Arafat: OK for 70 to Die to Kill One Israeli - We Are All Martyrs - Crowd Responds "Millions of Martyrs Are Already Marching to Jerusalem"

Communicated by Aaron Lerner

Jerusalem-----December 18.....Israel Radio West Bank correspondent Avi Yissakharov reported this evening that Yasser Arafat declared in a fiery speech in Ramallah today that "all Palestinians are Muhammad al-Dura", that all Palestinians are martyrs.
12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura was killed in the Gaza Strip last year while his father tried to protect him from crossfire.

Arafat called for all to join in the struggle to stop what he termed the Israeli program to Judaize Jerusalem.

The crowd roared back to Arafat "millions of martyrs are already marching to Jerusalem."

Israel Television Channel Two reported this evening that Arafat also told the crowd that he it would be acceptable if it took even 70 Palestinian "martyrs" to kill one Israeli.