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Jerusalem, May 31
BBC Places Israeli City of Netanya in the West Bank
Israeli Shot Dead in Ambush Outside of Tulkarm
Faisal Husseini, Moderate PLO Leader, Dies in Kuwait


One Man, Two Women Killed in Terror Attacks - Bomb Detonates on Tel Aviv - Jerusalem Highway - Arafat Refuses to Condemn Terror
Newsweek Bureau Chief Taken Hostage by Palestinians

Jerusalem, May 27
Three Terror Bombs Rock Jerusalem within 12 Hours - Palestinians Continue to Ignore Cease-fire - Israeli Tolerance Growing Thin, Lack of Peace Partner Frustrating - IDF: No Signs of Regional War

Jerusalem, May 26
Wedding Hall Disaster in Jerusalem Claims 23 Lives - Injures Over 300
Worst Accident in Nation's History

Blood Donators Called Upon
Update: May 26 - 17:00

As Jerusalem Searches for Victims - Arab Terror Car Bomb Explodes in Hadera - 2 Dead, 40 Rushed to Hospital
Israeli Cease-fire / Mitchell Report Ignored by Palestinians

Jerusalem, May 24
Sharon Calls for Unconditional Cease-fire - PA Keeps Shooting
Israeli Civilian Killed in Car Terror Attack

Jerusalem, May 20
In Memory - Five Israeli's Murdered by a Palestinian Terrorist in Netanya
Jerusalem, May 18
Palestinian Suicide Bomber Attacks Netanya Mall - 6 Dead

Jerusalem, May 16
Riddled with Bullets, Young Israeli Woman Dies in Terror Attack

Jerusalem, May 13
Maccabi Tel Aviv WINS European Championships!!! :>

Jerusalem, May 9
Two Israeli Teens Butchered By Stoning and Knife Terror Attack


Jerusalem, May 7
Israeli Navy Captures Palestinian Boat Smuggling Load of Heavy Weapons
New Internet Virus Discovered
Attacks Visitors of Jewish / Israeli Web sites

Jerusalem, May 4


Jerusalem, May 1
Son of Terror Victim Murdered in Drive-By Terror Attack

Jerusalem, April 26
PLO to Be Named in U.S. Terrorism Report


Jerusalem, April 24
Remembrance Day for Israel's Fallen Soldiers Begins Tonight
Sounding of Air-Raid Sirens at 8 p.m. as Memorials Take Place

The Jerusalem Post: Is CNN's Reporting Balanced?

Jerusalem, April 22
Suicide Bomber Detonates Blast in Kfar Sava
Forceful Explosion Kills 2, 40 Injured - Blast Heard in Ra'anana / Hertzlia

Jerusalem, April 18
Hours After IDF Withdraws from Gaza - Terrorist Mortars Explode in Israel

Jerusalem, April 16
Responding to Northern Border Terror Attacks: UN Condemns Lebanon - IDF Strikes Lebanese / Syrian Positions

Jerusalem, April 14
IDF Retaliates on Lebanese Border - Terrorism Hits Kfar Sava


Jerusalem, April 13
Prime Minister Sharon Would Accept Palestinian State
PA / PLO Plan Terror Attacks

Christians Celebrate Easter with Israeli Security Protection


Jerusalem, April 9
Intifada has cost Palestinian economy $20b.
The Palestinian economy has lost more than $20 billion in trade and wages in the past six months since the intifada began and unemployment has risen above 50 percent due to Israeli closures, the Palestinian finance minister said Saturday.

Jerusalem, April 6
US Congress: Downgrade Relations with PLO / PA
Eighty-seven US Senators and 186 congressmen have asked US President George W. Bush to reevaluate U.S. relations with the PLO and the Palestinian Authority.

Jerusalem, April 3
Another Israeli baby has been critically wounded by a Palestinian mortar attack. Three mortar shells fell in Gush Katif today.
Peres: "The Nation Prays for the Baby's Life." IDF retaliates against terror targets.
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Jerusalem, March 2001
Palestinian terrorists murdered a ten month-old Jewish baby in Hebron this evening. The tiny infant, Shalhevet Pass, was butchered in the city's Avraham Avinu quarter.


Jerusalem, March 30
"The signal I'm sending to the Palestinians is stop the violence... I can't make it any more clear. And I hope that Chairman Arafat hears it loud and clear," Bush told reporters today.


Jerusalem, March 25
Newsweek Releases Palestinian Internet Murder Email Exchanges
Newsweek magazine has obtained an exclusive transcript of the email conversations between Israeli Ofir Rahum and Palestinian seductress Amana Mona who lured Ofir to his death.

Palestinian Suicide Bomber Attacks Netanya ShoppingCenter
6 Dead, Over 100 Reported Wounded

Jerusalem-----May 18...... A Palestinian terrorist suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded Netanya indoor shopping mall this morning.

Israel radio reports that there are now 6 dead with over 100 people wounded, many seriously. Four women and three men were among those killed in the bomb blast as several innocent women and children, Christians and Arab Israelis were also reported to be in serious condition.

Many of the injured have been rushed to Natanya's Laniado Hospital.

The explosion took place at the entrance to the Sharon Shopping Mall at the northern end of the coastal city, two kilometers inland from the beachfront. Eyewitnesses state that they saw a man carrying a large blue bag being refused entry to the Mall and then blew himself up. Many of the victims are women and children. As one watches Israeli TV, you can see baby strollers knocked over and many bodies laying on the ground. The force of the blast hurled bodies through the air. Security forces and medical volunteers carefully picked up mangled body parts which littered the area. Among pools of blood lay shattered glass and twisted metal. Through the black smoke one could hear the bloodied survivors screaming for help as witnesses wept. The Mayor of Netanya, speaking with tears falling, stated: "They are trying to kill us one by one, but they will not succeed and the barbarians behind this cold blooded massacre will be found and dealt with."
Netanya is located between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It has been the scene of many recent terror attacks.

Security guard Lior Kamissa said he was checking shoppers’ bags at the entrance when the assailant approached, adding that his colleagues had already alerted him by walkie talkie to the presence of a suspicious person in the area. “I looked him (the suspect) in the eye, and he blew himself up,” said Kamissa, speaking from his hospital bed. “I didn’t see him push a button, nothing. He just exploded and disappeared. I saw big fire coming from this man and smoke.”

Security forces have sealed the area and are searching for additional terrorists or explosive devices at this time. Security forces, police and army throughout the country are on high alert, patrolling all commercial and residential areas.

Information on patients wounded in the terror attack can be obtained by calling the following emergency telephone numbers:

  • Laniado Hospital, Netanya, 1255191
  • Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Hadera, 1255166
  • Meir Hospital, Kfar Saba, 1255199

When calling from outside Israel, dial 972 prior to the above numbers.

The country's central coastal region has suffered more than 10 terror attacks over the past several weeks. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a large black cloud in the area of the mall, located near the city's courthouse.

A baby carriage sits bloodied and mangled among body parts and tears

Israeli shopping malls have armed security guards posted at all entrances, who check packages and have hand-held metal detectors. Many of these guards are accompanied by police and military personnel. These guards, who have security communications equipment, are briefed daily on security developments which may affect their direct area of responsiblity. Guards also check the trunks of cars when shoppers arrive at parking lots. Security guard Lior Kamissa was a true hero as he prevented the terrorist from entering the shopping center and causing even greater carnage. This mornings blast was the first one at a shopping mall since the recent wave of terror attacks began in September.

Security sources state that airport type security, whereby full body electronic searches will be implemented at many of the country's shopping centers.

US President George W. Bush said that today's terror attack against innocent civilians in Netanya "took on a new level of intensity" and that it is now essential for Middle East leaders to speak out against the bloodshed.

An Israeli civilian was also murdered when terrorists ambushed his vehicle near Neveh Tzuf, northwest of the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Ramallah. The victim's mother was critically wounded in the shooting. The wounded mother was rushed to Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital located in Ramat Gan.


Young Israeli Woman Murdered in Drive-By Shooting Terror Attack

Photo: Yediot

Jerusalem-----May 16......Palestinian terrorists yesterday shot and killed Idit Mizrahi, 22, as she rode in a car with her family heading to a wedding. The murder took place on the Alon Highway near Ma'aleh Michmash.

Mizrahi, of Rimonim was shot twice - in the back and the neck and died shortly after. Her father, Moshe 51, was shot in the leg and taken to Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem. Her brother, Amit, 20, was lightly wounded by glass shards.

Passing civilians on the road offered assistance and attempted to resuscitate Mizrahi.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon held the Palestinian Authority "directly responsible for the barbaric murder of an innocent civilian."

Israeli security forces immediately sealed off the area and began searching for the terrorists. Security sources say that two different weapons were used in the attack - and IDF officials said the terrorists are believed to have fled in a waiting car to the nearby village of Deir Dibwan. The army imposed a curfew on the village.

The killing of Idit culminated a day of violence as the Palestinian PR machinery invented a new day of protest called "Al-Nakba" (catastrophe in English) a day of Palestinian mourning marking the Israel's Independence Day. The contemptible Palestinian day of mourning tries very hard to model itself after Israeli Holocaust Day, as Palestinians yesterday for the first time set off air-raid sirens for three minutes at noon calling for three minutes of silence.

That the Palestinian leadership continues to educate it's people using hate rather than reason and understanding, continuing to incite violence and terrorism and goes so far as to compare the creation of The State of Israel with the Holocaust vividly underscores the dark and perverted character of the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian children learn hate and violence early from PA media incitement, the PA educational system and from religious extremists / terrorists.
This boy will be used as a "human shield" in violent demonstrations and mature to become a suicide terror bomber in the name of "Allah". Note that he carries the Koran in one hand and a mock M-16 in the other.
The Islamic bible - the Koran - does not preach violence - but this boy is too young to read and interpret for himself!


Yediot Aharnout / Israel TV 1

Jerusalem----May 13.... So Sweeeeet! It was so sweet to witness Israel's number one basketball team win the European Championships in Paris this evening.
After coming home in defeat from the finals last year, this champion team won a very difficult game by trouncing the defending champions Panathinaikos 81 to 67. Panathinaikos, who never lost a final match until today, had control of the game for the first few minutes and stayed within striking distance for much of the game. Maccabi, fighting fiercely, national pride at stake - wanting to say to the world - we can win - as Israelis we will win all contests thrown at us, stood tall with the European Cup in their sweaty hands for all to see and enjoy. Both Israel's President Katsaz and Prime Minister Sharon called the team's coach minutes after the game and over national television made their congratulations, thanking the teams for bringing a little bit of happiness to the nation.

Victory - victory claimed within civilized society, playing by respected rules of fair competition. Not a cruel and sad contest against Palestinian cowards who brandish knives and guns and hide behind their own children - using babies as "human shields" in a terrorist "holy war".

