terrorists operating out of, and leaving from, PA territory.

3. The IDF will take all necessary measures to protect Israel and Israeli citizens.

4. The government calls on the US and the international community to declare Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations against which immediate action must be taken.