BBC: "Terrorists Do Not Exist In Israel"

Photo: AP

Jerusalem----October 4.....All appeared normal and quiet on this hot and sunny day in Israel.
The country was celebrating the "Succot" Jewish holiday, with beaches packed and picnic grounds flooded with people when the news came hard and fast. "Terror attack in Afula, Shooting at the Central Bus Station." Unlike New Yorkers, terrorism has unfortunately become a way of life here with people responding with seasoned combat calm to news of Arab terrorist attacks. Beepers go off alerting security forces and journalists. Citizens turning on their radios, TV's and calling relatives who live in or near Afula.
This time, three innocent, civilian people had been killed and at least 12 wounded at the Central Bus Station in Afula. After a few hours TV programming went back to normal - that is until the news of a Russian airliner exploding and crashing into the Black Sea shocked the nation.

An Arab terrorist, wearing an IDF uniform got off the northbound 842 bus from Tel Aviv to Kiryat Shmona during a stop in Afula and opened fire with an automatic M-16 innocent passers-by. According to the INA - that constitutes a terrorist attack - according to some media in the UK - Israel does not have "terrorist attacks" we only have "militants" killing woman and children in the street.
The INA would like to hear the BBC describe the car bombings in London as acts of "militants" and not terrorists!

Two civilians (can you hear us BBC) were killed on the scene. A third civilian died in hospital hours later. The scene was a commercial bus station - not an Army base. The World Trade Center was not a military base either, but somehow the BBC refers to that attack as a terrorist attack!
Why does the BBC encourage terrorism in Israel by referring to attacks on Israel's civilian population as attacks perpetrated by "militants"?

One of the wounded is listed as serious at Afula's Ha'emek Hospital. The remainder suffered light to moderate wounds.

The terrorist emptied an entire rifle magazine and was able to reload a second before he was shot dead by special police officers in the area. These police officers were assigned to an elite unit responsible for security in public transportation centers

Some of the wounded were treated at the scene, near the bus station and the local market.

Afula is a small city, surrounded by rolling hills and wheat fields, located in central Israel. This sleepy town is situated close to the West Bank, Megiddo and the Palestinian city of Jenin.

The IDF believes the terrorist originated from Palestinian Authority-controlled Jenin.

The scene of the attack has been sealed off and roadblocks have been set up around the Afula area.
Police and military remain on high alert throughout the country - patrolling both residential and commercial centers.

And the BBC waits to write their next feature about the poor Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression and their hero "militants" whose network of global terror organizations (Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Bin Laden) were responsible for murdering 7,000 civilians in New York and Washington three weeks ago.

Does the Bin Laden family have stock holdings in the British Broadcasting Company?