As we write this report, the entire country is glued to their televisions watching tears of happiness fall from the eyes of both players and fans in Paris. It has been 20 years since an Israeli basketball team held the European title. The Israeli Postal Authority immediately started selling thousands of European Cup victory envelopes that they printed a week ago in case Maccabi won the title. The NIS 6 envelope has a special picture and a cancellation and will be on sale for the coming week. It will also be presented to all the members of the team by Communications Minister Reuven Rivlin tonight at Kikar Rabin.

Over 10,000 Israeli fans flew to Paris to support the Israeli team. Israeli supporters had also gathered at Tel Aviv's Yad Eliahu Stadium to watch the game on a large-screen television and 100,000 people streamed to Tel Aviv's Kikar Rabin for a massive celebration party.

"We won the championship for all the people of Israel, so that we can bring some happiness this week from Metulla to Eilat," Maccabi head coach Pini Gershon told Channel 1 upon receiving the congratulations. "We have a tiny but a great country, and we have a tiny but great team."

A country which has been so deprived recently of civilized security and happiness now takes to the streets, blowing their car's horns and waving Israeli flags. We congratulate the Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball Team - not so much for their triumph on the sports floors of Europe - but for delivering just a little bit of happiness and sunshine to a country so thirsty for peace and security.


Jerusalem----May 9......Two Israeli teenagers were found brutally murdered last night after they had been crushed by stones and butchered by knives. The two boys, Yakov Natan Mandel, 14, and Yosef Ishran,14, were residents of the Gush Etzion community of Tekoa south of Jerusalem.

One of the bodies was first discovered shortly after 06:00 at the entrance of the cave and the second further within, according to Israel Radio.

The two youths had gone on a day hike in the vicinity yesterday.

The youth's parents alerted police and security forces late last night when the two did not return from their hike. Security forces began searches in the vicinity last night and were resumed today at dawn.

The IDF is presently combing the area for suspects, Army Radio said.

The cave were the two teens were dragged to and had their heads crushed in by rocks in a barbaric terrorist act. We ask: What kind of people can do this? Why are other governments remaining silent in the face of such heinous acts of terror?

Prime Minister Sharon responded to the barbaric killings by stating: "These horrifying murders constitute an additional escalation in the Palestinian's violent terrorist activities against innocent civilian populations," Sharon said. "The Palestinian Authority must immediately halt terrorist activities and the venomous incitement to murder Israeli civilians and Jews being carried on by the PA's official media." Sharon made it vividly clear that these inhuman crimes took place directly under the PA's exclusive control.

The funeral - the results of Palestinian media incitement and the tragic violence which follows

Public Security Minister Avigdor Lieberman, responding to the overnight murder of the two Jewish teenagers said Israelis were "up against a bunch of cannibals" whose real targets were Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

"Day after day we see that we are up against a bunch of cannibals for whom nothing is sacred," he told Army Radio.

Jerusalem-----May 9.....Family and friends attend the funeral of Arieh Agranionic,
who was killed by Palestinian terrorists
while guarding the Jewish community of Itamar.
Itamar is located about 2 miles from Nablus



Jerusalem-----May 7......The Israeli Navy with the assistance of IAF helicopters, have captured a Lebanese fishing boat sailing for Gaza with hundreds of arms and ammunition headed for the Palestinian Authority.

As Yassar Arafat was stating his desires for peace and negotiations, Israeli security forces tonight displayed on Israeli TV the Lebanese terrorist vessel with a cargo of Katyusha rockets, mortars of various calibers and massive quantities of ammunition.

Israel TV Channel One said the cargo also included SA-7 Strella hand-held anti-aircraft missiles, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), dozens of mines and other types of rockets used against armored vehicles.

This weaponry is significantly more sophisticated than that currently used by the Palestinians.

The navy intercepted the boat Saturday off the coast of of Haifa, outside of Israeli territorial waters, the source said.

Katyusha rockets of a 107 millimeter caliber found on the boat would have enabled the Palestinians in Gaza to threaten Israeli cities such as Ashkelon and Ashdod. Palestinian terrorists are presently using their own women and children as "Human Shields" as they fire from populated areas.

Under the Oslo accords the Palestinian Authority is forbidden to have mortars or rockets. They are permitted to have weapons such as automatic rifles, which have been used in many of the attacks against Israeli targets.

The IDF said the cache included:

• 50 Katyusha rockets

• Four SA-7 antiaircraft missiles

• 120 RKG anti-tank missiles

• 20 rocket-propelled grenade launchers

• Two .60-mm mortars

• 98 .60-mm mortar bombs

• 62 TMA-5 land mines.

• Eight TMA-3 land mines

• 24 hand grenades

• 30 Kalashnikov rifles

• 116 gun cartridges for the rifles

• 13,000 7.62-mm Kalashnikov bullets

Israeli Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer warned Monday that the Palestinians would very soon be using weapons far more lethal than mortars against Israeli civilian populations.

"I think that in the next few days, perhaps the next few hours, you will be faced with a reality which will be simply difficult to believe - what it is that we are confronting," he told Army Radio. "I think that quite soon we will be passing beyond the stage of the mortar bombs."

It has become obvious that while Pope John Paul stood on the Golan Heights urging the region's people to be "as merciful as their God, to forgive past wrongs and commit themselves to peace" - his invitation to Syria was used only as a ploy and as a platform for Syria's Assad to compare the Jewish people to Nazis and to burn rather than build bridges of peace.

As Israeli security was displaying dozen's of terrorist's rockets and grenades on a Haifa dock, the Pope's words in Syria were falling silently on very deaf and ignorant Palestinian ears.

Cyberwarfare Continues - INA / Netvision Discover New Internet Virus

Jerusalem----May 8......The Israel News Agency discovered a new and lethal Internet virus today. The virus called: VBS.HELP.A@mm is a strain of another virus detected by Symantec / Norton 30 days ago. Confirmation of the virus came from ISP Netvision in Haifa. Netvision's Web department manager stated that this was the first time that he had seen a virus attaching itself to HTML Web pages. This represents a cruel twist in how Web surfers may get infected with Internet viruses, as the virus can infect your computer from merely downloading and surfing Web sites. This virus is labeled a "worm" as it also infects and replicates itself in the address book of Microsoft OutLook and automatically and silently sends itself out to all the e-mail names it may find.

This particular virus is believed to have come from one of Israel's neighboring countries and it's ultimate mission is to hit Israeli / Jewish Websites and erase the C hard drive on one's computer. The destructive formatting action of the virus is not immediate and would take a few days. Early symptons of infection are: MS Explorer browser freezing and or closing, computer operates slower than normal, wallpaper changes and the OutLook mailbox and your connection to the Internet can close. The virus may arrive in your mailbox as an attachment from someone that you know and whose name is in your addressbook - the Subject Line of the attachment may be entitled: "I Hate You".

To avoid getting this virus, you must update DAILY your anti-virus applications. If you are a Web / E-commerce publisher - check your HTML / HTM pages for a 50 line VBS script that starts at the end of the normal HTML code on your pages.


Jerusalem----April 4.....President George Bush openly criticized the PLO / PA yesterday for sending their children on "suicide terror attacks" against Israel. Bush, who was meeting with FM Peres in the White House, said that he "had trouble understanding why Palestinians would place their young children in harm's way, rather than trying to protect them."


Bush was told of a recent television campaign used by the Palestinian Authority's Ministry of Information calling on Palestinian children to become "martyrs." The clip uses the case of the Palestinian killed in his father's arms several months ago and features children putting down their toys and picking up rocks.

President Bush had asked Minister Peres whether the Palestinian Authority has rearrested prisoners released at the start of the intifada and the President was briefed on a variety of Israeli security issues. The White House, the US State Department and the US Department of Defense have supported intelligence reports reinforcing the Israeli position that Yassar Arafat is primarily responsible for the violence and Bush has signaled his disappointment with him by withholding an invitation to the White House.

As Peres was leaving the White House, he told reporters that he was leaving the Oval Office "reassured and with a sense that we can move ahead in the direction of peace," and that the president will "lead the battle against terror."

Son of Terror Victim Murdered this Morning in Terror Attack

Jerusalem-----May 1......Assaf Hershkovitz , 31, was murdered in a drive-by Palestinian terrorist attack earlier this morning. Assaf died instantly as his vehicle was ambushed and fired upon at around 6:30 a.m. The Palestinian terror attack took place between Ofra and Beit El on bypass road number 60. He lost control of his car, which overturned at the side of the road. He was carrying a bullet proof vest with him, but failed to wear it. According to reports, even if the terror victim had worn the added protection, it still would not have prevented the fatal bullet from entering his neck. Assaf's car was sprayed with bullets, believed to have come from two seperate weapons. In response to the murder, the IDF has imposed a closure on the nearby Palestinian town of Ramallah and other Palestinian villages.

Israeli soldiers inspect the site of the ambush

Assaf Hershkovitz, who was married to a British immigrant and was the father of two children, is the son of Arieh Hershkovitz, 55, who died in a hail of terror bullets fired from a passing Palestinian vehicle as he drove on the highway between the Rama junction and Adam in January.

Dor weeps as he gives his brother a final kiss goodbye

The news of Assaf's murder was broken to his brother Dor, 11, who recites kaddish daily, usually with Assaf, since his father's murder. Dor asked how he could say kaddish for two people, his father and now his brother. "Assaf, only three months ago a tragedy occurred and our father was murdered, and you my brother acted like a father to me, and together we recited kaddish. But today I stand here and wonder how can I carry out the mission of reciting kaddish alone, for you and father."

PLO to Be Named in U.S. Terrorism Report

PLO - PA Ramallah Massacre of Israelis / PLO - PA Intentional Killing of Babies and Children

Jerusalem----April 26......For the first time, two mainstream factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization will be cited in the State Department's annual report on terrorism, USA Today and Reuters reported Thursday. Citing Israeli accusations, the report will say that Fatah and its Tanzim youth wing took part in terrorist activities against Israel during the current Palestinian uprising, U.S. officials told the newspaper.

The newspaper said the groups would not be labeled "foreign terrorist organizations," a designation which would require the U.S. to end relations with them. In addition, the report will not directly address the question of whether Palestinian President Yasser Arafat of other top Palestinians ordered attacks against Israelis, the unnamed officials told USA Today. The State Department report is due to be released next week, USA Today said. President Bush sent a strong message to Arafat blaming his inaction for the continued cycle of violence. Bush has hosted three Middle East leaders in the White House since taking office, but has yet to invite Arafat.

By mentioning the groups, the Bush administration will be taking into account congressional criticism of the PLO and warning Arafat to rein in his followers. "This lays the intellectual groundwork for declaring these groups foreign terrorist organizations," said Kenneth Katzman, a Middle East expert at the Congressional Research Service. "It puts Arafat on notice." The PLO has had an office in Washington since its peace treaty with Israel in 1993. A letter to President Bush earlier this month, signed by 296 members of Congress, called for a reassessment of the U.S.-PLO relationship including an examination of whether PLO-affiliated groups should be designated as foreign terrorist organizations.

At least 74 Israelis and 13 Israeli Arabs have been killed by Palestinians within the past seven months.


