Tel Aviv----September 21......Several dozen protesters are holding a demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv this morning. The Embassy is maintaining a high security alert as a result of the terror attacks which took place in New York and Washington last week.

The group is opposed to an expected US response to last week's terror attacks against New York and Washington, which may include Afghanistan, according to Army Radio.

The protesters are calling on the US to first solve problems of world hunger and exploitation before seeking to punish terrorists.

"There is no proof that [Osama] bin-Laden is behind this" [attack against the US], said Pnina Filer of the Womens Coalition for Peace organization.

"It's possible that [it was carried out] by other groups," she said.

"They have 'zeroed-in' on one 'terrible enemy,' ... saying we'll get him, we'll kill him."