Jerusalem----April 23.....Palestianian terrorists planted a pipe bomb in the back of a stolen car which exploded in Or Yehuda causing 8 injuries. "I came to change some shoes and had just got out of my car and started to walk in the direction of the shop when there was a tremendous explosion," said Ya'acov Lilmaiyev. "My car was totally destroyed, together with another one and the car that exploded. I was just lucky I got out when I did." Or Yehuda is an eastern residential and commercial suburb of Tel Aviv, located near Ben Gurion airport.

Police Insp.-Gen. Shlomo Aharonishky told reporters that most of Israel is a target for terror attacks and not only the Tel Aviv area, where there have been 10 incidents in the past few weeks. Nevertheless, he reiterated his call to the public to continue as normal while keeping their eyes open for any suspicious persons, vehicles, or objects, and to report them immediately.


40 Wounded in Powerful Blast - Heard in Ra'anana / Herzlia
Women and Children Targeted

Jerusalem---April 22.....A Palestinian suicide terror bomber blew himself up and killed one civilian this morning in Kfar Sava. The powerful explosion which was heard as far as Ra'anana and Hertzlia injured 40 people. Police and eyewitnesses said the terrorist positioned himself near the intersection of Weizmann and Tchernikovsky Streets at about 9:15 am and detonated the device at a bus stop as a number 29 bus pulled in to pick up passengers. The wounded were evacuated to Kfar Sava's Meir Hospital and the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva. Doctors at Meir Hospital are presently operating on a seriously wounded man. The intercity bus, on a heavily-traveled route, was heading in the direction of Herzliya with its final destination being Tel Aviv. Several children who were headed for school were injured in the terrorist attack.

Dr. Mario Goldin, 52, of Kfar Sava, was killed by a Palestinian terrorist this morning
on his way to work at the Beit Levinstein medical center in neighboring Ra'anana.

"The driver had just opened the door when there was an explosion from the side of the bus," said Sarit Yagen, 18, who was on the vehicle and waiting to get off. "There was fire and a lot of dust in the bus. There were screams and shouts everywhere. When I got off the bus I saw a dead boy, he was full of blood. I saw another wounded woman, she had blood all over her arm." Sarit ran for 20 minutes, with the blast ringing in her ears all the time, to where her mother worked at a nearby office. "I just wanted to get out of there. I didn't even know where I was." Sarit's mother took her to hospital to be treated for shock. Kfar Sava is a residential suburb, located 14 miles north east of Tel Aviv.

Police sappers discovered a booby-trapped vehicle in the vicinity while clearing the area fearing other explosives, according to Israel Radio.

"The government of Israel does not make any differentiation between a mortar attack against Israeli towns and villages in the Negev and a suicide or terrorist attack in Kfar Saba -- the ultimate or overall responsibility lies squarely on the shoulders of the Palestinian Authority," said Israel government spokesman Raanan Gissin.

Sunday, is the start of the work week here in Israel and the explosive struck at the height of rush hour. Israeli security forces remain on high alert throughout all of Israel's cities and towns, with police road blocks and police / military personal patrolling all residential and commercial centers.


Jerusalem----April 18......Palestinian terrorists have again taken up positions in Gaza as least three mortar shells fell on Israeli targets in the Erez crossing-point between Israel and the Gaza Strip this morning. The mortars were fired from the Beit Hanun area in the northern Gaza Strip. Several shells were also fell into the southern Gaza Strip communities of Nisanit and Neveh Dekalim earlier this morning. One of the shells fell in the middle of a schoolyard and another adjacent to a community center in Neveh Dekalim, according to a local resident interviewed on Israel Radio this morning. Heavy machine-gun fire was also heard in the background during the course of the interview. There are no reports of injury or damage.


If the IDF withdrew it's forces from Gaza as a result of diplomatic pressure from the United States, then how is the terrorism and violence from Gaza to be contained? How will Israeli civilian populations be protected from mortars, grenades and PA / PLO sponsored terrorism? The United States may be suggesting right now to use "surgical attacks" and assassinations against the terrorists - a policy for which Israel has been exercising to minimize loss of lives on both sides and to avoid negative media. But how much longer can Israel sustain constant terrorist activity and witness it's citizens bleed while "intelligence forces" gather information for smart bombs and laser guided missiles to hit a few good targets? If the United States, France, Spain, Turkey, Chile, Japan or China were under mortar attack - would they sit and wait for it to pass? We don't think so. The United States recently came to blows with China over a "hot-dogging Chinese pilot" and a US Navy crew which was taken hostage by China for a short period. Would either the US or China tolerate blatant lethal weapon attacks on their soil by the other?

Israel is no different than any other sovereign nation and has the right to protect itself in any manner when attacked. No Israeli wants to participate in a regional war. Israelis earn for a real and long lasting peace with it's neighbors. To concentrate on sending "letters rather than bombs to one another" in the words of Israeli FM Shimon Peres.

It's time that Jordan, Syria and Egypt realized that Yassar Arafat is trying to pull them, their people and economies into a disastrous conflict.
These Arab countries and the United States should now take full responsibility for containing the violence in the West Bank, Gaza and on the Lebanese border - before Arafat's dream of becoming a "martyr" is realized!


A Palestinian official said that Israel had informed the Palestinian Authority it was withdrawing its forces from the territory they had seized late on Monday.
"We always said that it will happen when the military operation ends," said Raanan Gissin, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Israeli government spokesman Dore Gold also confirmed that Israel's defensive military operation in Gaza had been completed.

IDF Enters Gaza Temporarily to Halt Terrorist Attacks

Jerusalem----April 17.....The Israel Defense Forces have temporarily secured key positions throughout the Gaza Strip this morning, to prevent terrorists from launching more attacks into Israel. All crossing points between Israeli territory and the Strip, including the southern Rafiah border crossing point with Egypt, are closed. There are no reports of injuries to soldiers in the comprehensive air, land and sea operation that continued throughout the night into the early hours of the morning.

Senior sources in the Prime minister's Office said that Israel has no intention of conquering Palestinian Land, Israel Radio reported. The IDF activity is intended to strike exclusively at terrorist elements attacking Israelis, and to calm the situation, allowing negotiations to resume, the source said.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office has issued the following information:

"IDF forces are deployed along the Karni-Netzarim road, and in a number of points in the area of Gush Katif in order to prevent movement between parts of the Strip. Likewise the Rafiah crossing is closed. IDF forces are occupying positions in Beit Hanun, in the north of the Gaza Strip, from where Mortar Bombs were fired yesterday towards the city of Sderot.
The IDF has no intention to occupy areas A.
Upon completion of their mission, the forces will withdraw from the area."


Jerusalem-----April 16......After repeated warnings to both the Lebanese and Syrian governments to curb cross-border terror attacks, three Israeli Air Force jets destroyed a Syrian radar position in eastern Lebanon in an operation shortly after midnight. Three Syrian soldiers were reportedly killed in the attack, including an officer. At least six others were wounded in the attack. An unknown number of soldiers are missing, according to Lebanese media reports

Staff Sgt. Eldad Litvak killed on the Israeli border
by Hezbollah terrorists with Syrian logistical support

Israel Radio confirmed that four IAF jets struck in three sorties, loosing six air-to-ground missiles at the target. The IDF Spokespersons Office announced that the crews returned safely to their bases, despite Syrian anti-aircraft fire harrying the planes. The radar position, north of the Beirut - Damascus highway, is in the Dahr al-Beider area of eastern Lebanon. The station lies 45 kilometers north of the border with Israel and is close to the Syrian border. Eleven ministers voted for the late night raid, with two voting against in a midnight Security cabinet meeting.

The Israeli air and ground defensive attacks comes in response to a lethal Hizbullah Sagger anti-tank missile attack on an IDF patrol on Saturday. Merkava tank crewman St.-Sgt. Elad Litvak, 21, of Kibbutz Gazit, was killed in the attack. He will be laid to rest on his kibbutz this evening at 18:15. This is the first time in five years that Israel has attacked Syrian positions in Lebanon. Former Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh termed the operation, "One of Israel's most justified." IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Ron Kitry stated only one word to describe the Syrian backed aggression: "enough!". Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdulilah Khatib, ignoring calls by Islamic extermists, is presently on a visit to Israel today to meet with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Hizbullah has been on the political defensive in Lebanon following unprecedented criticism by both the Lebanese government, Lebanese media and the United Nations of its cross-border attack in the Mount Dov region on Saturday.

Israel Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said the raid was carried out because Israel's patience was at an end.
"We cannot just sit and suffer, bleed, day and night and live under shelling and harassment and say thank you. This comes to its end," he told reporters.


Jerusalem----April 14..... Two terror bombs exploded in Kfar Saba this evening. One person was injured in the explosions which occurred near the junction of Herzl and Hameyasdim streets. The devices were bombs placed in packages laid between two sets of vehicles. Police have confirmed to an INA reporter on the scene that the bombs were planted by terrorists, rather than criminals. There was considerable damage to buildings in the area. Dozens of security and fire trucks are in the area.

"Two packages were placed between two sets of cars on a quiet and dark tree lined residential street," said an INA reporter. "According to police, both bombs detonated at the same time. I can only guess that the terrorist came into Kfar Saba by bus, as the central bus station is located nearby and the buses only began to operate a short while ago as the Sabbath ended. It is obvious that the terrorist did not know this town as he placed two parcels on an empty street about 400 meters apart from one another. The people of Kfar Saba were lucky tonight and must be grateful for the efforts that Israeli security forces have and are making to prevent attacks like this from occurring." Israeli security and police personnel throughout the country have set up dozens of security road blocks, remain on a high alert status, patrolling all commercial and residential centers.

One IDF soldier was killed and three were injured today when Hizbullah terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at their tank earlier today. The attack took place in the Mt. Dov region of the Israel-Lebanon border. The soldier’s name has yet to be released but his family has been informed of his death. The IDF has responded by attacking Hizbullah targets in southern Lebanon. The IDF used both air and ground forces in the retaliatory attack.



Jerusalem----April 13.....Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced publicly today that he could accept a Palestinian state on some 42 percent of the West Bank. With another Israeli withdrawal in the West Bank, such as the one promised in a 1998 interim peace accord, "it's possible to reach 42 percent, plus or minus," he stated.

Sharon has again requested for peace talks to take place but is also seeking an immediate end to Palestinian terror attacks and violence. As Sharon was seen making concrete steps to end the present conflict, the PA / PLO are doing their best to encourage it. In Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, about 40 masked men, shrouded in white sheets -- a symbol of martydom to Palestinians -- renewed their vows as members of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad group to kill Israelis. "We swear to God that the sons of the Jerusalem brigade will come at you like an earthquake," said the leader of the group, which has carried out bombings in Israel. "Every Zionist monkey is number one on our wanted list," he said as the contingent of self-declared suicide-bombers-in- waiting kissed a Koran and submachinegun at a rally attended by hundreds of Islamic Jihad supporters.

In Jerusalem, thousands of Christian Pilgrims celebrated a peaceful Easter "Good Friday". Hundreds of Israeli police were on site to guarantee security for the Christians from Palestinian terror attacks. A few of the Christian pilgrims were reminded by stone throwers that the PA / PLO were fighting a "holy war" against the West. As a direct result of the Palestinian terror and violence many Pilgrims stayed home and were denied their holy day in Jerusalem. Palestinian shopkeepers, also eager for a peaceful coexistence, suffered financially from a severe lack of tourism from Europe and North America.


Jerusalem -----April 6......Eighty-seven US Senators and 186 congressmen have asked US President George W. Bush to reevaluate U.S. relations with the PLO and the Palestinian Authority. The Congressmen have based their request on the Palestinians' decision "to embark on a deliberate campaign of violence against Israelis."

The Senate letter, initiated by Sam Brownback (Kansas) and Joseph Biden (Delaware), and the House version organized by Chairman of the House International Relations Committee Henry Hyde (Illinois) and the ranking Democrat on the committee, Tom Lantos (California), were due to be sent to Bush yesterday. "Given the drastic changes that have taken place in recent months in Palestinian behavior, we believe it is time for the United States to reassess our relations with the Palestinians," the letters read.

In the strongest indictment of the Palestinians yet from Capitol Hill, legislators asked that the administration "examine whether those Palestinians involved in attacks against Israelis should be barred from coming to the United States, whether those Palestinian groups involved in violence should be designated as foreign terrorist organizations... whether the PLO office in Washington should be allowed to remain open, and whether US aid to the Palestinians is in fact meeting its goals and should continue." The signatories urged Bush to downgrade US relations with the PA if PA Chairman Yasser Arafat does not issue a call to end violence. "From our perspective it is time for the United States to require that the leadership of the Palestinians speak and act against the continuing violence and terrorism, or face a significant change in our relationship with them," the letters read.

House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (Missouri) signed the House letter but told reporters yesterday it was important to keep up a dialogue with the Palestinians and with others in the region. "It was a very frustrating set of negotiations that went on a few months ago that resulted in nothing happening, but we can't just walk away from it because we didn't succeed," Gephardt said. "We have to deal with the new president and prime minister of Israel. We have to deal with the leadership on the Palestinian side. We have to deal with Egypt and Jordan and our other allies in the region, and try to start this thing over again." On Wednesday, King Abdullah II of Jordan, currently in Washington for meetings with US officials, telephoned Arafat and urged him to keep up the security cooperation meetings with Israel. Abdullah is expected to ask Bush in their meeting next Tuesday to consider inviting Arafat to Washington. So far, the administration has held back an invitation for Arafat, and administration officials say privately not to expect one until the Palestinian leader issues a public call to end violence and until security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinians is resumed. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who came to Washington this week seeking a free trade agreement with the US and deeper US involvement in the peace process, wrapped up his visit on Wednesday with little more than assurances from Bush that the US would remain deeply engaged.

Another 15 Month-Old Baby Critically Injured by Palestinian Mortar Attack

Photo - Israel Ministry Foreign Affairs / Alberto Denkberg

Jerusalem-----April 4.......An Israeli baby has been critically wounded by a Palestinian mortar attack. Three mortar shells fell at Atzmona, also know as Bnei Atzmon, in Gush Katif. Magen David Adom medics transferred fifteen-month-old Ariel Yered to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba.

The 15-month-old baby was wounded in the head and spine by shrapnel and his mother Leah was wounded in the chest and hand, according to doctors at the hospital. An additional two mortar shells fell fell harmlessly south of the community. Members of the 70-family Gush Katif community were cleaning their homes for the Jewish Passover holiday, the children playing outside, when the mortar shells landed in the residential area. The shrapnel also damaged some of the houses and a vehicle. Atzmona resident Zevulun Kalfer said it was a miracle that no more were wounded, as many children were playing meters away when the mortar shell wounded Yered, who was hanging laundry, and her son.

Maor Moyal, another resident, was nearby. "I saw the little boy. He wasn't breathing and a lot of shrapnel had penetrated his body, one piece his skull. I tried to resuscitate him and then a doctor came," he said. Residents of Atzmona and surrounding communities are on high alert for the possibility of more mortar shells being fired at them and have been ordered to enter bombshelters, Army Radio reported.


Bombings in Jerusalem - 1 Killed, 30 Wounded - See Story Below

Baby Girl, Shot in the Head, Dies in Mother's Arms

Jerusalem------March .........Palestinian terrorists murdered a ten month-old Jewish baby in Hebron this evening. The tiny infant, Shalhevet Pass, was butchered in the city's Avraham Avinu quarter.

The Arab terrorists had perfect sight of the baby girl as they fired with premeditation in clear day light from Hebron's Abu Sneineh neighborhood. The baby was being held in her mother's arms when her head exploded from the bullet. The parents, her brother and the baby girl were sitting in a park near their home when the shots rang out. The baby girl's father was shot in the thigh and was moderately wounded. He was evacuated to Hadassah-University Hospital in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem, where he is in satisfactory condition. Her 15-year-old brother was moderately wounded and has also been evacuated to a Jerusalem hospital. The IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that this despicable and intentional murder of a baby and the wounding of her father was carried out by a Palestinian sniper from within the territory of the Palestinian Authority. "The little girl was shot in the head and died instantly," said army Col. Noam Tibon, the commander of the Israeli troops in Hebron. "This is pure terror."

The IDF warned residents of the Arab neighborhood, which was used for cover by the terrorists, to evacuate their homes. The Israel Defense Forces wanted to make it perfectly clear that those responsible for killing Israeli children will be found and punished. IDF tanks then shelled Abu Sneineh amid heavy exchanges of gun fire.

News of the baby girl's murder has consumed all Israeli television programming and many Jews are expressing shock and wondering out loud - "what kind of animals are these?" Such human crimes have not been witnessed by the Jewish people since the Nazi era during World War Two when children were systematically executed.

Hebron Jewish community spokesman Noam Arnon labeled the shooting "cowardly" and said that it was the work of "despicable people." Jewish residents gathered at various points in nearby Kiryat Arba to protest the attack. Jewish residents who had gathered near Givat Harsina junction briefly stoned a Palestinian house.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met with Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer and senior security officials. It was decided to place the Palestinian areas of Hebron under a tight closure. Sharon said that he views the Palestinian Authority as responsible for the violence and terrorism that led to today's incident in Hebron. He sent his condolences to the bereaved family. The IDF has closed the Jerusalem-Hebron road to Palestinian traffic. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said that such terrorist incidents damage any attempts at dialogue. The Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza and National Religious Party Knesset whip Shaul Yahalom have called on Sharon to order the IDF into Abu Sneineh tonight to eliminate the murderers. Meretz MK Mossy Raz expressed deep shock over the murder. Raz said that he hopes that a separation plan will be implemented in Hebron for the sake of the Jewish settlers' security, a plan that will include the evacuation of Hebron in the future.

The Pass family last night asked former Sephardi chief rabbi Mordechai Eliahu if the baby's funeral could be delayed until the IDF conquered Ab Sneina, as the settler community across the West Bank demanded the IDF respond with "a heavy hand" to the child's murder. Funeral preparations nonetheless began. The Pass family wants the baby buried in the old Jewish cemetery in Hebron, but it is totally exposed to Palestinian positions. Last month a group of Habad Jews were fired on when they went on a pilgrimage there.

The IDF calls upon Israeli's to exert restraint even at this difficult time and to avoid responding in a way which will play into the hands of the Palestinian terrorists, and would deteriorate the situation.


Let's assume that the Jewish people living in Hebron should for whatever political reasons not be allowed to live there.

Let's assume that the Jewish people of Hebron are evil aggressors who want to occupy and rule their Arab neighbors.

Let's assume any scenario - real or imagined - Mr. Arafat - you have crossed a red line - you have gone back to your days of killing Jewish children (remember Ma'alot). Mr. Arafat, you can say and use any excuse you desire for the above action - BUT YOU DO NOT SHOOT BABIES AND CHILDREN!

You should begin packing your bags for Iraq. And you may also want to sell your Nobel Peace Price award - for the Arab people are not stupid and will not allow you to dishonor them much further.



Jerusalem------March 30........President George W. Bush yesterday called directly on the Palestinian leader to instruct his people in Arabic to lay down their arms. "The signal I'm sending to the Palestinians is stop the violence... I can't make it any more clear. And I hope that Chairman Arafat hears it loud and clear," Bush told reporters when asked if he was sending a signal to the Palestinians by not inviting Arafat to the White House as he had other Middle East leaders. Bush made it very clear that Arafat would not be welcome in Washington until he cracked down on terror. "I've got quite a crowded calendar of leaders who are coming to see me, and I'm looking forward to visiting with [Egyptian] President [Hosni] Mubarak and [Jordan's] King Abdullah," Bush said when asked specifically why he had not invited Arafat.

While Bush was announcing his frustration with Arafat at a news conference, Secretary of State Colin Powell phoned Arafat to reiterate US demands that he condemn violence and terrorism, arrest perpetrators of terrorist acts, and resume security cooperation with Israel. Bush's remarks came as Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Edward Walker, in testimony on Capitol Hill, blasted Arafat for continuing to use violence and forcing a US veto in the UN Security Council this week, moves which he suggested illustrates Arafat is ignoring US officials. Walker said the US is "perplexed" by Arafat's behavior, and that this week's bombings and the killing of 10-month-old Shalhevet Pass in Hebron were designed by the PA to force a strong Israeli reaction during the Arab summit.


Jerusalem-----March 28........Three people have been reported killed in a suicide bombing this morning near Kalkilya. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive charge at a gas station near Kalkilya shortly after 07:30 this morning. There are four fatalities - believed to be Israeli High School students and four other wounded, three seriously, according to Israel Radio. One of the dead may be the suicide bomber. First reports say a Palestinian alighted from a passing van exiting Kalkilya and set off the charge adjacent to a waiting group of youths. The blast took place at the entrance to the community of Sde Hemmed, between Kfar Saba and Kalkilya.

Four youths, aged 13 to 16, wounded in the blast, have been transferred to the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson near Petah Tikva for treatment. One of the youths is in critical condition, severely wounded from nails contained in the charge. One student suffered moderate wounds, including damage to an eye. Two others were lightly to moderately wounded in the attack, doctors at the hospital told Israel Radio.

The two Israeli youths murdered in this morning's terror bombing are Eliran Rosenberg, 15, from Givat Shmuel and Naftali Landsgoren, 15, from Petah Tikva. Landsgoren will be buried this afternoon at the Segula cemetery in Petah Tikva. Rosenberg will be buried tomorrow at 09:30 at the Segula cemetery.

Additonal explosive charges were discovered and are presently being defused in the coastal city of Netanya and Petka Tikva, an eastern suburb of Tel Aviv. The Netanya bombS were placed in a shopping bags and trash containers next to an outdoor shopping markets.


Police, Army and Security forces remain on high alert and travel from the West Bank and Gaza to Israel is being restricted.


Jerusalem-----March 27........One person has been killed and thirty people have been reported wounded, one moderately, in this morning's terror bombings in Jerusalem. Police sappers are presently searching the area for evidence of the type of explosive used in the car bomb. The charge, planted in a stolen Citroen car, detonated at 07:40 this morning in front of the Achim Israel mall located in the capital's Talpiot neighborhood. A passing bus and several stores sustained damage in the early morning attack. Casualties were transferred to Hadassah University Ein Kerem Hospital and Sha'are Tzedek Hospital for treatment. Another explosive device, hidden in a garbage can, blew up two weeks ago as the can was being emptied into a garbage truck.

The second explosion occurred in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem shortly before 13:00. The fatal blast took place on the sidewalk when the No. 8 Egged bus on its way from the Malha Mall to Pisgat Ze'ev passed by. The injured, including the bus driver and a two-year-old passenger, were taken to Sha're Zedek Hospital.

A 12 -year-old youth, 63-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man were brought in for treatment at Hadassah University Hospital in Ein Kerem. There were no injuries in that early morning attack, although the vehicle sustained some damage from the blast.

Another explosive device was found and defused this morning by police in Petech Tikva, a surburb of Tel Aviv.

Newsweek Releases Palestinian Internet Murder Email Exchanges

Jerusalem-----March 25.......Newsweek magazine has obtained an exclusive transcript of the email conversations between Israeli Ofir Rahum and Palestinian seductress Amana Mona, 25, of Bir Naballah, leading up to the boy's murder by Palestinian terrorists. Palestinian woman Amana Mona lured Ofir Rahum, 16, of Ashkelon, to his death in Ramallah in January via the Internet.

To read Newsweek's full transcript of the email conversations, click here:

Last week, the Beit El Military Court remanded Mona, who was indicted on charges of manslaughter and intending to cause bodily harm or death, for an additional 10 days.


Naama Didovski weeps at the funeral of her mother,
a Jewish school teacher who was killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack.
See story below.

Terrorist Palestinian Car Bomb Hits Herzliya

Jerusalem----March 23......... A car bomb blew up late last night near a packed restaurant in Herzliya. One woman was treated for shock due to the blast, which took place when a commercial vehicle blew up while it was parked near a restaurant. The vehicle was demolished and collateral damage was caused to cars and surrounding stores. Witnesses said they saw a man with what was described as a "middle-eastern appearance" fleeing the scene shortly before the blast.

Tel Aviv Police Cmdr. Yossi Sedbon said the charge was detonated by a cellular telephone mechanism. Police sappers who defused the device said it was similar to previous car and roadside bombs detonated by Palestinian terrorists in recent months. The two kilogram bomb included nails in order to increase the lethality of the blast, Army Radio reported. Sedbon termed the lack of injuries in the blast as "miraculous." The blast immediately after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's messages to Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat that if he does not rein in the terror activities of his Force 17 personal guard, Israel will take matters into its own hands.

Palestinians burn American and Israeli flags in Hebron

Israeli police, army and security volunteers remain vigilant in patrolling commercial centers. Both uniform and plainclothes security personnel remain on high alert. The security closure on the terrorities and Israeli military special elite units have been largely responsible for reducing the amount of violence in the country.
Sources say that many Palestinian businessmen have become wary of PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat's policies and that they are seeking to reduce all forms of violence, but are afraid to speak out due to the dictatorial, oppressive and terrorist police state that the PLO and Hamas have created.


Jerusalem------March 20.......The PLO is spreading a new Internet virus. The virus which is originating in Palestinian-controlled areas is attacking several government websites. The worm-type virus is named "injustice" and the attachment has a ".vbs" suffix. The virus replicates itself via the Outlook Express email program and resends itself to the first 50 recipients in the user's infected address book. Numerous government websites have received tens of thousands of emails containing the virus in the past several hours. The letter contains calls for the support of Palestinian terrorist acts against Israelis and Americans.

The Israel Internet News Agency again warns all surfers to never open an e-mail attachment from an unknown source. And when receiving attachments from business associates and friends - ALWAYS look at the subject line and ask yourself if the subject matter relates to the person who has sent you the attachment. The most common viruses created by hackers use the ".vbs" suffix and when you see one - do not open it, delete it immediately! If you follow these simple and basic rules - you will hardly ever get infected from an Internet virus. Israeli government security organizations can easily track the origin of such viruses and quickly locate and punish those people who are responsible for such destructive acts.



Jerusalem-----March 19.......Over 2 million Israeli schoolchildren - from Metulla on the Lebanese border to Eilat on the Egyptian border, are taking part in war / disaster civil defense drills today. The schoolchildren and teachers will be preparing and practicing for missile attacks, biological warfare, fire and earthquakes. The Israeli army will be supervising the drills today and assuring that all preventive security measures are in place. The drills were to begin with war air raid sirens filling the air, but because of present regional political tension, only school bells will be used.

The PLO last night for the first time fired three mortar shells inside the Green Line (Israel proper - since before 1948). The attack took place at the Israeli military guard post across the road from the entrance to Kibbutz Nahal Oz. A soldier sustained light injuries with shrapnel wounds to the head and was taken to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. Both the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Defense view this attack inside Israel's borders as "very grave". Both offices believe that the PLO is seeking an escalation in order to illustrate that their "heros" who have declared war on Israel are actually victims.

In other news, PLO terrorists this morning shot and murdered Baruch Cohen, 59, a resident of the community of Efrat. Cohen was murdered early this morning in a drive-by shooting on the Bethlehem bypass road. Cohen, a father of six, will be laid to rest this afternoon at 14:30 at the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem.

Necessary Pressures

Analysis By Barry Rubin, The Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem------March.......Israel has two main instruments in countering Palestinian violence: military force and economic pressure. To end the fighting, save lives on both sides, and make possible a renewal of talks, such measures as closures are preferable and ultimately more humane than an army offensive or shooting. The attempt to delegitimize any Israeli self-defense measures has now focused, however, on what is called a "siege" or "collective punishment" of the Palestinians.

"Having proudly announced that they have gone to war with Israel, those who preferred violence to negotiation now try to pose as innocent victims."

Having proudly announced that they have gone to war with Israel, those who preferred violence to negotiation now try to pose as innocent victims. But at a time when US Secretary of State Colin Powell openly admits that Iraq has persuaded the world that international sanctions are virtually genocidal, such publicity campaigns seem well worth waging. This debate is now focused on Ramallah, which is surrounded by Israeli roadblocks, including trenches cutting roads. That town benefited the most from the peace process in terms of development, new construction, an inflow of investments, and Palestinian Authority offices. To put pressure on Ramallah is to strike most directly at the interests of the PA elite. With commerce there grinding to a halt and the town cut off from the rest of the West Bank, the PA organized a large demonstration in which tractors were used in trying to break the roadblocks, leading to clashes in which a number of Palestinians were injured.

Differences of opinion over the tactic now echo within the coalition government. There are signs that Labor Party ministers oppose this measure, with Foreign Minister Shimon Peres calling for a review. Yet such pressures are necessary to reassert among the Palestinian leadership a sense of the real balance of forces. The Palestinian side is trying to set the rules of the game in a way that makes it relatively easy and painless to continue violence as a way to demand unilateral Israeli concessions. Whether the cutting off of Ramallah continues very long or not, it will be supplemented by other measures showing - with the least possible bloodshed - the high costs of continued Palestinian violence. Indeed, there are signs of growing, but still limited, impatience from Palestinian public opinion regarding an endless intifada. At the same time, fear that the PA might collapse is motivating some of its leaders to rethink their strategy. While many months of continued clashes may lie ahead, in retrospect the latest developments might one day be seen as the turning point in this struggle.


Money Taken From Palestinians to Portray Them as Victims - EU Now Keeps Tight Watch on It's Money

Jerusalem------March 14........PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat's has accrued personal wealth, assessed by Israeli security officials, of tens of billions of dollars. Israeli security sources report that the money stems from his days as head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, when he transferred funds he received from various countries for the organization to his private bank accounts in Switzerland, the US, and Europe. Despite the hardships faced by the Palestinians today, Arafat prefers to portray the Palestinian people as victims of the occupation so as to gain world sympathy and funds, rather than dipping into his own pocket, an Israeli security official said yesterday. Arafat has set aside a relatively small portion of his wealth, estimated at $20 billion for Saddam, in preparation for an escape, with the remaining billions continuing to be heavily invested in real estate in Europe, Canada, and Australia and in stock in international companies, an Israeli security official said yesterday. Arafat also oversees the Oasis Casino in Jericho, which was taking in over one million dollars per day - of which not one dollar went to the aid of Palestinian children suffering in the refugee camp directly across the street.

Citing several examples of how Arafat amassed his fortune, the official said: "In accordance with a decision made by the Arab League 30 to 40 years ago, Arab and Gulf State countries paid the PLO tax money for the Palestinian laborers working in their countries. He [Arafat] also received large sums of money for military training in various countries and was deft in arms trading, and received money from terrorist organizations to perpetrate attacks. When the IAF bombed his headquarters in Tunis, he received large sums of money to rebuild the place, even though only one building was slightly damaged. That is why today many countries are cautious of giving money directly to him, and opt to establish projects under their supervision to ensure the money does not end up in his pockets." The official also noted that the PA is riddled with corruption, and many countries, among them Arab countries, are far more cautious about transferring funds to it.

EU Officials Meet with Israeli FM Shimon Peres

EU Commissioner for External Relations Christopher Patten said yesterday at a press conference after meeting Foreign Minister Shimon Peres that the issue of corruption came up in the talks held by himself, Moratinos, and EU President and Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh with Arafat in Gaza on Monday night. "We made it clear that in order for us to go on and provide substantial assistance to the Palestinian administration, we will need to see a tough realistic budget, some real transparency" and measures to ensure "complete anti-corruption," Patten said.

PA sources have confirmed that Arafat is known to have huge funds set aside for such an emergency. Bassam Abu Sharif, an advisor to Arafat, said the Arab states have so far paid only $8m. out of the $1.3b. pledged at the last Arab summit in October for transporting wounded Palestinians to Arab hospitals for treatment. At Monday's Arab foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo, the ministers decided to recommend to the Arab summit, slated to meet March 28 in Amman, to pay $40m. every month to the PA. West Bank Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti said the time of exile is over for the PLO. He believes Arafat and other PA officials would stay and fight for their rights. "It is better to be imprisoned here than to return to exile," he said, adding, "Believe me, no one except Arafat can unite and lead the Palestinians in these difficult times." In response, the Israeli security official recounted Arafat's track record, adding, "He hasn't been described as sitting on suitcases for no reason."


Ariel Sharon Sworn-in as Israel's New Prime Minister

Jerusalem------March 8.......... Israel's Knesset solidly approved this evening the new, unity government headed by Ariel Sharon. Sharon, before taking the oath of office, declared that he was ready for "painful compromises" to make peace with the Palestinians, but stressed that he would not negotiate "under the pressure of violence and terror." The vote of confidence in favor of Sharon's "national unity "government was 72 to 21. Immediately after the vote, Sharon rose to the parliament podium and declared his allegiance, officially taking office, to an unusual round of applause from the floor. Sharon has become Israel's fifth prime minister in less than six years. Former prime minister Ehud Barak, who submitted his resignation to the Knesset last night, wished Sharon success. Barak said his policies had not brought on the conflict, but revealed its true face; that the Palestinian leadership is still not ripe for an historic compromise with the State of Israel, and has chosen to return to the path of violence. Barak said he is sure that his path was the correct one, and this would be proven in the future.

In his speech to Israel's Parliament, Sharon, 73, held out the prospect that peace talks could be revived. "If the Palestinians choose the path of peace ... they will find me and my government a sincere and true partner," Sharon told legislators. But, he added, "we will demand the Palestinians abandon the way of violence, terrorism and incitement." Before the vote, Sharon told the Knesset that his government coalition would "aspire for peace" with the Palestinians, but he held fast to what he said was a strong commitment to restore security to the Jewish nation. "We will conduct negotiations with the Palestinians in order to achieve political settlements, but not under the pressure of terrorism and violence," Sharon said. "We're prepared to ease the suffering of the Palestinians, but we cannot do this under the pressure of terrorism and violence." "I wish to call upon our Palestinian neighbors," Sharon said. "If both sides are prepared ... to turn aside from the sad path, the tragic path, the bloodshed -- our hand is extended in peace." He said his government also aims to reach peace with Syria and Lebanon and deepen relations with Egypt and Jordan. Sharon presented his 26-member, eight-party Cabinet to the Knesset, which then turned to debate.

The traditional president's reception for a new government could not be delayed till this morning, because in Jerusalem it is the Fast of Esther that precedes Purim, which precludes the partaking of refreshments and the exchange of good-luck toasts. While Katsav was engaged with the Beit Hanassi press corps, the Knesset was busy amending the election law, which in the final analysis may give the president far more authority than Katsav has enjoyed since taking office in August last year.

As Sharon was taking his place in history, most of Israel was beginning to celebrate the Purim Holiday admist some of the strongest national security measures ever put into effect. Many Purim Holiday city parades were canceled, while in other cities soldiers, police and security volunteers lined the sidewalks as Israel's children displayed their Halloween like costumes. During the day, the City of Haifa was put on extreme security alert, as intelligence reports stated that 10 suicide bombers had been released by Hamas with the consent of the PLO. All Israelis are very aware of the enhanced security situation in the country. All suspicious people and objects are being noticed by a vigilant public, many of whom are bracing for an impending wave of terror bombings. Even so, Israelis are going on with their daily routines and are very prepared to support the Sharon government's commitment to contain Palestinian terrorism.

The Palestinians were given each and every opportunity to sign a comprehensive peace agreement under the Barak government, with Yasser Arafat's cowardice destroying what was referred to as the peace process. Arafat has nothing personal to gain by signing a peace agreement. If he had, he was afraid he would have been signing his assassination orders by Fatah, Hizbulah and Hamas. By maintaining the violent and corrupt status quo in his government, Arafat remains a hero in many ignorant and brain washed Palestinian eyes. Arafat has effectively thrown away a more stable and enhanced quality of life for his people and for the people of the Middle-East for the immediate future.

Arafat Responds to Bombing: We'll Keep Fighting

Jerusalem----March 6......Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat vowed yesterday that the Palestinian people will continue its struggle for independence, despite Israeli measures against it. He was speaking to reporters after praying at the Wazir Mosque in Gaza City to mark the start of the Moslem Id al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) holiday. "Despite the closure, this dangerous military escalation....the starvation, the Palestinian people are continuing our way until we raise the Palestinian flag over the walls of Jerusalem, the minarets of Jerusalem and the churches of Jerusalem," Arafat proclaimed.


Jerusalem----March 4.....A Palestinian terrorist bombing in Israel's coastal city of Netanya claimed four dead today, including the suspected terrorist. Police said the bomber unsuccessfully tried to board a bus, then blew himself up as he mingled with a crowd crossing an intersection in one of the busiest parts of the city. Netanya is located between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Reports state that the Arab terrorist suicide bomber was targeting civilians - specifically Jewish women and children.

Following are the names of the Israeli victims of this morning’s terror attack. Yevgenia Amalkin, 71, of Netanya. Shlomit Ziv, 58, of Netanya. Naftali Din, 85, of Tel Mond. Din, former head of the Tel Mond regional council, was critically wounded in the attack and died while being operated upon in hospital. The victim’s families have been notified.

Over 60 people have been taken to hospitals with injuries, many in critical condition. Israeli cities are presently on high security alert with police, military and civilian security volunteers taking up road block positions, checking buses and doing wide sweeps of streets and populated commercial areas.

Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon condemned the suicide-terror bombing this morning in Netanya. Sharon termed the attack ‘heinous,’ placed responsibility of the attack with Yassar Arafat and sent his condolences to the families of the victims. "This attack ... shows the Palestinian Authority is not taking the required steps," said Sharon, a 73-year-old retired general. "We know clearly that forces particularly loyal to Arafat are taking part in these attacks. It's clear they are not taking any steps to prevent it." Sharon added: "We must learn from the recent terrorist attacks the importance of being united and undivided. We are facing an uneasy period that demonstrates the importance of a national unity government."



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Israeli Regional Development Minister, The Honorable Shimon Peres and Government Spokesperson Nachman Shai are leading the executive committee. Global and domestic government and commercial leaders are participating in this important and highly relevant project. For more information, please go to the project website at:



Jerusalem----February 4.....An Israel Defense Force's rescue soldier in India's earthquake-ravaged Gujarat state casts his absentee ballot for prime minister last night. The election for Israel's Prime Minister will take place on February 6th.


Jerusalem------February 2.....Three Israelis on board an Air France flight from Paris to Bangkok were forced to land in Teheran when one of the passengers had a heart attack on the plane, Israel Radio, KOL YISRAEL reported. The Israelis remained on the plane while Iranian security officials inspected it. With the help of the Air France crew, the Israelis hid their identities. Among them was a former aid to former Minister of Defense Moshe Arens. After four hours, the plane continued its flight as scheduled.

This was not the first time that an Air France crew has acted heroically. In 1986, while the famous Entebbe rescue mission was being coordinated in Israel, the Captain and crew of the Air France jet which was hijacked by Arab terrorists volunteered to stay with the Jewish and Israeli passengers who were then held hostage by Idi Amin and the Ugandan government at that time. The Air France Captain defied orders by the terrorists to leave and gain his own personal freedom by stating that: "these people are my responsibility, I will not leave them".

Palestinian Terrorists Murder Medical Doctor

Jerusalem---February 2.... Two Israeli civilians were murdered by terrorists yesterday in separate incidents. Last night, Dr. Shmuel Gillis, 42, of Karmei Tzur, was killed by Palestinian terrorists who fired at his car near the Aroub refugee camp on the Jerusalem-Hebron highway. Lior Attiah, 23, of Afula, was fatally shot yesterday morning on the outskirts of Jenin in Israeli-controlled territory. The attacks occurred as members of Palestinian opposition groups including Fatah declared their intentions to continue the intifada.

Dr. Gillis, who worked in the Oncology Department of Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem, was driving home along the section of the Jerusalem-Hebron highway that passes the Aroub refugee camp, when Palestinian gunmen fired at least 10 bullets into his car, hitting him in the neck and chest. Paramedics said later the car had overturned and was standing on its wheels in a field at the side of the road. Following the attack, the IDF closed the road to traffic as security forces searched for the terrorists. The army said the attack was an ambush, but police suggested that it could have been a drive-by shooting.

One of Gillis' last patients was 25-year-old Omaria Fawzi, an Israeli Arab leukemia patient awaiting a bone marrow transplant. "He was a medical angel, better than an angel. I would give him my soul, my eyes," Fawzi told the Israeli newspaper Maariv. Born in Sunderland, in northern England, Gillis moved to Israel with his parents when he was 11 years old. As an expert in the field of blood clotting, he became an expert at the hospital's medical school.

Dr. Gillis was a father of five children aged three -13.

Israel Sends Emergency Aid to India

Jerusalem-----January 30.......Israel has sent six cargo planes containing medical supplies to India, the Defense Ministry announced. The planes are carrying a mobile IDF field hospital which is now operational. Two IAF passenger planes, carrying the 170 members of the Israeli aid delegation, took off from Israel for India last night. The aid delegation and field hospital are expected to operate in the earthquake zone for approximately two weeks.

Over the weekend, Israel and India discussed ways to coordinate Israeli aid with the needs of earthquake rescue efforts. An estimated 15,000 people have died in the earthquake that struck western India on Friday. Some aid agencies say the toll could be as high as 30,000. The major crisis which now face the Indian victims is the lack of clean water.

5-day-old Sharifa Abdullah looks from an incubator
at the Israeli military field hospital in Bhuj where she was born.

Presently, emergency workers are now shifting priorities from rescue to providing relief to the 7.9 Richter scale earthquake victims.


Jerusalem-----January 24...... Palestinian terrorists abducted Israeli restaurateurs Motti Dayan and Etgar Zeitouny yesterday as they were dining in Tulkarm, took them out to a field, and summarily executed them. The Israeli Government immediately clamped a curfew on Tulkarm and vowed to capture the murderers.

Family members mourn the butchered Israeli businessmen
at their funeral in Haifa.

Dayan, 27, and Zeitouny, 34, were co-owners of the Yuppies sushi bar on Tel Aviv's trendy Sheinkin street. They had come to Tulkarm to shop for flowerpots for their restaurant. The gunmen also grabbed an Israeli Arab who had accompanied the two men, but freed him without harm after the killings. The Izzadin Kassam military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that the two Israelis were secret service agents. The caller also said they had filmed the kidnapping and execution. "We in the Izzadin Kassam are responsible for the kidnapping of the two Israeli soldiers, members of Israel's public security service, Shin Bet, near Tulkarm. After kidnapping them, they were filmed and killed," said a caller who said he belonged to the group. In Tel Aviv, Barak convened top IDF officers and heads of the GSS at the Defense Ministry and decided to immediately impose a curfew on Tulkarm. "The State of Israel, as in previous instances of murders, will apprehend the lowly murderers and punish them with the full severity of the law," a statement from Barak's office said.

Police and IDF officers, however, warned Israelis again that entering Palestinian-controlled areas is not only dangerous but also forbidden. Judea and Samaria police chief Cmdr. Shahar Alon said: "We must learn from this case and earlier cases that we know, including the murder of Ofir Rahum, that the entry of Israelis into Area A, the area [under control] of the PA, is first of all forbidden by order... An Israeli who enters PA territory is violating the law and is also endangering himself." "This doesn't reduce the PA's full responsibility for Israelis who mistakenly enter PA territory," Alon added. The killings came just six days after Palestinians apparently murdered Israeli high schooler Rahum, who was lured to Ramallah and shot dead.

The two Tel Aviv men came to Tulkarm with the Israeli Arab man, who owns a vegetable stand close to their restaurant. They reportedly came looking to purchase flowerpots and stopped to dine at the Abu Nidal Restaurant on the outskirts of the Palestinian-controlled town. As they were eating, word spread through the town that Israelis were there. A short time later, the gunmen arrived and dragged the three out of the restaurant, and drove them out of town toward the villages of Iktaba and Bala'a, still in the Palestinian-controlled zone. They reportedly halted at the side of the road near the Nur Shams refugee camp, shot dead the Israeli Jews and let the Israeli Arab go. A senior Palestinian security officer said the Palestinians are investigating the incident. He hinted that there is some coordination between the two sides in the investigation, at least through the DCO. He warned that those Palestinian elements that do not want the Taba talks to succeed - particularly Hamas and Islamic Jihad - would try to carry out attacks aimed at scuttling the talks. Fatah is not enthusiastic about the talks either, and Fatah leaders have vowed to continue the intifada. West Bank Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti said that, in principle, Fatah supports attacks inside the 1967 borders, but is aiming its attacks against what he called the "forces of occupation" - meaning soldiers and settlers. Should the murdered Israelis turn out to be restaurant owners who came to do business with Palestinians, as reported in the Israeli media, the attack was not justified, he added.

No attacks on Israeli's, whether civilian or military should take place - especially during a time in which both Palestinians and Israelis are seeking solutions for a lasting peace agreement in Taba. The Palestinian people, as a whole, must decide whether they want a real peace which will bring prosperity and a higher quality of life for their children or remain in poverty and suffering. The PA is the responsible party for the Palestinian people, if they cannot control the terrorist elements within their own domain, then the Israeli government will - at great expense to all Palestinian people.


Israeli Teenager Brutally Murdered in West Bank

Jerusalem----19 January.......Sixteen-year-old Ofir Rahum's friends and family lowered his mutilated body into a grave today, after he had been lured to his death by Palestinian terrorists. Rahum's bullet-riddled body was found on Thursday near the West Bank city of Ramallah. A trail of blood marked the spot where he was brutally ambushed and murdered by Palestinian terrorists who then escaped.

Tears and rain streaming down their faces, Rahum's classmates from Israel's coastal town of Ashkelon hunched by his fresh grave. "But he didn't suspect a thing," said Shlomi Abargil, one of Rahum's closest friends. "He told me he'd met someone on the Internet and that she was an American tourist. She was older, in her twenties, that's why he was interested." Abargil said Rahum, described by his school principal as a bashful, handsome boy, was an Internet devotee. He said Rahum left his home on Wednesday for a second meeting with the woman -- known as "Sally" on the Internet -- in Jerusalem. Israeli security sources said Rahum had been told to bring a large sum of money to the rendezvous.

Teenage girls, glittery makeup streaking their faces, crouched at the edge of the grave to kiss the flowers on top of it as a bitter storm raged. Their faces bleak as the chalky sky, the boys who stepped forward from the huddle of umbrellas to help bury their friend strained not to weep. "The heavens are crying," a woman wailed. "Ofir, where are you?" "His name means merciful, but his terrorist attackers were not merciful to him," a rabbi intoned. Rahum's mother and one of his sisters crumpled against each other as his body, wrapped in black velvet with a gold Star of David embroidered on it, was lowered into his resting place. Rahum's friend Abargil placed a wreath on his friend's grave with a ribbon reading "Class 5 of the 11th Grade" and looked around at the gloomy weather. "On a day like today, Ofir would have been sitting at home, surfing the Net," he muttered.

The transportation of Rahum's body from the Palestinian Authority to Israel was coordinated during a meeting between the CO of the Benjamin Brigade and his Palestinian counterpart. The body was passed into Israeli hands last night. The body was butchered almost beyond recognition.

One must be very careful before physically meeting people that they have chatted with on the Net. Whether it's New York or Tel Aviv, the Israeli Internet News Agency warns all surfers that before they meet with a stranger from the Net - allow many conversations and weeks to pass and even secure referrals before deciding to actually turn a virtual experience into a real one. And when you actually do decide to meet - do so only in a safe and public place!

PLO Firing Squads

The barbaric execution of suspected collaborator Majdi Makawi by a PLO firing squad in Gaza
is being condemned by human rights organizations around the world.




Jerusalem---- January 2.... Palestinian terrorists again took aim at Jewish women and children in the streets of Netanaya yesterday. A car bomb attack occurred around 7 p.m. in the heart of Netanya near the junction of Herzl and Dizengoff, when hundreds of people were on the streets and in shops, restaurants, and cafes. Witnesses said they heard a series of three explosions, which caused widespread damage to shop fronts and flung objects, including garbage bins, through the air. Police said that more than 10 kilograms of explosive had been packed in the rear of a Mitsubishi sedan that had been reported stolen from the center of the country three months ago.

"There was a boom, boom and another boom," said a witness who was crying. "All the windows were blown out. It was terrifying." "People are hysterical," another witness, who did not give her name, told Israel Radio. "Shop windows have been blown everywhere. People are crying. There is black smoke everywhere." No one yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which coincided with the 36th anniversary of the founding of Arafat's Fatah movement.


Jerusalem----December 16..... Late-night meetings this evening and on last Thursday in Gaza between Yassar Arafat and Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami appear to have produced real hopes for renewed peace talks. The two men were reported to have spoken for three hours today and four hours on Thursday seeking practical solutions that would bring the adversaries back to the peace table. Gilead Sher, a top Barak aide who attended the session between Ben-Ami and Arafat, repeated Israeli assertions that only an end to the current violence could bring about a resumption of the negotiations. "We are not looking for new ideas, we are looking for a reduction of the violence, the incitement and the terrorism -- and only afterwards can we resume the peace talks." "We look for a better effort on the side of the Palestinian Authority to stop the clashes," Prime Minister Barak met with European Union President Hubert Vedrine, the French foreign minister. "I have the sense that something has begun to move again on the political level, the diplomatic level or the substantive level. Things are slowly becoming possible again," Vedrine told reporters in Tel Aviv. Vedrine met with Arafat in Gaza and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo on Friday.

U.S. State Department officials are now trying to arrange meetings for this week between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. U.S. officials are "exploring the possibility of direct discussions with both sides in Washington," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said Friday.

With President Clinton's deep commitment to witnessing a peace agreement signed before leaving office in late January, President-elect Bush's preoccupation with transition and domestic issues, Barak facing reelection and Arafat getting the best possible terms from any Israeli government, the odds now appear at their best for a deal being concluded in the near future.


Jerusalem-----December 15....... The Israel Defense Forces and the Israel Security Agency arrested earlier this week several Palestinian terrorists who are suspected of killing Eliahu Ben Ami and Rina Davidovsky last Friday, in a shooting incident near Kiryat Arba, Israel Radio, KOL YISRAEL, reported. Between five and ten Palestinian terrorists were arrested in the villages of Bnei Naim and Beit Anon, in area B (under Israeli security control). They all belong to Iz a Din el Kasam, the militant wing of Hamas. Meanwhile, Palestinian gunmen attacked Israeli vehicles in several locations throughout the West Bank today and on Wednesday night. An Israeli civilian driving from Hebron to Jerusalem was shot and lightly wounded today, as Palestinians ambushed his vehicle near the Beit Awa junction in the Hebron area. After the attack, the Palestinian gunmen escaped to areas under PA control. Palestinian gunmen also fired at Israeli civilians and soldiers late Wednesday night. An Israeli vehicle was attacked near Alfei Menashe, as were several IDF outposts near Tul Karem and Ramallah. No one was injured.

According to HA’ARETZ, IDF forces engaged in heavy gun fighting with Palestinians in Khan Yunes in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. IDF soldiers, removing a dirt dike in the area which served as a natural barrier behind which Palestinian gunmen fired at IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians, came under heavy Palestinian fire. The soldiers returned fire, killing four Palestinian policemen. Meanwhile, IDF soldiers shot dead Hamas militant activist Abas el Awiwi in Hebron on Wednesday. El Awiwi was involved in several attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, and was recently released from prison by the PA.


The Israel Defense Forces recently began issuing indictments against Palestinians involved in the lynching of two Israeli reserve soldiers in Ramallah on October 12, HA’ARETZ reported. The first defendant, Muhammad Daoud Hamdan, 23, lives in the village of Arora north of Ramallah. The IDF and the Israel Security Agency arrested Hamdan on October 25 when he entered an area under Israeli security control. He was indicted in the Beit El military court. The indictment includes the crime of “undermining security in the area,” but does not contain the crime of “causing death” (the counterpart of murder in a court martial). Legal sources indicated that this omission was due to Hamdan’s confession that he had seen the “body of the soldier and kicked it.” Lacking evidential basis to prove that the soldier was alive when Hamdan participated in the abuse, the prosecution cannot prove that he caused the soldier's death.


Jerusalem-----December 13......Early this morning, Palestinian terrorists again fired at a school bus near Morag. The bus was carrying Jewish children in the Gaza Strip to their classes. At the present time, no casualties were reported. The bus was on its way from the settlement of Morag to Neveh Dekalim. Two women passengers traveling in the same highly volatile area were wounded by Palestinian gunfire during the night. Palestinian terrorists have continued to shoot at residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, where they have seriously wounded a 22 year-old woman. Israelis are disturbed and shocked by these unprovoked acts of violence.

Palestinians have also stoned a school bus this morning near the Ouja village in the Jordan Valley. There were no injuries in this incident. The bus sustained some damage in the attack. Today is the first morning Jordan Valley parents are allowing children to travel to school. Children in the area were kept home for the last several days awaiting armored school busses from the Government. The region has suffered a sharp increase in shootings, firebombings and stoning in the last two weeks.

After last night's meeting between U.S. Envoy Dennis Ross and PLO Chairman Yassar Arafat failed, the Israeli government is still attempting to find a peaceful solution to end the Palestinian violence. The Israeli government has and is continuing to make it vividly clear that the use of violence as a negotiating tool by the Palestinians is and will remain unacceptable.



Jerusalem----December 12......Palestinians terrorists pointed their guns and fired several shots this morning at a group of schoolchildren in a community center in the area of Neveh Dekalim in the Gaza Strip. The shots came from the now defunct District Coordinating Office, where Israelis and Palestinians are supposed to hold contacts, Israel Radio reports. None of the children were hurt in this incident. The children were sitting at desks and were being taught to use computers at the time. They were taken into a shelter where they were treated for shock.


Jerusalem----December 10.....Prime Minister Ehud Barak surprised the nation yesterday by announcing his resignation. Barak said he would remain a candidate for re-election, effectively asking for a vote of confidence from the Israeli people.

"Due to the emergency situation the country is in ... and the need to continue reducing the violence and moving forward the chances of peace negotiations, I have decided to ask again for the trust of the people of Israel," said Barak at a news conference on Saturday evening at his Jerusalem office. "Tomorrow morning I'll tell the President of my official decision to resign and lead the Labor Party to special elections for Israeli prime minister," Barak said in a televised address. "Afterwards I'll submit my letter of resignation to the government, as required by law."

Barak, Israel's most decorated soldier and one of the most intelligent military strategists Israel has ever known, is now combining his extensive political knowledge with his creative skills in leading the country. Barak, who has been criticized by almost all from the Israeli political left and right establishments and by his Arab neighbors, has exercised maximum restraint with the Palestinians while maintaining the highest level of security for the country. Barak's move to resign, effectively cuts out Netanyahu for the race for Prime Minister, as only present members of the Knesset can run against him. If anyone believes that Ariel Sharon, for whom most Arabs have the utmost contempt for, will bring more security to the nation with a harder line against the Palestinians - they are greatly mistaken. Barak, who is doing all that is possible to maintain open channels of communication and continue with peace talks, has temporary lost the Ambassadors of Egypt and Jordan through whatever limited responses the I.D.F. has taken against a violent and deadly Palestinian uprising. What will Sharon achieve? War!

The Editor of the Israel News Agency does not believe that blowing off the legs and arms of our neighbors and having our children wearing gas masks is a path for peace. As angry and as frustrated as the Israeli public has become against radical Arab elements in our midst responsible for terror attacks, we must realize that the majority of Arab leaders do not want a war with Israel. In the year of 2001, most of us in this region are looking towards greater prosperity for our children and a more rational and less emotional approach for the creation of security and justice for both Israeli and Arab. Ehud Barak, who may not have the finest public relations spin and doesn't present himself publicly as smooth and as articulately as Bibi, has the understanding, the material, deep mental substance and the commitment to get the job done without throwing the region into a pool of blood.

The Israeli public, the Palestinian and Arab leadership must now recognize this fact and fully support Barak in his sincere efforts for achieving a real and lasting peace, while preserving face and security for all sides.

“We are in for a long battle that will really decide our future in this country and it is a complex battle. These actions are accurate and are aimed at making it clear to the other side that this violence has a price for them and that continuing this violence won't win them anything from us.”

Prime Minister Ehud Barak addressing Palestinian violence - 16 November 2000

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Commission On Middle-East Violence Meets With Barak


Jerusalem----December 8.....Palestinian terrorists today attacked a civilian van carrying Jewish schoolteachers. The attack took the form of a drive-by shooting near the entrance to the settlement of Kiryat Arba. All of the victims have been brought to hospitals in Jerusalem. Rina Dudovsky, 39, a mother of six and a resident of Beit Hagai was killed. Dudovsky was a schoolteacher in Kiryat Arba. The driver, Eliahu Ben-Ami, 41, was also murdered in the assault. Two other women passengers sustained lighter injuries.

Mourners carry Rina Dudovsky's body for her burial today in Jerusalem

The Israelis traveling in the small transport were teachers on their way to school, Israel Radio said. IDF forces are pouring into the area of the shooting in an attempt to track down the assailants. It is likely the gunmen escaped into area H1 in neighboring Hebron, an IDF source said. H1 is under full Palestinian control. The army is also beefing up forces near the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Machpela Cave) in Hebron. IDF sources and an eyewitness say Palestinians in a parked car fired two weapons at the Israeli vehicle as it was turning off a main road into the town of Kiryat Arba.

In another terrorist attack later in the evening on an Egged public bus passing near the town of Jericho, one man was killed and his girlfriend was wounded by unprovoked gunfire.

The very fact that these terrorists had come from and are now hiding in Palestinian controlled areas, illustrates that Yassar Arafat's rhetoric about "wanting peace" is nothing more and nothing less than verbose garbage. Arafat has long been known for using this tactic of publicly announcing peace intentions while applying violence on the ground. The recent release of terror bomber Mohammed Deif from PA custody, against the wishes of the Israeli government and the C.I.A., also highlights this sad truth.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said he would ensure that the gunmen were punished. "The cowardly attack on civilians will not break our spirit and our determined struggle against violence and terrorism. As we have proven in the past, heinous murderers will not escape without punishment," said Barak.


Jerusalem----December 6.....Israel successfully put a high-resolution imaging satellite into orbit yesterday. Launched atop a Russian rocket in Siberia, the Eros A1 became the first of eight lightweight, high-resolution imaging satellites Israel plans to put into orbit. The Eros A1, which was built by Israel Aircraft Industries and weighs in at 250 kilograms, will be part of a constellation of satellites equipped with cameras that produce a standard image resolution of 1m. This constellation, which ImageSat hopes to have in place by 2005, will provide a frequent daily revisit of sites around the world, providing decision-makers with the most up-to-date information, the company says. Israel will be providing other Governments with a means to collect intelligence information which can be purchased for five minutes a day on the satellite, receiving images of the same area at the same time daily, or infrastructure companies can buy images downlinked to 14 ground stations that already exist in Argentina, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Canada, and South Africa.

Israel's Ministry of Defense is expected to take full advantage of Eros A1's features. A car's license plate, a man smoking a cigar, Israeli border activities, Palestinian demonstrations or any one meter object can now be easily photographed and documented from space. Israel, which has always enjoyed leading-edge intelligence information, will be enhancing it's monitoring capabilities of regional activities with the highest accuracy and continue to be prepared for any military contingency with much time to spare.




An Open Question to Mary Robinson, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights,
who Accuses Israel of Using "Excessive Force"

I.D.F. Media Announcement


Funeral of Staff Sergeant Halil Tahor, age 27, from Acco

Jerusalem----26 November...........After Israel had expressed good faith and trust - having withdrawn all of it's armed forces from Lebanon and after having received promises of no more attacks from Lebanese soil, an Israeli border patrol was ambushed this morning by a terrorist bomb attack.

IAF fighter aircraft immediately went into action against terrorist targets in the eastern sector of the Israeli-Lebanese border, north of Mt. Dov. All of Israel's combat airplanes returned safely. The attack only came after an unprovoked act of aggression - an explosion of a roadside bomb near an IDF force on operational activity on the crest of Mt. Dov, from which IDF soldiers were hurt. IDF soldier, Staff Sergeant Halil Tahor, age 27, from Acco, was killed and two other solders were injured - one moderately and one lightly, from the terrorist explosion. The wounded Israeli soldiers were evacuated to Ziv Hospital in Tzfat. At a press conference this morning, IDF Galilee Division Brig.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinski said that the Hizbullah terrorists who set this morning's charge near Mount Dov entered nearly one kilometer into Israeli territory.

This morning's attack and murder illustrates why Israel had implemented a "security zone" in the first place and reflects the Lebanese government's total lack of control on the border. We ask: "How much longer will Syria occupy Lebanon? "How much longer will the people of Lebanon tolerate their lives being turned into chaos due to Syrian and terrorist occupation organizations using the Lebanese people and their land as puppets?" "How much longer will Israel tolerate international acts of aggression across it's international borders?"

"Arafat continues diplomacy in Jordan"

Jerusalem---November 25....Today's Headline and Photo from CNN Interactive.

Is This Arafat's Diplomacy?


Jerusalem----November 22.....A terrorist car bomb exploded on a busy street in the central Israeli town of Hadera at rush hour today, killing at least two people and wounding at least 55. It was stated at first by witnesses that the terrorist suicide car bomber drove up alongside Hadera local bus number 7 and then detonated the explosives. Israeli officials later said that the bomb was detonated by remote control in rigged car parked in front of a pizza restaurant. Shortly after 5:20 p.m. as the bus pulled out of Hadera's central bus station the blast ripped through the bus and set several nearby stores on fire. The blast was powerful enough to lift the bus off the ground and throw it into a nearby bakery. The city of Hadera is located between the cities of Tel Aviv to the south and Haifa to the north. Police, emergency medical, I.D.F. and security personnel are presently on the scene.

In response to the Hadera terrorist attack, Prime Minister Ehud Barak said that it was: "yet another barbaric attack against innocent civilians. The Palestinian Authority is totally responsible for the attack, releasing terrorists, Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, encouraging them, guiding their people to carry out terror attacks. The State of Israel will settle accounts with the perpetrators and those that sent them."

Reuters / Sky News

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud Azahar praised the car bomb attack in Hadera. The Palestinian Authority issued a statement in which it denied any connection to the attack. The Palestinian Authority was directly responsible for releasing Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists recently from their prisons. These terrorists have extensive bomb making expertise for which the PLO knew that these terrorists would use against civilian populations upon their release.

Israel Radio confirmed that Meir Brami, 35, and Shoshana Ris, 21 -- were killed. Hospitals said nine of the wounded, including a burned baby, were in serious condition. One woman had both legs blown off below her knees. She was writhing in pain and still conscious when she was wheeled on a stretcher to an ambulance. A bystander pumped the chest of a man lying on the ground. The pavement was littered with overturned cafe tables, shards of glass and metal and victims' shoes. Rescue teams used a power saw to extricate trapped and wounded passengers.

The Associated Press reported: ``I saw people scattered on the ground, people without limbs,'' said Benny Tapiro, 22, who works at a photo store a few yards from the blast site. ``I saw a baby on the ground and his father was near him and injured in the back. I gave him over to the ambulance crew,'' Tapiro said. The 2-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital. Doctors and police said two people were killed and 55 wounded, including three in serious condition. Two of those wounded were Israeli Arabs — 1-year-old Thara Abu-Hussein and her father, Hussan Abu-Hussein, who was taking her for a routine health checkup when the bus blew up. Thara suffered second- and third-degree burns, while her father was in surgery and was listed in fair condition.

A 12-month old Israeli-Arab Baby Was Severly Burned
in the Barbaric and Blind Hadera Bus Terrorist Attack

The baby's grandfather Mahmoud was dejected. "There needs to be an end to this," he said. "When a bomb goes off, it doesn't know if it is hitting an Arab or a Jew. We live among each other here."

Burying Our Dead from Wednesday's Palestinian Terrorist Car Bomb Attack

How Can You Help?

Palestinian Terrorists Target Children's School Bus in Bombing


Five people were seriously injured in the attack, including three children from the same family. They are Liora Alper, about 30; Orit Cohen, aged 12; Yisrael Cohen, 8; Tehilla Cohen, 7; and Rachel Asraf, 34. Lightly injured in the attack were Nurit Difani, 39; Matanya Difani, 12; Rachel Hadad, 8; and Yehuda Baninu, 41, the bus driver.

Although Arafat denies responsibility for the barbaric attack on children, according to Israeli Army Intelligence, those around him had "direct" contact with the terrorists. Arafat never condemned this cowardly and brutal assault on Israeli schoolchildren!

Egyptian Ambassador Recalled to Cairo; Jordanian Ambassador Stays in Amman
Israel: "We Wait For Our Good Friends to Return and Assist in Peace Process"

The Army of David Expands - Reserves Being Called Up


"It disturbs me deeply that you killed many of our soldiers, but what disturbs me even greater
is that you forced our soldiers to kill yours."

The Late Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir to the Late Egyptian President, Nobel Peace Price Winner Anwar Sadat in Jerusalem.

The United Nations "Oil Vote"


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Poor Palestinian Victims?

Terrorist Acts of Kidnapping and Anti-Semitism

The Peace Talks in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

The U.N. and the PLO Educational Program of Hate and Racism